Monday, September 6, 2010

Darrelle Revis Agrees to New Contract With the Jets

ESPN reports that Jets CB Darrelle Revis has agreed to a $32 million dollar guaranteed deal with the New York Jets.

If you bet "no" on Revis sitting out the entire season, you were correct.

That's a lot of money to keep him warm on that island.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bills Cut Former Second Rounders Chad Jackson and James Hardy

The Buffalo Bills cut two former college star receivers: James Hardy and Chad Jackson. James Hardy was a prospect with a ton of potential with his 6'6 frame but never showed any flashes in Buffalo. Maybe going to a team with a better QB will help.

Chad Jackson the former Patriots WR was a second round pick who many thought was a steal at the time he came out of Florida. I remember many blogs mocking him to the Denver Broncos. He would later play for the Broncos and be cut there as well... UFL is the next stop for Chad unfortunately.

More notable names on the cut list today include TJ Houshmandzadeh, Matt Jones, Pat White, Macho Harris, Bobby Carpenter, and "Regular Speed" Willie Parker.

Cardinals Release Matt Leinart

Breaking news is that Matt Leinart will be released later today. The former #10 overall selection has been benched and now booted off the team after publicly addressing head coach Ken Wisenhunt.

So what do I think? First of all this is good for Matt. They didn't want him anyways, and he is still young enough to go compete elsewhere. But where exactly is elsewhere? I'm not sure but I am going to guess Matt finds his way to Southern California someway. Maybe as the Chargers backup. You never know.

All in all, it is going to be interesting to see if he can get his career back started.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Marcell Dareus is... Ineligible!


Marcel Dareus has been ruled ineligible for the first two games of Alabama's season. Darues allegedly went to a party in Miami, and his travel expenses were paid for by some sort of an agent or benefactor. Several North Carolina players are also hooked up in this scandal as well.

All this drama for going to Miami? You would think these guys were on King James status.

According to ESPN, the school will appeal the suspension.

We will see what happens.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Is Brady Quinn's Career Over?

As a Bronco fan this preseason has been pretty interesting to say the least. Not only has the most exciting draft pick since Jay Cutler set foot in Dove Valley but the team seems poised to become a dominate defensive team, something they were never close to under the leadership of Coach Shanahan. Unknown to the rest of the NFL the Broncos are quietly turning the corner into a legit perennial playoff contender.

But that's not the topic of my article. What I want to talk about is Brady Quinn. Why is he doing so bad?

He had a lot of talent coming out of Notre Dame and playing under Charlie Weiss. He helped make Darius Walker and Maurice Stovall household names for about 3 years while they were in college. Al Davis even considered taking Brady #1 overall... but went with that Jamarcus guy instead.

None of those things could have predicted how bad Quinn would do in the NFL. He never could outseat Derek Anderson as the Browns full time Quarterback (what's up Matt Leinart) and now it looks like Tim Tebow is going to take his backup duties before the season even begins.

Is it a mental thing with Brady Quinn? Was the anguish of playing for the Browns enough to shoot his chances of being productive at the NFL level to nothing? Is it a talent question? Does he just not have "it" in the arm department?

The numbers say that he is a middle-of-the-road QB at best so far. His career completion percentage is a pedestrian 52% . His 10 career touchdowns to 9 interceptions isn't setting the world on fire as well. In 2009, he appeared in 10 games, of which the Browns only won 2, and Quinn threw 8 touchdowns to 7 interceptions. To his credit the cupboard was bare in Cleveland with a aging Jamal Lewis and no Braylon Edwards, but still you have to wonder.

I don't know what is in store for Brady. But what I do know is that if Quinn doesn't do something to turn it around quickly he may be trying out for the Omaha Nighthawks pretty soon.

Masoli Is Sitting Out

The NCAA ruled today that Jeremiah Masoli will not be eligible for the Ole Miss Rebel's this entire season. Masoli enrolled at Ole Miss after being suspended by Oregon for an off the field incident. Ole Miss is going to appeal the suspension.

I do not see him playing in college ever again. How many years of eligibility does he have left? He is already 22. If he sits out now, he won't be eligible to play until he is 23, then entering the NFL around the age of 24. I don't see how he can afford to stay off the field that long.

If I were him I'd go to the UFL for a year, then enter the draft next year if possible.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Colt McCoy May Get Cut

That is no typo folks. Colt McCoy may get cut before he ever gets a shot at playing a down in the NFL. The quarterback who won more games than anyone, and looked to be the Browns future at the position may be a casualty as Seneca Wallace and Jake Delhomme have proved themselves better options for the Browns.

The full story is at Yahoo.

