Monday, June 14, 2010

Texas Saves Big XII From Disbanding

I have held off blogging about the conference realignment because I really didn't want to speak on it until things fully settled. Well today is that day. In the 11th hour Texas agreed to Stay in the Big XII, which is going to save the conference from completely disbanding. With Texas staying put, the new 10 team Big XII (how ironic) will be void of just Colorado and Nebraska. Colorado defected to the Pac 10 (now with 11 teams, none of these names no longer make sense) and Nebraska is now in the Big Ten.

Texas A&M is rumored to be heading to the SEC but as of this post that is simply a rumor. Texas A&M is also rumored to have turned down a offer to join the PAC 10.

Here is where we officially stand with all this conference mess:

Nebraska will begin play in the Big 10 in 2011.

Boise St will begin play in the MWC in 2011.

Colorado will begin play in the Pac 10 in 2012.

A lot of fuss over the last few weeks over nothing in my opinion. Texas stays and get their TV network and boosted revenues. Nebraska gets from out of Texas' shadow. Colorado moves to a weak Pac 10 conference they can compete in. Everyone's happy and the college Presidents are going out to Coldstone Creamery to celebrate shortly after this post.

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