Monday, May 28, 2007

1st NBA MOCK... Won't be the last.

1. Portland- Greg Oden C Ohio State

They get the best player in the draft… Centers this good are a rarity.
2. Seattle- Kevin Durant G/F Texas
I can promise two things in this NBA offseason... Rashard Lewis will be gone. Rashard Lewis will not be missed.
3. Atlanta- Mike Conley Jr. PG Ohio State
Chris Paul… Deron Williams… Yeah, the Hawks passed on them, forcing them to reach for Mr. Conley Jr.
4. Memphis- Brandan Wright PF UNC

Stop whining Pau. You get an ultra-talented PF to help carry the load.
5. Boston- Al Horford PF/C Florida
Yes. More power-forward depth!!!
6. Milwaukee- Yi Jianlian PF China
He’s tall and can shoot. Sounds like Charlie V, but expect a swap with Boston.
7. Minnesota- Joakim Noah PF Florida
Time to prepare for life after Kevin Garnett… or at least someone who can help KG on the defensive end.
8. Charlotte- Corey Brewer G/F Florida
Time to prepare for life after Gerald Wallace…
9. Chicago- Julian Wright F Kansas
He’s athletic with a nice mid-range game. Outside of 15 ft??? BEN! GET THE REBOUND!!! Seriously…No post player is worthy of this spot…
10. Sacramento- Jeff Green F Georgetown
A steal at this point… Artest is unpredictable. Green is predictable. He’s predictably consistent; never mind the Ohio State game. FLUKE!!! FLUKE, I SAY!!!
11. Atlanta- Spencer Hawes C Washington
Oh, how bad I want to give them a swingman or undersized PF… but they get wiser and get their PG and C of the future, through one draft…
12. Philadelphia- Al Thornton PF Florida State
His aggressiveness and drive is what this teams needs.
13. New Orleans- Nick Young G USC
Aside from Paul and Peja ‘I might be healthy this year’ Stojakovic, the Hornets have little backcourt depth. Young is the player they hoped JR Smith would be.
14. LA Clippers- Rudy Fernandez G Spain
No storybook ending… the hometown kid, Young, is picked at 13, and the Clippers get themselves a crafty SG who’s athletic, can shoot the 3, and has never sported a Mohawk… to my knowledge.
15. Detroit- Acie Law IV PG Texas A&M
Billups may stay or Billups may go… Lindsey Hunter WILL NOT get any younger.
16. Washington - Marc Gasol C Spain
They ALWAYS go for need and Brendan Haywood has cried all his tears away… they get a center who actually has… *GASP* POST SKILLS??!?!?!
17. New Jersey- Jason Smith F/C Colorado
Boone dunks. Smith shoots. Hmm… if only they would have retained Kenyon Martin…
18. Golden State- Thaddeus Young G/F Georgia Tech
Ultra-talent. Ultra-steal. He’ll flourish in their up-tempo- ‘Hey, 4 wings and a point guard ain’t so bad!!!’ style of offense…
19. LA Lakers- Arron Afflalo SG UCLA
Call it a reach, but Afflalo is tough, mentally and physically. He can defend, and shoot!!! Kobe will surprised to see a Laker, without the number 24, make a shot.
20. Miami- Javaris Crittenton PG Georgia Tech
Gary Payton and Jason Williams got their rings… maybe that’s why their play has been less than inspired.
21. Philadelphia- Rodney Stuckey G Eastern Washington
Instant offense, with solid defense. Can play the 1 or 2, so he’ll get on the floor at some point.
22. Charlotte- Derrick Byars SG Vanderbilt
He can do it all… But more importantly, he’ll knock down the shots they thought Adam Morrison would have.
23. Chicago- Josh McRoberts PF Duke
They get their post player… and that much closer to a ring.
24. Phoenix- Tiago Splitter F/C Brazil
Probably a steal at so late… finally, Amare… Duncan will abuse someone else, after Splitter plays in EURO for one more season.
25. Utah- Morris Almond SG Rice
Don’t be surprised to see him making big shots on their way to the Western Conference finals (They still have no chance against the Spurs)
26. Houston - Daequan Cook SG Ohio State
Who do you select here that helps T-Mac advance in the playoffs? Eh… Cook is worth a shot. He and Luther Head will have to provide points off the bench.
27. Detroit- Sean Williams C Boston College
What’s the best way to control a troublesome, yet talented black male athlete? Put him around proven winners and a respected white coach. Ask Rasheed Wallace and Randy Moss. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey… I’m just SAYIN!!!
28. San Antonio- Marco Belinelli SG Italy
They don’t have needs. The rich just get richer.
29. Phoenix- Marcus Williams SG Arizona State
Here’s a guy who doesn’t do anything exceptionally well, but he fills the stat sheet. He’ll get a chance to shine in Phoenix. Now, they can stop feeling the loss of Joe Johnson.
30. Philadelphia- Aaron Gray C Pittsburgh
Roy Hibbert threw everyone a curveball, but the Sixers get a C who’s bigger than most NBA centers… and he has nice range on his shot.

