Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Detroit looking to shop #2 pick

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The Lions are actively shopping the second overall pick in April’s draft, according to a league source, and would be very comfortable trading down, looking to stockpile three or four assets.

The Lions already have been in discussions with other teams about the prospect, according to the source, and have ample time to make such a move before the draft begins April 22.

Given the uncertain labor and economic climate in the NFL, finding a trading partner might not be easy. However, the possibility remains that a team might want to move into the top two to ensure it lands one of two dominant defensive tackles — Nebraska’s Ndamukong Suh and Oklahoma’s Gerald McCoy — who many experts rate as by far the best prospects.

The Lions are trying to rebuild a long-suffering defense in particular, after sinking considerable high picks and resources into offensive skill players in recent years. They aren’t averse to taking the top player on their board, according to the source, but will seek to explore all options for a trade.

The Rams, who hold the No. 1 overall pick, have denied a report that they were in discussions with the Buccaneers to deal that selection, but there will be lots of jockeying and machinations taking place between now and late April.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2010 NFL Draft Predictions

1. Tim Tebow will be selected in the first round by the Jacksonville Jaguars, who will trade back into the first round to secure his selection
2. Maurkice Pouncey is a first round selection
3. At least 3 DT's are selected by Mt. Cody
4. The commissioner will mispronounce Ndamukong Suh's name
5. The St. Louis Rams will trade for Jason Campbell or Michael Vick, and will select Suh #1 overall
6. The Buccaneers will select Eric Berry third overall
7. Brandon Marshall will be traded for less than a first round pick
8. Dan LeFevour will be the 4th QB selected behind Bradford, Clausen, and Tebow
9. Carlos Dunlap is a first round selection
10. While cheered by the fans of the team that takes Dunlap, Mel Kiper will criticize the decision
11. Julius Peppers will sign with a NFC team
12. Taylor Mays will be a 2nd round selection
13. Dez Bryant will be drafted before Denver's selection

14. The Kansas City Cheifs will cut Derrick Johnson and draft Rolondo McClain as his immediate replacement
15. NT Dan Williams will be selected in the top 15
16. Demarius Thomas will be drafted in the first round
17. Bryan Bulaga will be at least the second tackle selected
18. LaDanian Tomlinson will sign with a team that plays its home games in Texas
19. Jahvid Best is drafted before Jonathan Dwyer
20. The biggest bust from the first round will be JOE HADEN.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Rams And Bucs Discussing Blockbuster Trade That Would Give Tampa The # 1 Overall Pick

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Keep it mind it's just a rumor at this point

The Bucs and Rams have reportedly explored a deal that would send the No. 3 overall pick, a third-round pick, and QB Josh Johnson to St. Louis for the first overall selection.

The Bucs would then draft Ndamukong Suh with the No. 1 pick. According to, the Rams compare Johnson to Michael Vick athletically, and they believe he has even more upside as a passer. While Johnson is an intriguing developmental QB, he's not close to being ready to start at the NFL level. The proposed deal makes sense for the Bucs, but it wouldn't solve the Rams' quarterback dilemma for 2010. Feb. 20 - 2:39 pm et