Here is just a small fraction of the reasons why Colt may be looking for a new gig soon;

Coaches are reportedly more impressed with veteran newcomers Jake Delhomme(notes) and Seneca Wallace(notes), possibly leaving the third-round pick as a camp casualty

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hide Ya Kids, Hide Brett Favre: Only Plays 4 Plays In Preseason Debut

You know the guys at NBC are upset that Brett Favre only played 4 plays in his preseason debut. To his credit the guy just rolled off the tractor about 6 days ago and is already looking like he is in game shape. You have to credit a 41 year old player for keeping his body ready to play on call like that.

The Vikings did the smart thing in protecting their 16 million dollar investment and took Brett out after getting hit pretty good by Patrick Willis.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

LeGarrette Blount Still Throwing Blows

This story is overblown but interesting to say the least. Titans rookie RB, LeGarrette Blount (last seen knocking some Boise State player out) got into a shoving match and punched a Titans teammate yesterday. The guy he punched still had his helmet on, so it was kind of pointless to punch him but people are making a big spectacle about this.

Really, its football. People curse. People fight. Teammates will talk about your mother. Everyone isn't Tim Tebow or Tony Dungy. If you don't like that, then maybe following such a violent sport is not for you.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Tim Tebow Makes His Debut For the Broncos

Tim Tebow’s debut.

Where do I begin? It was pretty normal for your average rookie QB. He made a few mistakes, that were saved due to the collective inexperience of his competition. Tebow would have thrown two interceptions against first string competition and would have been credited with a fumble in any normal situation. He also ran with the ball too much and failed to make quick decisions.

On a positive note, he threw a nice deep ball to Matt Willis that was dropped and showed the ability to get away from pressure.

All in all, I do not think that the throwing motion will ever be “fixed” nor will he ever be the best Quarterback in the league, but he looks to be a serviceable starter with the ability to scramble.

And thus begins the most interesting career in the NFL.

Here is the video of Tebow’s debut:

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Glen Coffee Retires at Age 23

A lot of people are shocked that a 23 year old NFL running back would up and retire without injury. But in the case of Glen Coffee it does not matter. The former Alabama star will be taking his talents to a ministry near you this fall.

Some people have a higher calling than just playing sports. You can't get mad at this kid.

Monday, August 9, 2010

What We Learned About the Bengals Last Night

Last night was the kickoff for the new NFL season with the Hall of Fame game in Canton! We saw the Bengals scrimmage with the Cowboys and I think we already learned a few things. So what have we learned?

T.O. is going to work as a Bengal

Carson Palmer looked like he was more than comfortable going to Owens often and hit him on a quick out route. T.O looked like he fit right in.

Quan Cosby will not be a Bengal much longer

Jordan Shipley returned a punt almost 50 yards in the second half, and like that he took Cosby's spot. I don't see the Bengals cutting Andre Caldwell so the last receiver spot is between Jerome Simpson, Cosby, and Shipley. Whoever wins that spot will have to provide value in some other way such as returning kicks. Shipley is that guy.
Hide ya kids, hide ya wives! They sackin' everybody out here!

The Bengals first unit could not protect Carson Palmer. If you are a Bengal fan you had to be concerned with what you saw last night. Carson took more than a few big shots in the pocket. If the T.O. and Antonio Bryant signings are ever going to pay off your quarterback needs time to throw the ball.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jarvis Moss is the Broncos Secret Weapon

Hold your laughter, please.

I know that you are probably thinking that I've lost my mind or am smoking that good "Snoop Dog" but I assure you I'm perfectly sober as I type this. After losing Elvis Dumervil and his 17 sacks for most of the year due to a torn pectoral muscle, it is time for the Broncos' 2007 first round selection to earn his keep.

Elvis Dumervil, a former 4th round pick turned himself into the league's premier 3-4 pass rushing linebacker in less than one season. This summer Elvis was able to cash in on that talent to the tune of a $61.5 million dollar deal. To lose him before ever playing a down this year is going to cripple the Broncos to a certain degree without a doubt.

But fear not Broncos fans.

There is a secret weapon on the roster. And his name is Jarvis Moss.

Ok, I don't really believe that. Up to this point the Broncos have gotten nothing on their investment in the former Florida Gators star defensive end. In college Jarvis looked like he was the next Javon Kearse, coming off the edge blocking kicks and disrupting plays in the backfield. However as a Bronco none of those talents have seen the light of day.

We don't know why or what has been the problem with Jarvis thus far. Last year he contemplated retirement at the grizzled age of 25. The only play I remember him getting on the field for the Broncos he flew 5 feet off sides, tripped, and fell down behind the line of scrimmage. Things just haven't clicked for him to say the least.

Things could be looking up. All reports from training camp is that there is another guy running around in the #94 jersey this year. Jarvis Moss has reportedly worked on maintaining strength and bulk during this off season and was seven pounds heavier coming into camp. He is also reportedly playing with more awareness and comfort as he grows into the outside linebacker position.

