Monday, December 31, 2012

Will Johnny Manziel Ever Make Money From Himself?

Quick rant.  This is the reason why the NCAA must do something.

Ever since the freshman Johnny Manziel won the Heisman trophy he has been everywhere.  David Letterman, courtside at NBA games, etc.  But what he hasn't done is made any money.


Simple. Because he isn't allowed too.  NCAA rules say that no player can profit from his image or athletic status.  That is because they are "amateurs."  Considering that every school sells jerseys with the numbers of current players, and cut the players in none of that cheese nor any of the gate or TV revenue it is a joke.  Texas A&M lucked up.  They have 3 more years to milk Johnny Football for every penny.

The only way he'll cash out is if he escapes a college career uninjured, makes an NFL team, and gets a big contract plus endorsements.  Until then I guess in street terms A&M is going to pimp him for what he's worth.