Tuesday, July 27, 2010

All Aboard! Skip Bayless Drives ESPN's Cowboys Bandwagon

I hate to admit it but every morning I check out ESPN's First Take for a few minutes. The show has really gone downhill over the years, with all the guests now agreeing with Skip Bayless or just being quiet and failing to correct his so painful obvious false assumptions and untrue character assassinations. This never seems to fail when they talk football, as Skip never fails to makes a statement so dumb I can only sit back and do my best face palm.

Sometimes its better to just be quiet if you don't know anything about the subject matter Skippo.

Today they unveiled the NFL's Power Rankings with the Colts coming in at #1 overall. Skip and Scoop Jackson then talked about teams they decided to talk about other teams they thought should be higher.

Then it happened. The patent Skip Bayless face palm moment.

"The Cowboys should be #2 on this list!"

Really?! After it seems he agreed with Scoop Jackson that the champion Saints should be ranked #1 since they are returning their same roster. But no, Skippo says that adding Dez Bryant is going to put the Cowboys over the top and into the Super Bowl!

This is just one day after Skip's face palmingly horrid statements (yes, I just created a new word) that he has no problem with Dez Bryant not carrying Roy Williams' pad's during practice. If this was a rookie receiver on any other team in the NFL he'd be jumping out his seat slapping the table "booking it!" that Dez Bryant would tear his team apart by mid-season.

But since Dez Bryant plays for his beloved Cowboys and some other team he is the next coming of Andre Johnson, and not closer to a young Terrell Owens causing riffs with veteran receivers.

Let's not even go down that road as Skip drove the bandwagon that assassinated Terrell Owens' career, slapping tables and popping veins out the side of his neck over every little move that TO made as a member of the Cowboys and beyond.

It really is comical that ESPN gives this guy a platform to speak on a sport he seemingly has no knowledge on beyond his clear bias to America's team. At least it was fun when they had guests who would battle back and correct his biased comments. I just wonder why they've given him the keys to drive the network's Cowboys bandwagon.

The place Skip is truly driving this network is right into the ground.

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