This could be the break (pun intended) that Jarvis needs. If it is ever going to happen for him this year will be the year. With Dumervil out for the immediate future the Broncos finally need for their 2007 first round selection to play like one.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Favre Day 2010

I'm tired of it.

Either play or don't play!

How many years has it been since Brett Favre's tearful "retirement" press release with the Packers? Three? And the man has "retired" once again in that time span.

I'm not trying to disrespect one of the best players to ever do it, but the man needs to stop jerking the public around. Either you are retired, or you are not. You got to stop dancing in and out of the sport like this is hop scotch. You really are tarnishing your own legacy every time you do this.

I see why the Packers were ready to cut this act from their offseason program. Its just a media circus. We got reporters sleeping on Brett's lawn, another hiding behind Brett's truck, and another staking out a Hattisburg, MS high school that Brett volunteers at. It's crazy.

Somewhere Michael Jordan is like "just do it."

Just come back.

You know you want to Brett.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Masoli to the Rebels

How fitting.

Jeremiah Masolu is a Rollin' Rebel.

This time last year me and a buddy were in an argument that looks silly now. Who's better: Masoli or Tebow?

Considering that one is selling more jerseys than Peyton Manning in the NFL and the other is stealing laptops (allegedly) I think its safe to say we know who wins at least on the character side of the debate.

Masoli can help a team, that is certain. He plays like a FB in a QB's body and is as tough as anyone. His swagger comes off on his teammates and I don't doubt that he can have success in the SEC. The question is has he learned his lesson? What types of guys are he going to hang out with in Mississippi?

Jeremiah's got a second chance. I hope he doesn't waste it.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Tim Tebow Gets $33 Million... Wait a Minute

So Pro Football Talk reported that Tim Tebow has signed his contract and will report to the Broncos on Friday. All is well. Here is the details of the contract:

The Broncos signed the No. 25 overall pick to a contract with a base package of $11.25 million, and an "absolute maximum" of $33 million.
Rumor is that Tebow will have to make the playoffs, Pro Bowl, and Super Bowl to hit 9 of the $33 million. Another $24 million if he becomes a full time starting contract. A lot of if's here....

When its all said and done it looks like the deal isn't that bad. And considering how incentive heavy the deal is the Broncos know what we all know... this guy could easily flame out in 3 years. In fact I'd say the odds are actually on him not succeeding. As a Broncos fan I still don't like the pick from a football point of view, or do I like all these BroncoGator's running around. But if the contact is any indication, I might not have anything to worry about.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Antonio Bryant Gives Terrell Owens #81

And like that, the first fire in Cincinnati is quietly put out.

Of course the network tried to make a big deal of this on 'First and 10' but Antonio Bryant has shown that he isn't going to feed into the drama. He quietly switched jersey numbers saying "he has a larger legacy than me." That it, no drama, no money exchanged, no dinners, nothing. Just a quick statement and business goes on as usual.

I'm glad that the Bengals have worked this out internally and it didn't become a media spectacle.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

All Aboard! Skip Bayless Drives ESPN's Cowboys Bandwagon

I hate to admit it but every morning I check out ESPN's First Take for a few minutes. The show has really gone downhill over the years, with all the guests now agreeing with Skip Bayless or just being quiet and failing to correct his so painful obvious false assumptions and untrue character assassinations. This never seems to fail when they talk football, as Skip never fails to makes a statement so dumb I can only sit back and do my best face palm.

Sometimes its better to just be quiet if you don't know anything about the subject matter Skippo.

Today they unveiled the NFL's Power Rankings with the Colts coming in at #1 overall. Skip and Scoop Jackson then talked about teams they decided to talk about other teams they thought should be higher.

Then it happened. The patent Skip Bayless face palm moment.

"The Cowboys should be #2 on this list!"

Really?! After it seems he agreed with Scoop Jackson that the champion Saints should be ranked #1 since they are returning their same roster. But no, Skippo says that adding Dez Bryant is going to put the Cowboys over the top and into the Super Bowl!

This is just one day after Skip's face palmingly horrid statements (yes, I just created a new word) that he has no problem with Dez Bryant not carrying Roy Williams' pad's during practice. If this was a rookie receiver on any other team in the NFL he'd be jumping out his seat slapping the table "booking it!" that Dez Bryant would tear his team apart by mid-season.

But since Dez Bryant plays for his beloved Cowboys and some other team he is the next coming of Andre Johnson, and not closer to a young Terrell Owens causing riffs with veteran receivers.

Let's not even go down that road as Skip drove the bandwagon that assassinated Terrell Owens' career, slapping tables and popping veins out the side of his neck over every little move that TO made as a member of the Cowboys and beyond.

