Monday, May 31, 2010

The Titans Need to Pay Chris Johnson

The man etched 2,006 rushing yards in 2009 and he made less than one million.

Dear Titans management, you need to pay Chris Johnson. Yes, we all understand that Chris signed a 5 year, $7 million dollar deal as a rookie just two years ago. However that was before he became the best back in football in that two year time span.

Oilers, errrr... Titans coach Jeff Fisher has claimed that a sit down meeting will happen between the Titans and Johnson soon according to Yahoo! Sports.

RB Chris Johnson and the Titans' braintrust need a sit-down meeting, according to coach Jeff Fisher, who would like it to occur before mid-June. Fisher would like for it to happen before the Titans reconvene for their next round of offseason work on June 14. Coincidentally, Johnson will be in Middle Tennessee that very week for his football camp on June 16 at Battle Ground Academy in nearby Franklin, Tenn. "I would assume that there will probably be a sit-down meeting between both sides between now and then and we'll see what happens," Fisher said. "I think it makes sense to get everybody together and that's what we'll push for. There's no purpose, no set agenda, but it makes sense to get together and try to sort everything out."

Currently Johnson is working out in Florida instead of in Nashville with the rest of the team. I don't blame him. Adrian Peterson's last deal was a 6 year, $40 million deal. I'm just saying.

Mickael Pietrus Wins $17k For Growing an Afro

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Woooow, some of the Magic players are even bigger losers than originally thought. (No hate mail please, I like the Magic but I'm a Bobcat fan.)

Dwight Howard, Rashard Lewis, and Jameer Nelson bet Pietrus that he wouldn't go an entire season without a haircut in a bet that totaled $17,000 which Pietrus won. That's a lot of money for letting your SOULLL GLOOOO!

I think that Pietrus should double his bet and bet Dwight he won't throw less than 17 "inadvertent" elbows next year. Or maybe make 17 free throws in a row. Or maybe that Rashard will score more than 17 points in any playoff game beyond the first round.

Response to Tim Tebow Supporters Pt. 2

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I've been following this thread I blogged about a few days ago from Bleacher Report. Once again Gerald Ball makes a fantastic comment to counter some of the Tebow hype. I love seeing the debate go back and forth and Gerald is making some of the best counter arguments in the Tebow debate I've ever seen.

"Call it a cult of personality, call it what you will, but the fact remains there simply hasn't been another quarterback in history with his athleticism, his success on the field, his evangelical nature, and his charisma."

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Vince Young, Donovan McNabb, Michael Vick, Steve Young, Brett Favre, Matt Jones, Pat White, John Elway, Randall Cunningham, Steve McNair, Charlie Ward and Terrelle Pryor would run circles around Tim Tebow athletically. Vince Young, McNabb, Cunningham, and Ward are all evangelical Christians: Baptists. Also, Vince Young and Charlie Ward let their teams to the same number of national titles that Tebow did: 1. Young and Ward had better records as starters. Pat White was 4-0 in bowl games, a record. Goodness, Ward won a national title in football and played on an Elite Eight basketball team in the same year. McNabb played on a Final Four basketball team in addition to being the Big East player of the decade in football.

Please, end the hyperbole.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Alleged Ex-Girlfriend of Colts Wayne Accused of Stealing $93k

In today's "news no one saw coming" according to ProFootballTalk a woman who is claiming she is Reggie Wayne's ex-girlfriend has been accused of stealing over $93,000 from the Colts WR. This would be a non-story except for the fact that Wayne is married.

Here are the details:

Metro Indianapolis police and FBI investigators are looking into claims of fraud against a woman who claims to be Reggie Wayne’s mistress.

After obtaining a search warrant, 15 FBI agents took materials from 26-year-old Natasha McKenzie’s home after she was accused of stealing his debit card, and charging nearly $93,000 on it, according to Fox 59 in Indianapolis.

The story isn’t simple, though. Wayne apparently had a relationship with the woman. He said she requested he wire her money. When he refused, he noticed “more than 300 unaccounted for transactions dating back to September 2009″ according to WISH-TV.
Ms. McKenzie has done a television interview in which she claims that Wayne knew exactly what she was doing with the card:

Response to Tim Tebow Supporters

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The following was a fantastic comment I read on Bleacher report by Gerald Ball. It details the frenzy around Tim Tebow and why there are so many people who support Tim in a cult like manner.

1. Claiming that Tebow is more hated than Donte Stallworth, Ben Roethlisberger and Michael Vick is simply untrue. Most people love Tebow, most dislike Vick (who wasn't very popular even BEFORE the dogfighting charges), haven't even heard of Stallworth, and are irate at Roethlisberger. You are engaging in victimization that is commonly indulged in by members of the political right. More on that later.

