Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jeremy Shockey Parties Like its 1999

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Jeremy Shockey goes hard. Partying so much that you get dehydrated? And your a well conditioned athlete? Damn! Must have been a good time.

On a unrelated note, has he done anything productive since being kicked off the New York Giants? He used to be a top TE in the game but now I'd argue Dustin Keller is better.


The next time you hit up Rehab in Vegas hit a playa up J!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

5 Players Who Will Make an Impact

The NFL Draft is in the books. Fans have had a chance to calm down over players their teams passed on, and even some on who their team actually selected. With that said, there are many players that can and will make an impact as a rookie. If I had to guess here are the guys I'd bet to see making plays early and often.

B.J Raji, Packers: Every 3-4 starts with a big nasty NT upfront. Raji is that guy exactly.

Percy Harvin, Vikings: Even though he is a head case he proved it for years at UF that there are few more electric with the ball in their hands. The Vikings reportedly have started to get him acclimated to taking kickoffs. I can't wait to see that.

Andre Smith, Bengals: It's no secret that I thought he is the best player in this draft class for a while. Looking past the silly antics he pulled at the combine you see a guy that is great at his job. Blocking.

Brian Robiskie, Browns:
Between the departure of Kellen Winslow and Donte Stallworth's legal issues, Robiskie is going to get snaps early and often in this west coast offense. He's a local kid too, so maybe the crowd will show him more love than Braylon. Or maybe Braylon will start, I don't know, catching the ball.

Terrance Kington, Jaguars: Who? Oh, nobody except for a 6'3 321 pound nose tackle from Temple who will make Marcus Stroud a name of Jaguar past once and for all.