Monday, December 29, 2008

Denver Whiffs on West Virgina's Steve Slaton

Post per Denver Broncos forums:

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The Denver Broncos traded a third round pick and more to the Minnesota in order to acquire the pick that turned out to be Marcus Thomas. Hindsight is 20/20, so a review would be unfair, but that pick could have been used to pick up West Virginia's Steve Slaton. Slaton, who finished sixth in the league in rushing yards also found the endzone ten times and added almost four hundred yards receiving. This, despite a sometimes shaky quarterback situation in Houston. From a Broncos' perspective, Slaton finished the season, a feat that has eluded Broncos' running backs in 2008.

To add insult to injury (or in Denver's case, injuries), the Houston Bron...Texans finished with the same record as Denver at eight and eight despite playing in a division which featured the AFC leading Tennessee Titans and the playoff bound Indianapolis Colts. Houston should have finished nine and seven were it not for two costly mistakes by Sage Rosenfels in a game against the Colts.

In the end, the Houston Texans have a thousand yard running back, the Chiefs ended up with Minnesota's pick from Denver and turned it into Jamaal Charles, and Denver is left a with defensive tackle with no sacks and a defense that has analysts proclaiming the team, the enver Broncos.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Broncos Really Need a Kicker

Since week 8, Matt Prater has missed a field goal every week except for one. Strong leg, terrible kicker. Why didn't they just keep Elam?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Notre Dame to Finally Get a Bowl Win?

As Lee Corso would say, NOT SO FAST MY FRIENDS!

I don't see Notre Dame getting the job done tonight, and Charlie Weiss getting pushed further out of South Bend. Why does he even have a job? Jimmy Clausen was supposed to be the savior, losing Brady Quinn and crew was supposed to be no problem. Yet 2 years later, Weiss looks like a laughing stock.

Can they beat Hawaii? Sure, they CAN. But will they? No chance. This team has bad karma written all over it for how they treated Ty Willingham. (I know, I know, Washington sucks but that's not my point here) Charlie, I hope you can weesel your way into a new job after next year. I heard Clemson might need a coach.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ian Johnson All Time WAC TD Leader

Ian Johnson just scored his 58th career touchdown against TCU to make him the WAC's all-time touchdown leader. The guy he passed? Marshall Faulk. Impressive.

Matt Ryan Proves Me Wrong

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Yes, at one time I wrote a post on this blog, "5 reasons why Matt Ryan will be a bust". But Matty Ice has played MVP ball this year. And the Falcons are in the playoffs! I couldn't have been more wrong.

Here's what a reader wrote to me:

it couldn't have ended up more differently than what you said... Turner and Norwood have both done a good job, and Matt Ryan has one of the best rookie seasons for a qb in nfl history. The receivers are all doing great, including 3rd round draft pick, harry douglas, and the offensive line has been quite allright (even without sam baker for most of the season). The defense has done a really good job too, even with quite a few rookies as starters :D better luck next time... and go for the unexpected, it seems like that's whats happening the whole time in the NFL