2. Again, most people love Tebow. But you folks can't accept that. You want EVERYONE to love Tebow OR ELSE and can't accept ANYONE choosing to dislike or root against him FOR ANY REASON despite the fact that SPORTS BY NATURE is based on rivalries and adversaries. Look, if your team has been pummeled by Tebow's Gators the last 3 years, chances are YOU ARE NOT GOING TO LIKE TEBOW NEARLY AS MUCH AS GATOR FANS DO. And I bet a lot of Tebow fans got sick of Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart, remember? Also, here's news for you ... NOT EVERYONE ROOTS FOR THE GOOD GUY ALL AMERICAN TYPE! Some people root for the underdog (and being a homeschooled 5 star recruit who played for a loaded team Tebow WAS NOT an underdog, and even now is going into the NFL with a lot more going for him than most players), others root for the bad guys. Yes, there were people who rooted for the Raiders back in the day, who rooted against Michael Jordan and for the Pistons, who root against the Yankees, and are happy every time Peyton Manning falls flat on his face. It happens. Get over it. Stop making the failure of everyone to love Tim Tebow a sign that our society is going down the drain. Look, there were people who didn't like Babe Ruth. Couldn't stand him. Yet Roger Maris and Hank Aaron were stalked, sent hate mail and death threats, and Maris in particular despised for breaking Ruth's records! Until Tebow goes through a FRACTION of what guys like Maris, Aaron, Doug Williams and Jackie Robinson had to put up with, you are being ridiculous.

3. Lots of people LOVE Tim Tebow and STILL don't think that he will succeed in the NFL. Why? Because HE IS A RUNNING QUARTERBACK. It is AMAZING that you Tebow fans ARE JUST NOW DISCOVERING THE HOSTILITY THAT A SIGNIFICANT PORTION OF NFL FANS, SCOUTS AND MEDIA MEMBERS HAVE TOWARDS RUNNING QBS. Really, did you folks just start watching the NFL this year? Where were you when Warren Moon, Doug Williams, Randall Cunningham, Steve McNair, Brett Favre, Kordell Stewart, and Steve Young went through all their grief? Where were you when guys like Tony Dungy weren't even allowed to play QB in the NFL and had to switch to defensive back? Where were you when Charlie Ward was tagged "the next Randall Cunningham" (and the media and the NFL DESPISED Cunningham) AND NOT DRAFTED AT ALL? And where have you been while the vicious sharks have been swimming around and hounding Vince Young? Even most of the fans of his own NFL team don't support the guy, and he has a winning record as a starter! And then there is all the nonsense that Donovan McNabb has been through. Tebow is just another in a LONG LINE of dual threat QBs that the passing game fanatics have either doubted or haven't wanted to see succeed in the first place. Why you think that he is different or special you will have to explain.

4. I am sorry, but Tebow is FAR from the first or only person of exemplary character and/or strong religious conviction in the NFL. What you want Tebow to get so much credit for, other guys have always done and stood for, and gotten absolutely nothing, and this includes guys who are treated with disrespect by their fans and organizations. The NFL is FULL of evangelical Christians. The NFL is FULL of guys who don't get into trouble. The NFL is FULL of guys who do great charity and community work. There are LOTS of guys in the NFL who have been on overseas charity and missionary trips. Most of these guys get NO MEDIA ATTENTION for the good that they do other than a one sentence blurb in the paper IF they win that "NFL man of the year" charity work award, yet you Tebow fans want the whole sports world to pretend as if Tebow is unique, a noble prince in a league filled with zoo animals and savages.

The truth is that Tebow isn't even the only QB from his church who was drafted. Have you ever even heard of Rusty Smith, the FAU QB who was drafted in the 6th round? Well, he attends Tebow's church. Lots of folks question his NFL prospects because he went to a small school, was drafted very late, and oh yes will be backing up NFL veterans in Vince Young, Chris Simms and Kerry Collins. So why don't you go produce a post bewailing why the sports world hates and is disrespecting this Smith person?

You won't, because your issue isn't that a great and accomplished person like Tebow (allegedly) isn't getting his due, because Smith is an evangelical Christian, good and talented athlete, and nice fellow just like Tebow is. Instead, your whole agenda and motivation is the failure of EVERYONE to universally bow down and worship at Tebow's cult of personality.

Well let me tell you something: even if Tebow wins 7 Super Bowls for Denver while throwing for 5,000 yards and rushing for 1000 yards a season, people are still going to hate his guts, including but certainly not limited to Raiders, Chargers and Chiefs fans, and others are going to attribute his success to having a great team around him. That is just the way the sports world is, and that would be true whether Tebow were Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu or atheist. Grow up and accept it.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

NBA Draft: #2 Pick Evan Turner or Derrick Favors?