It really is comical that ESPN gives this guy a platform to speak on a sport he seemingly has no knowledge on beyond his clear bias to America's team. At least it was fun when they had guests who would battle back and correct his biased comments. I just wonder why they've given him the keys to drive the network's Cowboys bandwagon.

The place Skip is truly driving this network is right into the ground.

Sergio Kindle Mysteriously Falls Down Two Flights of Stairs

Sergio Kindle is out for training camp and possibly the whole year after falling down two flights of stairs and fracturing his skull. I am not trying to make light of this as this is a very serious injury, but is there more to the story?

Grown men who aren't athletes don't fall down multiple flights of stairs. You may stumble down a few stairs, sure, but not multiple flights. I just wonder what he was doing when he fell down those flights. It seems as if there is more here that no one is investigating.

If this was Terrell Owens falling down the stairs the speculation would never end. But I guess that Sergio Kindle isn't big enough a story for them, so no investigation.

Get well soon Sergio, and if you were doing something you weren't supposed to do count your blessings that "The Network" hasn't tried to end your career before it starts.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why Terrell Owens is Going to the Bengals

It still amazes me that this week as NFL camps open, arguably the greatest wide receiver of all time is still looking for a job. TO has found a soft spot to land in reality TV, but that's not what he's known for. The NFL's third place all-time touchdown scorer is known for what he can do on the field.

We would be here all day if I were to talk about all his records. I suggest you look them up yourself.

I know, I know, there is that big matter of what Terrell does off the field as well. He is known as a divisive malcontent for some of the mistakes he made as a member of the 49ers and Eagles. But we all grow up, and I truly believe that TO is as good a person as anyone in the league. The things he said and did earlier in his career came from his intense desire to be the game's best and to let everyone know it. I can't say that I blame him. After all he had to fill Jerry Rice's shoes early in his career.

I could go on and on about Terrell's Eagles stint and his public fights with Donovan McNabb, or the Dallas Cowboys organization scapegoating him to save face for Tony Romo but I won't. We know what happened and its now in the past. Since then Terrell's been almost unrecognizable as a veteran receiver on the Buffalo Bills and a positive figure for the NFL in general.

No arrests, no allegations, no women coming out the woodwork, but some people don't want him on their team? I can't see why a contender wouldn't want to add him. He can still play at a high level and you are not going to find a rookie or midyear player who's going to outwork him period.

That brings us to the Bengals.

Rumors are that the player that the Bengals signed over Terrell Owens, Antonio Bryant, is having knee problems and that the door may be open for TO. Chad Ochocino has publicly lobbied for TO to be signed alongside him, and rumors are that Carson Palmer is working out with TO now as well.

This could be a great signing. Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco are two of the hardest working receivers in the game, and undoubtedly will push each other to grind through the season together. Carson Palmer is the type of quarterback that isn't going to take any shenanigans so there's no need to worry about him pulling a "Romo" or "Garcia". All signs show that the Bengals should return a pretty competitive team that won their division last year and adding TO to the mix is the icing on the cake.

The only question left remaining is who's camera crew gets priority in the locker room? You know they are already planning the TO show: Season 3 but at the same time Chad may need another season to find his Ultimate Catch!

Either way I cannot wait to see the last act of Terrell Owens' legendary football career.

I'm getting my popcorn ready.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Breaking News: Reggie Bush Never Attended USC

usc Pictures, Images and Photos

Today the University of Southern California decided to further police itself for the NCAA and return their replica of Reggie Bush's 2005 Heisman Trophy as well as remove all photos of him and OJ Mayo. This is odd, considering that the award has not been rescinded and Reggie still has his replica of the trophy.

It seems as if USC is taking a Michigan "Fab Five" approach to this. As far as the school is concerned, Reggie Bush never attened USC.

You never saw this:

Reggie    Bush Pictures, Images and Photos

or this:

Reggie Bush Pictures, Images and Photos

or this:

reggie bush Pictures, Images and Photos

are we clear?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

39 Year Old Penny Hardaway Looking to Make a Comeback

penny hardaway Pictures, Images and Photos

NFL news is at a standstill so instead of writing about Sam Bradford's $45 million I'd rather write about this comedy.

Lil Penny is looking to play a "minimal role" for the Miami Heat this year. The Heat as you all know signed Lebron James and Chris Bosh this summer and are looking for vets to fill the rest of the roster out. Penny made the Heat 3 years ago, true, but a lot can happen in 3 years.

