Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Aaron Rodger is Better Than Alex Smith

Remember when everyone debated about who's the better Quarterback: Alex Smith or Aaron Rodgers? Well the answer is clear. It's Aaron Rodgers.

Regardless of the fact that Aaron has started exactly (1) Preseason game for his whole career, I can confidently say that he is leagues better than Smith. I knew that in the draft, Rodgers' height would work against him and Smith's inflated numbers from the spread offense would get him picked earlier.

Years later, the 49ers STILL need a Quarterback and Green Bay looks happy that they grabbed the "lesser" of the two quarterbacks.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Knowshon Moreno, Matt Stafford #1 and #2 Overall?

Is it possible that the runningback and quarterback from the #1 ranked Georgia Bulldogs could be drafted #1 and #2 overall next year? It's very possible.

Moreno has proven himself to be in the top tier of underclassman runners. He is ahead of the likes of Noel Devine, Percy Harvin, and Joe McKnight in my opinion. Between him and LeSean McCoy it's a toss up for first back taken if they both happen to come out.

Stafford is one of college football's best. He doesn't have the resume' of Tim Tebow or Rudy Carpenter but he projects to a better pro at this point. Tebow comes from the Uber Meyer misdirection offense which produces statistical monsters, and Carpenter has been solid but not great at Arizona state.

If Georgia can escape the SEC and win a title this year these two young players may make noise in the next NFL Draft.

Miami Picks Up Pennington

What's up with Florida teams and collecting QBs?

After seeing his release from the Jets for "The God"Farve,
QB Chad Pennington has been picked up by Miami and the veteran now gives them four quarterbacks in their logjam: Pennington, John Beck, second round pick Chad Henne, and starter Josh McCown. Obviously Chad and Henne are the only QBs worth keeping out of this bunch.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Eddie Royal Wins Starting Job

Mike Shanahan has given Eddie Royal the green light and he is officially a full time starter now. Starting at wide receiver alongside Brandon Marshall, Royal will enter the preseason atop the depth chart. Darrell Jackson has moved to 4th receiver at best, but he is in jeopardy of losing a roster spot.

Royal, who was assumed to be a slot receiver is now the #2. Stokely will retain his slot spot, and Colbert is the assumed fourth receiver. Jackson is battling Glenn Martinez, Sammie Parker, and Lorne Sam to keep a roster spot.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Favre is a Jet... I Don't Care

I'm glad the media circus is finally over with the Packers trading Favre out of the NFL to the bottom of the AFC in the New York Jets. Many are hyping this situation, but I don't feel the excitement. This feels like Thurman Thomas in Miami, Emmitt in Arizona, or Franco in Seattle.

Brett Favre is an all-time great but his best days are behind him. Seeing him in NY won't be anything special. He'll win a few games, make one or two highlights, but nothing special. He's just another guy who doesn't know when it's over.