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The Philadelphia 76ers are in one of the best spots in any pro sports draft. With the #2 overall pick they stand to make a major addition to their team and add a supreme talent. The question is who should they pick? OSU PG Evan Turner or Georgia Tech F Derrick Favors?

To many, the answer is simple. Turner. In any other NBA Draft Evan Turner would been the unquestioned #1 overall selection if not for the John Wall hype machine. Turner, the national player of the year, is going to be one heck of a consolation prize for the 76ers.

Turner averaged 20 points, 6 assists, and a massive 9 rebounds per game.

If they opt for Favors they'll get a 6-10 240 pound forward with the moon as his potential. And to top it off, this kid was born in 1991. I feel like Drake, "Im really tooo young to be feelin' this old!"

NBA Draft: John Wall to Set Gilbert Arenas Free

With a brilliant stroke of luck, the Washington Wizards came behind from a 10% chance of landing the top pick in the 2010 draft to grabbing the top spot in the upcoming draft's lottery. With the first pick they are set to take Kentucky freshman PG John Wall. No surprises here.

For the Wiz, the pick comes as a breath of fresh air after a tumultuous season in which superstar Gilbert Arenas was arrested on gun charges. To make things worse, the team decided to blow it up and trade away veterans Caron Butler, Antwaan Jamison and Brendan Haywood.

Selecting John Wall is going to help out the Wiz tremendously, especially if they opt to keep Arenas. With Wall in the lineup Arenas can move to the shooting guard position which will give him a license to shoot at will. Arenas will be able to readjust to his position as one of the NBA's elite scorers and lead a young Wizard team as Wall matures into one of the NBA's best point guards.

For the Wizards and Gilbert Arenas, John Wall could just be the change they need in Washington.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Patrick Crayton Wants His Release NOW

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In today's "news everyone saw coming" WR Patrick Crayton has requested his release from the Cowboys just a month after the team drafted WR Dez Bryant in the NFL Draft. I said in the video below just a few days ago that Dez Bryant was causing problems in the Dallas locker room, and not the way we thought he was. The presence of the younger talented Bryant has caused all sorts of ruffles in the feathers of Pat Crayton and Roy Williams.

Here is a partial quote from
DALLAS -- Wide receiver Patrick Crayton, who doesn't believe the Dallas Cowboys plan to keep him on the roster this season, said Friday the team is "messing with people's careers and people's lives" and that he wants to be released immediately.

Really Pat? Dez Bryant is messing with your life?

Lendale White Released

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According to multiple sources, the Seattle Seahawks have let go of RB Lendale White. It seemed like he was primed to be a success after losing weight and going to the same system he played in college with coach Pete Carroll. Maybe it wasn't meant to be.

There are also some tweets going around saying that drugs may be involved:
LenDale White likely facing 4-game drug suspension, according to sources. Reasons for his release beyond that. More @ and on NFLN
It was just a few years ago he was tearing up the Pac 10 and I was telling people that the New York Jets should pick him #4 overall SMH. (They did the smart thing and went with D'Brichashaw Ferguson)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tebow Moves Up Depth Chart

Depending on what you believe, Tim Tebow has moved up the depth chart with the Denver Broncos. The team is currently wrapping up passing camp and Tebow is now taking snaps after Brady Quinn and before the incumbent third stringer Tom Brandstater.

Video of Tebow in passing camp is on

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tim Tebow: A Lot is Still to be Seen

Thousands of words and hours of television commentary have been published on Tim Tebow. His career stats, passing motions, and intangible qualities have been evaluated, reevaluated, and evaluated again. He's easily the most polarizing man in the NFL and he's a fourth string Quarterback who's yet to play in a professional game.

Granted, the criticisms are valid. Tebow in fact stunk up the Senior Bowl. He did drop multiple snaps from center. He did score a pedestrian 22 on his wonderlic. All of this has been documented and is completely fair to bring up in any anti-Tebow argument.

On the other hand, the Heisman is there. The two national championships are there. Almost every Florida passing record in the book is there. The perennial SEC player of the year awards are there. All positives for the pro-Tebow argument.

So who's right in this argument? No one knows. There is strong evidence on both sides. All we know for sure right now is that Tebow is the Quarterback of the Broncos immediate future, like it or not. He will be judged as the first round Quarterback he is and he will be expected to get the Broncos over the hump and into the playoffs. Just like every other first round Quarterback he will be expected to eventually hold the Lombardi trophy above his head.

Can he do it? Will he do it? Will those against the Tebow pick be proven correct? Will the Tebow fans be proven correct? The answers to these questions and more are yet to be seen. Everyone calm down and enjoy what will be the most pressured, intense, scrutinized, and interesting career in Denver Broncos history.