In the video below Penny claims he can still "do this in his sleep" and is ready to play a minimal role. Hmmm..... sounds like a guy looking for a RING.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Harvey Unga Taken in Supplemental Draft

Harvey Unga IGN Icon Pictures, Images and Photos

The NFL supplemental draft has passed for this year and only two lucky players were selected. The Bears took Harvey Unga, and the Cowboys took DT Josh Brent-Price.

Both teams took their player in the 7th round.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Why Lebron James’ Decision Was Actually The Right One

Fires are being burned, murals are being torn down, and people are threatening physical violence against a man for his decision. If you knew any better you’d think I was talking about the Oscar Grant decision in Oakland that led to many riots.

But no, not Oakland.

As you already know I am describing the scene in the streets of Cleveland Ohio after Lebron James decided to spurn his home state in hopes of winning multiple championships with Dwayne Wade. Fans are emotional, the owner is spiteful, and everyone in Cleveland is ready to mob their former “King” after seven long years together that culminated in zero NBA titles.

Lebron gave all he could, and at the end of the day it wasn’t enough.

It was terribly clear that Lebron had zero shot at winning multiple championships in Cleveland and he had to leave. In seven years, the best talents that Lebron could get around him were Larry Hughes, Antwaan Jamison, Mo Williams, and a 36 year old Shaquille O’Neal. In that same time Kobe Bryant added Paul Gasol, Dwight Howard added Vince Carter, and Paul Pierce added both Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen.

The hardest decision of Lebron’s life had to be made.

Stay and try to win a title for his home state with minimal talent or leave for greener pastures elsewhere? If he stays and doesn’t win he becomes Kevin Garnett in Minnesota, a perennial All-Star who exits the playoffs early every year. If he leaves for New York, New Jersey, or Chicago and cannot win he becomes Tracy McGrady or Vince Carter, an ultra talented swingman who has nothing to show for the prime of his career.

In the end Lebron decided that it wasn’t worth it to try to be the man on an island. He realized he needed help if he is ever going to hold that big gold basketball over his head. He needed a Ray Allen and a Kevin Garnett, or a Paul Gasol and a Ron Artest/Lamar Odom. The opportunity to step into such a situation for the next four to six years presented itself and Lebron could not pass it up.

It was the best decision for the King.

Wearing the crown is overrated without the rings to match.

Friday, July 9, 2010

In Photos: Lebron's Decision

Here are screenshots of all the major media outlets reporting Lebron's decision.

Lebron Sucessfully Burns Down The Building

I wrote an article a few days back titled, Lebron James: Burning Down the Building On His Way Out in which I talked about just a couple of the ramifications of 'The King's' big decision. Now that it's all said and done and Lebron has decided to join the Superfriends in Miami, fans are chiming in.

We've already had fans publicly burn their #23 swingman jerseys on ESPN. I mean, come on. I wear a L-XL... I would have gladly taken it off your hands.

Anyways check out this post from a frustrated casual fan. As a Bobcat fan who now has to deal with the Superfriends (I refuse to call them the Heat) I can relate to the Pistons analogy.

"I was already wearing thin on the entire league. But I'm officially done. It's a league dominated by teams with superstars. If you don't have one, then you're screwed. The balance is completely lop-sided and I can guarantee that the NBA lost a huge amount of fans tonight; me being one. Why would I ever want to see a Pistons game anymore knowing that they 100% have zero shot at coming away with anything? Or for that case, watch any team other than the Lakers, Celtics, or Heat?

I have never in my entire life seen a league as poorly run as this one. You have 30+ teams and only 2-3 have a legitimate shot at a title. You take away parody and you've lost the entire concept of team sports.

The entire superstar persona of the athletes in the NBA is enough to make me puke. I'm just glad this is over and I'm going on vacation in the middle of nowhere for a week. I would seriously go ape***** if I had to listen to any of this crap in the media this week.

F*** Stern. F*** LeBron. F*** anyhtign that has to do with the NBA. It may as well be the new WWE or WWF....or whatever the hell wrestling leagues are called these days.

I haven't posted on this message board in a while, so don't flame me for starting yet another cry baby thread. It just angers the crap out of me that this egotistical piece of crap is allowed to be bigger than the league itself. The long-term effects of this signing (and the two that coincide) could completely deteriorate the NBA...and it should."

Source: Spawn.con Message Board

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jared Dudley: Lebron Will Be a Knick

In the latest episode of TMZ Live, Suns guard Jared Dudley called in to give his insider opinion on where Lebron will be headed. Mind you, Jared isn't in the James' camp inner circle but he is in the NBA so his opinion holds a little weight.

"What I heard is today is that Lebron already heard from the Knicks and is making his announcement to go to New York tomorrow."

While that statement in interesting, whats more interesting is this little nugget Jared dropped.

"His press conference is in Connecticut, its not even in Cleveland!"

