Friday, July 25, 2008

Rod Smith Ends Hall of Fame Career

Broncos all time leading receiver Rod Smith called it a career Thursday at a press conference among family and teammates. Rod missed the 2007 season with a hip injury which ultimately caused him to call it a career. Rod leaves the NFL leading the Broncos and undrafted players in every major statistical category.

Should he be in the Hall? One user thinks so.

"ROD should be in the HOF. He may not be a first ballot but he will be no later than a second ballot. Only one person won more games in a career of 11 years-Art Monk (going into HOF this year). Rod won 110 games in 10 years as a starter-11 a year!

Only 4 wr's ahead of him for receptions over the same period

only one has more SB rings. Nobody blocked like rod. So there you have it, wins, sb's, receptions, blocking.

I could go on and on but he better make it. The only thing against him is he played in Denver. He might suffer from the Gradishar-effect. Had he played in Dallas, he would be a "lock" and this article would have been front page on the four letter network."

Friday, July 11, 2008

Farve's Back!


According to every breaking media outlet, Brett Farve has asked for the Packers to release him so he can sign on with another NFL franchise and play this season. Anyone with two eyes could have seen this one coming as the Packers seemed hell bent on drafting his replacement year after year (Rodger and Brohm currently on the roster).

Farve's story will continue on elsewhere, but where? I'm guessing Baltimore or Chicago, with Minnesota and Miami being a darkhorse as well. But if you put a gun to my head, I'd say Baltimore because of their love of the over-the-hill QB and the lack of talent on the roster aside from Troy Smith, but they won't give him a chance!

Matt Jones Is a Cokehead

matt jones w/ blow

It saddens me to say this because I like many other fans thought that the former SEC QB was a athletic freak and could blossom to something special in the NFL. However after getting caught cutting up coke with a credit card by the Police in his hometown it looks like Jones will be joining Cedric Benson among other former first rounders in the unemployment line.

Matt Jones coming soon to an Arena League team near you!

Monday, July 7, 2008

7-11 and Madden Team Up

For all my gamers out there this is exciting. There will be a in store demo of Madden 09 in 7-11 stores nationwide as part of a new promotion. I'm guessing it's coming out July 11th.

Here is some in-game video of Jonathan Stewart. You think I'm NOT Pre-ordering this and Head Coach 09?!

Madden 09 Jonathan Stewart Superstar Mode from Pasta Padre on Vimeo.

2009's Surprise Teams

marshawn lynch

I found this interesting, a few guys from the GameFaqs Madden 09 board got into a discussion about surprise teams and this comment came up, which I totally agree with.

"Matt Forte will give the Bears electricity on offense, but AD did that too and the Vikes only went 8-8, mainly because they could only rely on the running game. Once the Bears get some good WRs, maybe a better QB (I'm not going to say it's a big need until after this season, because before he got injured in the Washington game, Rex was looking the most consistent of his career), and a better O-Line, then they would be considered a "sleeper" because they can actually get points that way.

Broncos have good RBs, a decent QB, and Ryan Clady should come in and do wonders. I consider them a contender for the wildcard. If the Chargers mess something up, then the Broncos are going to be right there to win the division. I'm not saying the Chargers ARE going to bomb, but it's if they do.

I agree with the guy who said the Buffalo Bills also. Trent Edwards was looking good last year, Marshawn Lynch is one of the Top 15 (I'd rank him about 12th) backs in the league, and Lee Evans is an underrated stud. That second receiver is what they need for true success."

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Matt Forte Gets Paid

matt forte

I cannot find the terms of the deal, but Cedric Benson's replacement out of Tulane has signed his deal and will be in camp from day 1. This is great news for the Bears who are still looking to recover from their Superbowl letdown two years ago. Between inconsistency at the Quarterback position on the field, and the Running back position off the field, the Bears have been looking for some new blood in their offense. Maybe Tulane's all time leading rusher is that man.