Friday, July 30, 2010

Tim Tebow Gets $33 Million... Wait a Minute

So Pro Football Talk reported that Tim Tebow has signed his contract and will report to the Broncos on Friday. All is well. Here is the details of the contract:

The Broncos signed the No. 25 overall pick to a contract with a base package of $11.25 million, and an "absolute maximum" of $33 million.
Rumor is that Tebow will have to make the playoffs, Pro Bowl, and Super Bowl to hit 9 of the $33 million. Another $24 million if he becomes a full time starting contract. A lot of if's here....

When its all said and done it looks like the deal isn't that bad. And considering how incentive heavy the deal is the Broncos know what we all know... this guy could easily flame out in 3 years. In fact I'd say the odds are actually on him not succeeding. As a Broncos fan I still don't like the pick from a football point of view, or do I like all these BroncoGator's running around. But if the contact is any indication, I might not have anything to worry about.

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