That could be the detail that seals it. Or it could be the James camp once again trying not to tip their hand. But then Jared goes on:

"What I know is that Lebron is disappointed about not winning in Cleveland."

"Lebron loves New York more than any city and that is a fact."

Common perception is that Lebron is going to have a tough time winning in Cleveland with Bosh and Stoudemire now in the Eastern Conference. Most analysts believe that Lebron could choose to align with either the Knicks or the Heat due to the recent moves made by those teams. However, Jared Dudley drops another little gem that makes New York seem like the front runner.

"Next year Eddy Curry is off the books for $14 mill, and they will sign another good player."

When you combine New York City's grand stage with the fact that Lebron decided to start a Twitter account, new website, and launch a hour-long special in his name, it all begins to add up. The King just may be going to play under the lights of the media capital of the world.

Let's hear it for New York...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Schefter Reports Jamarcus Russell Arrested For Codeine

jamarcus russell Pictures, Images and Photos

Did Jamarcus never hear of Pimp C or DJ Screw? They are two rappers who died of addiction to the syrup.

Maybe he was too busy listening to Lil Wayne's "my and my drank" on repeat. Either way, this explains a lot and Jamarcus is not out the NFL for good. I'd bet that the next place we see him is the IFL or your local Ihop.

"I'll be serving you today, my name is Jamarcus!"

Dwight Freeney: "I Can't Wait to Hit Tim Tebow"

Freeney Pictures, Images and Photos

"I'm licking my chops," Freeney said. "All these rookies coming out? They don't know anything. I can't wait."

"I couldn't wait to hit Mark Sanchez," he said. "And I can't wait to hit Tim Tebow even more."

In order to keep up with and take advantage of the green horned lads, while trying to break away from allowing the hands of time have their way with him, Freeney, who turned 30 this year, has been sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber and using an electric muscle stimulation machine.

As part of his aspiration to keep his nose to the grindstone and maintain his role on the cutting edge of elite status as a defensive end, the veteran has embraced state of the art technology.

Tebow was just entering his freshman year in high school, when Freeney took the NFL by storm his NFL rookie season with 13 sacks.

Freeney, who is 16 years removed from his high school freshman season, had 13.5 sacks last season.

Freeney was a four-sport letterman, baseball, basketball, football, and soccer, Freeney currently holds his high school sack record. Bloomfield High School retired his No. 44 Jersey.

At Syracuse, Freeney clocked a 4.42 40; he recorded a sack in 17 consecutive games.

Freeney has a lot of miles on the odometer...

The rest of the article is at this link. Enjoy...

Friday, July 2, 2010

Vincent Jackson to the Redskins

Vincent Jackson Pictures, Images and Photos

I've had a debate for a few days with one of my buddies about Vincent Jackson going to the Redskins. It went something like this.

"The Skins are getting Vincent Jackson."

"Stop making s**** up!"

As a lifelong Bronco fan, you may understand why I don't want to see the Skins make yet another great FA acquisition out of jealousy. (No, Im not happy with St. Tim!)

Anyways... if the Skins can pull this off that would be huge. They already have Santana Moss, Cooley, and Donovan McNabb as their passing core. Throwing VJ in will only make them more dangerous and allow Devin Thomas more time to develop before being counted on for big minutes. It's all a matter of if San Diego decides that Vince isn't worth big money, and if they are willing to part with him.

I'd say don't hold your breath Skins fans. But the NFL is becoming like the WWF.... anything can happen!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cedric Benson Arrested for Assault

Cedric Benson Pictures, Images and Photos

Months after wrapping up his career best season and reviving what little career he had left, Cedric Benson is back in hot water. After the boating DUI you'd think he'd lay off the drinks some (allegedly). I guess he can blame it on the al-al-al-alcohol!
Cedric Benson has been arrested and charged with assault for an altercation at a bar on May 30, according to the Austin American-Statesman.

Officials say that Benson got into a fight around 1:50 a.m. with an unknown person inside a bar in Austin, Texas. He allegedly was being escorted out of the bar when he punched a bar employee in the face and then the affidavit says Benson spit blood from his injured lip at an employee. This surely won't help Benson get that new contract that he's looking for, and you can be certain he'll be hearing from the league office. He faces up to a year in jail if convicted of the Class A misdemeanor.

Source: Austin American-Statesman

LaDainian Tomlinson Lost His Damn Mind

Ladanian Tomlinson Pictures, Images and Photos

San Diego Chargers 2001-2010.

NJ Jets 2010- .

Those are the tattoos that LaDainian Tomlinson have blazed on his calves to remind him of his storied NFL career. While LT has already taken his seat at the table of the NFL's greatest backs, most believe that he is at the end of his career. LT obviously knows something that we don't.