I Dont Hate Ted Ginn... But These People Do

Checkout this video from the 2007 NFL Draft where Dolphin fans thought they were going to select Brady Quinn, the Quarterback from Notre Dame.. only to select Tedd Ginn, the Wide Reciever from Ohio State! Remember these are the same Florida fans that saw Tedd Ginn get injured on the opening play of the National Championship against their Gators!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Brandon Jackson, Anthony Gonzalez among rookies barred from camp

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In a STUNNING act by the NFL, rookies Brandon Jackson and Anthony Gonzalez were not allowed to join their teams camps and forced to do promotional work for their rookie cards. This is stunning, especially after Brett Farve caught the media onslaught for wanting to skip the same camp his new teammate Jackson was barred from.

What's up with the mixed messages NFL?

It seems as if the NFL is more concerned with the almighty dollar.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Why the Eagles Should Trade McNabb

A story recently broke on Yahoo! that the Eagles could possibly avoid a QB controversey by trading Mr. Donnovan F. McNabb to the Bears. Well I think they should do it. Here's a few reasons why....

1. He's always hurt.

He played 10 games last year, and 9 the year before that. This guy cannot even make it through a full season. Since Kolb will play half the season anyways, they might was well start the season with him.

2. The Eagles could use Briggs anyways

On the other side of Trotter and Spikes is Chris Gocong. Who?! Briggs can step in right away than the 2006 third round pick out of Cal Poly.

3. He's a media diva

The Eagles need to avoid a Farve situation and not allow their QB to hold the bearings of their team in his fist. By trading McNabb now, the media flack wouldn't be that bad.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Spectacular Draft Busts- Thursday: Troy Williamson

Today's bust is Super Street Fighter II "Turbo" Troy Williamson.

His Qualifications

Troy was drafted by the Vikings 7th overall in 2005 out of South Carolina. Heralded for his elite speed, Troy was claimed to be Randy Moss' replacement in Minnesota. Last year Troy tied me and Roddy White in touchdown receptions. Awesome.

Alternate Options

If the Vikings needed a reciever that badly they could have reached for Matt Jones, who was selected 21st overall out of Arkansas. And he played Quarterback in college! Matt scored 5 td's his rookie year, and 4 last.

This week is starting to look like the wide reciever hall of shame. Someone call Jerry Rice and tell him to stop dancing, there are teams out there that can still use him.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Spectacular Draft Busts- Wednesday: Eli Manning

Today's Spectacular bust is Peyton's little brother, good ol' Eli Manning.

His Qualifications

Eli Manning was picked with the first overall pick in 2004, by the San Diego Chargers. He made a public spectacle about how badly he didnt want to be a Charger, and was later traded to the Giants for (a) Philip Rivers, and (b) The draft pick that became Shawne Merriman. In his career with the Giants thus far he has thrown 54 touchdowns with 44 ints which doesnt neseciarily make him a bust if it weren't for his boyish lack of confidence and the fact that he was traded for Philip Rivers AND Shawne Merriman! Oh man, the Giants got jipped!

Alternate Options

The Giants would have been better off selecting Ben Roethlisberger, who was available at 11 or they should have just stuck with Rivers.

Eli isn't that bad of a bust, but he is a spectacular one, and that is what this week is all about.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Spectacular Draft Busts- Tuesday: Mike Williams

Today's bust is a guy that only strengthens my "No First Round Tackles" policy even more. The jovial, spectacular bust out of Texas. Don't worry, I didnt forget about the reciever either, but the jury is still out on him. The tackle just plain sucks.

His Qualifications

Mike was supposed to be another one of those "draft him and start him for 15 years" type of no look tackles when he came out of Texas in 2002. The Buffalo Bills unfortunately got suckered in and selected him 4th overall!!! Mike has been a walking IR case so far in his career and is now on his second team in the NFL.

Alternate Options

The 2002 Draft Class was a pretty good one for bust picks, and also produced mega busts Joey Harrington and David Carr in those top 4 picks along with Mike Williams. As far as options at tackle go, the Bills would have been better off selecting Levi Jones, who was selected at 10 by the Bengals.

There were more great bust candidates in this draft such as Ashley Lelie, William Green, and Ryan Sims. Looking back, the 2002 Draft may have been the worst in history.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Spectacular Draft Busts- Monday: Roddy White

In my new series, this week I will chronicle guys who I've deemed Spectacular NFL Draft Busts. Today's bust is Rowdy Roddy White.

His Qualifications

Roddy was picked with the 27th overall pick in the 2005 NFL draft, after finishing up a fine college career at UAB in the months leading up to the draft. White wowed the scouts with his 4.4 40 time and impressive hands in positional drills.

Roddy has yet to do squat in his NFL career, and has the Atlanta Falcons still looking for a #1 reciever since drafting him. Last year he recorded 30 receptions for 500 yards, and tied me in touchdown receptions (none, nada, zip, zilch, zero!). But I guess it's all Vick's fault!