Getting the logo of the new team you just signed to tattooed on you before final cuts are made? Confident I might say. But saying that the Jets are going to win the Super Bowl?

That's plain crazy LT.

Either way, I'm still excited to see Hard Knocks with the New York Divas, I mean Jets.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Giants Rookie Safety Chad Jones Injures Leg in Accident

As everyone knows by now, Giants rookie safety Chad Jones was in a horrific car accident on Friday. He suffered an open fracture of the tibia and fibula in the accident. Thanks to some very careful surgery Chad will likely walk again and may even attempt a comeback. That is great news considering amputation was an early option in his treatment.

Get well soon Chad!

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

NBA Mock Draft: Last Minute!

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  1. Washington - John Wall PG Kentucky
  2. Philly - Evan Turner PG Ohio State
  3. New Jersey - Derrick Favors PF Georgia Tech
  4. Minnesota - Wes Johnson SF Syracuse
  5. Sacramento - DeMarcus Cousins PF Kentucky
  6. Golden State - Ekpe Udoh PF Baylor
  7. Detroit - Greg Monroe PF Georgetown
  8. LA Clippers - Al-Farouq Aminu SF Wake Forest
  9. Utah - Cole Aldrich C Kansas
  10. Indiana - Gordon Hayward SF Butler
  11. New Orleans - Luke Babbitt SF Nevada
  12. Memphis - Ed Davis PF North Carolina
  13. Toronto - Patrick Patterson PF Kentucky
  14. Houston - Daniel Orton PF Kentucky
  15. Milwaukee - Paul George SF Fresno State
  16. Minnesota - Xavier Henry SG Kansas
  17. Washington - James Anderson SG Oklahoma State
  18. Oklahoma City - Avery Bradley SG Texas
  19. Boston - Eric Bledsoe SG Kentucky
  20. San Antonio - Elliot Williams Sg Memphis
  21. Oklahoma City - Craigs Brackins PF Iowa State
  22. Portland - Larry Sanders PF VCU
  23. Minnesota - Kevin Seraphin PF France
  24. Atlanta - Devin Ebanks SF West Virginia
  25. Memphis - Hassan Whiteside C Marshall
  26. Oklahoma City - Tibor Pleiss C Germany
  27. New Jersey - Gani Lawal PF Georgia Tech
  28. Memphis - Damion James SF Texas
  29. Orlando - Dominique Jones SG South Florida
  30. Washington - Jordon Crawford SG Xavier

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jeremiah Masoli to the NFL Draft?

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Jeremiah Masouli is possibly on his way to the NFL.

The disgraced former Oregon Duck QB, has been rumored to be applying to the NFL's supplemental draft.

I feel that Masouli is a teriffic player and it would behove a team with a shaky situation at quarterback to at least give this kid a look. Sure he made some bad decisions in college (allegedly being involved in the theft of a laptop) but we all have one or two skeleton's in our closet.

In my humble, non-expert opnion a team with strong leadership like the 49ers should bring on Masouli to see what he's got. Could you imagine if he got in trouble with Mike Singletary?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Harvey Unga Enters Supplemental Draft

Finally some NFL Draft news in the midst of summer.

Former BYU FB, Harvey Unga has decided to enter the NFL's supplemental draft. He is a very interesting player who can play traditional fullback and also catch the ball coming out the backfield. He compares very favorable to Brian Lenoard who is currently with the Bengals.

Unga will likely be a 5th round selection.

Brian Stull of ESPN 101 St. Louis reports that the Rams, Dolphins, and Chiefs are all "very interested" in supplemental draft prospect Harvey Unga.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chris Johnson Tweets: I Want a New Contract

Titans running back Chris Johnson wants a new contract and has let everyone on Twitter know about it. He published a few tweets that read "I feel like Darrelle Revis, at least they are offering him something" and "how can you expect players to give their all and put their bodies on the line when you are not willing to give them what they deserve."

I've already written an article that explains my position. CJ deserves to be paid. Adrian Peterson makes far more than him. But the problem here isn't Chris, Adrian, the Titans, twitter, or any of that mess.

It's the collective bargaining agreement and the 30% rule. Even if the Titans want to help Chris out they cannot pay him more than 30% of what he is making now unless they want to give him the money as an upfront bonus. That is extremely risky for the team to give a lump sum upfront. No one wants to get "Jamarcused" or "Haynesworthed".

In my opinion, if players like Darrelle Revis, Elvis Dumervil, and Chris Johnson want to see real change their efforts would be better served going at the players union, and not their teams.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lebron James: Burning Down the Building on His Way Out

Houston.... I mean Cleveland, you have a problem.

As free agency looms and the three ring circus begins to setup around Lebron James the Cavaliers' superstar forward is becoming the teams number one problem. Yes it is almost blasphemy to a Cavaliers fan to even think that Lebron could be a problem. However to this outsider it seems that two things remains clear.

The Cavaliers have almost no leverage in keeping Lebron.

If Lebron is leaving, he is going to burn the building down on his way out.

I'm not going to elaborate on the leverage principle. We all know the theories that surround why Lebron could leave. They haven't found the coach fit for a king. Character issues surround key role player Delonte West. Perennial playoff underachievers Mo Williams and Antwaan Jamison are the best the Cavaliers have around Lebron right now, and then there is that question of what to do with Shaq.

What is more interesting to me is how passive Lebron has been to the organization. There have been rumors that he expressed discontent with GM "The Great" Danny Ferry and head coach Mike Brown. Both were relieved of their duties so all should be well right?


Lebron is making no indication that he even cares what is going on with the organization. Thanks to his passiveness, the Cavaliers just missed out on a chance to sign Tom Izzo as their new head coach.

I can only image the frustration Cavaliers fans must have right now. How can you be happy with the silence from the Lebron camp? How can you be happy with the constant images of Yankee hats and Lebrons fascination with "being like Mike?"

I'm not saying that Lebron won't decide to stay. I'm not even saying that it would be a good thing if he left. I am just pointing out that by not making any indication that he cares about the current state of the franchise he rebuilt, Lebron is possibly doing more harm than good right now.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Texas Saves Big XII From Disbanding

I have held off blogging about the conference realignment because I really didn't want to speak on it until things fully settled. Well today is that day. In the 11th hour Texas agreed to Stay in the Big XII, which is going to save the conference from completely disbanding. With Texas staying put, the new 10 team Big XII (how ironic) will be void of just Colorado and Nebraska. Colorado defected to the Pac 10 (now with 11 teams, none of these names no longer make sense) and Nebraska is now in the Big Ten.

Texas A&M is rumored to be heading to the SEC but as of this post that is simply a rumor. Texas A&M is also rumored to have turned down a offer to join the PAC 10.

Here is where we officially stand with all this conference mess:

Nebraska will begin play in the Big 10 in 2011.

Boise St will begin play in the MWC in 2011.

Colorado will begin play in the Pac 10 in 2012.

A lot of fuss over the last few weeks over nothing in my opinion. Texas stays and get their TV network and boosted revenues. Nebraska gets from out of Texas' shadow. Colorado moves to a weak Pac 10 conference they can compete in. Everyone's happy and the college Presidents are going out to Coldstone Creamery to celebrate shortly after this post.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Brady Quinn Out In Denver Already?

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Either Josh McDaniels is the smartest man in the room, or the McDaniels haters were right all along. Rumor is from Dove Valley that the Broncos have come to a conclusion in their quarterback merry-go-round, and that decision won't bode well for newly acquired Brady Quinn.

Yes, that Brady Quinn that McDaniels was interested in trading Jay Cutler for last year. Yes, that Brady Quinn that McDaniels traded Peyton Hillis for. Yes, that Brady Quinn who has been splitting reps with Kyle Orton. reports that the Broncos have decided to carry just two active quarterbacks during the regular season and Brady Quinn is likely the odd man out.

Our View: Kyle Orton is the clear starter and first-round pick Tim Tebow has impressed coach Josh McDaniels with his versatility, so that doesn't leave any room for Quinn. Tebow will likely be used for situational work, while Orton takes the majority of the snaps, making Quinn interesting trade bait if this situation comes to fruition
Last season Quinn finished with a QB rating of 67.2 with a 53% completion rate, 8 touchdowns and 7 interceptions. Needless to say it wouldn't be the end of the world if he is cut but Broncos fans would love to see if a change of scenery would help Brady any. It would be quite the buzz kill if he didn't even make it out of training camp as a member of the Denver Broncos.

Is Josh McDaniels a quarterback genius? Does he know something we don't? It seems like he believes that Tim Tebow as a lone backup is going to be sufficient. Many around the game believe that Tebow cannot even play the position effectively as a professional. That is another article for another day, but I'll just say that I am not surprised at all by this rumor. You have to assume that Pat Bowlen, one of the non-billionaire NFL owners, would like to put his prized pony from Florida out there sooner than later.

We'll see if this potential huge transaction happens...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

USC Loses 30 Scholarships

The fall of Troy.

After the internal NCAA investigation determined that USC broke the rules regarding student athletes, USC got hit with a two year bowl ban and lost 30 scholarships. The primary reason behind the investigations was the eligibility of Reggie Bush. During Bush's time at USC he received "improper benefits" which included cash, a car, and other things.

All I can say is that karma is coming back to bite Lane Kiffin. He should have stayed at Tennessee. Oh well. Good luck trying to slide your way into another head coaching job next year.