Alternate Options

The Falcons would have been much better off had they selected Reggie Brown, who was picked just a few picks later at 35th over all. Reggie scored 8 touchdowns last season, Im sure they wish they'd kept him in Georgia.

I have a slight feeling he isn't the last reciever we'll see on Spectacular Bust Week.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Why is McNabb a huge crybaby?

I'm tired of seeing how the Philadelphia Eagles are strangled by the neck as an organization by one Mr. Donnovan F. McNabb. What did this guy do that warranted his organization walking on eggshells around him every move they make? I dont get it. But let's recap:

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1. Jeff Garcia takes the Eagles into the playoffs

Donnovan and his momma ran to television outlets to spread their fake support for Garcia when they saw that the team was doing so well without Mr. Chunky Soup. Garcia was quickly traded to Tampa Bay after the season when it was evident he was a better fit for the Eagles than McNabb.

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2. Terrell Owens kicked off the team

The Eagles are lead to the superbowl by Terrell Owens huge season only to be let down by 5's horrible conditioning at the end. Why was Freddie Mitchell calling plays in the last drive? Oh because McNugget with Large Fries was unconditioned. Owens called him out on this, and was quickly kicked of the team.

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3. Eagles draft Kevin Kolb in the second

Now we al have to sit through PickNabb complain about the organization developing his replacement. You've finished almost every year in recent memory on IR, you ran the best WR you were ever going to see out of town (sorry Hank Baskett), and you bring this diva-like mentality with you everytime something goes against you. Not to mention you always make it a family issue (ask TO).

I cant wait until the Eagles say McRiddance to McFlabb.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Top 10 Picks For 2008 Draft

Already looking ahead, here's who I believe will be the big 10 in '08. In no particular order.

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1. Brian Brohm, QB Louisville
Brohm is this years big name franchise QB. He has all the fan fare and glamour behind him a la, one #22 overall pick this year. So why am I picking Brohm to go in the top ten this coming draft? Because he'll be a Cowboy, that's why.

2. Darren McFadden, RB Arkansas
Would have been a top 10 pick THIS year.

3. Jake Long, OT Michigan
As much as everyone knows I hate selecting linemen high in the draft, Im going to put long in here due to the fact he was leagues better than Joe Staley and Levi Brown last year.

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4. Chad Henne, QB Michigan
While Im on Wolverines, might as well put the guy Long protects in here too. I believe Henne and Brohm are better than Colt Brennan, so they go in the top 10 and Brennan not.

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5. DeSean Jackson, WR California
The nation's leader in kick returns last year will return for a strong season to cement himself in the top 10. He's who Teddy Ginn is supposed to be.

6. James Laurinaitis, LB Ohio State
The NFL is a league based on defensive speed, and the animal gives you exactly that.

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7. Malcom Jenkins, CB Ohio State
A lot of Buckeyes and Wolverines here... hmm.. but Jenkins is a versitle corner that has the speed Leon Hall doesn't.

8. Steve Slaton, RB West Virginia
Slaton is a quick runner with a NFL burst but I don't think he will ever live up to the ginormous numbers he put up in his college system. Nevertheless, some hopeless NFL team will bank on it.

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9. Limas Sweed, WR Texas
A big 6'5 WR with sub 4.5 speed. There's a team out there that misses Terrell Owens that wouldn't mind drafting his clone....

10. Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU
A speed rusher from the DT position. He will definately hear his name called early on draft day.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Top 10 Shockers of the NFL Draft

The results are in, and here are the top 10 shockers of the NFL Draft in my opinion.

10. The Lions take ANOTHER reciever. I know CJ is good, but their defense has major holes and Jon Kitna is not the youngest QB out there.
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9. Broncos trade up for Marcus Thomas. Fresh off the Maurice Clarett days, the Broncos go for talent over character once again. Will it work?

8. Trent Edwards falls to Buffalo. A steal by the Bills. I thought he was the third rated QB, but the NFL thought otherwise. JP Lossman better look out.
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7. Packers and Panthers pass on Greg Olsen. Two teams with near complete offenses that need that punch to get them back into the playoffs... and they pass on Olsen?! I dont get it.

6. Michael Bush falls into day two. I guess no one likes this guy named Bush. That isnt uncommon in America...

5. 49ers trade back into round one for Staley. A guy who I predicted will be a bust, and the 49ers mortage their future to get him? At least he's in 'cisco, maybe he and Rob Gallery can hang out sometime.

4. Cards take Alan Branch in round two. I was just surprised they made a good pick.
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3. Jamaal Anderson "slides" to pick 8. There was no way this guy was falling in the draft like everyone was talking about. Atlanta got a good one.

2. Cleveland trades back in for Brady Quinn. Horrible value! I like Brady, but he isnt worth TWO first round picks. The Browns could have given up less if they would have waited for him to fall into round two.
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1. Dolphins take Teddy Ginn NINTH OVERALL! Bahahahaaha. Mr. 'Do it all' proved me wrong and snuck into the top 10. Who does he have compromising photos of?