Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jarvis Moss is the Broncos Secret Weapon

Hold your laughter, please.

I know that you are probably thinking that I've lost my mind or am smoking that good "Snoop Dog" but I assure you I'm perfectly sober as I type this. After losing Elvis Dumervil and his 17 sacks for most of the year due to a torn pectoral muscle, it is time for the Broncos' 2007 first round selection to earn his keep.

Elvis Dumervil, a former 4th round pick turned himself into the league's premier 3-4 pass rushing linebacker in less than one season. This summer Elvis was able to cash in on that talent to the tune of a $61.5 million dollar deal. To lose him before ever playing a down this year is going to cripple the Broncos to a certain degree without a doubt.

But fear not Broncos fans.

There is a secret weapon on the roster. And his name is Jarvis Moss.

Ok, I don't really believe that. Up to this point the Broncos have gotten nothing on their investment in the former Florida Gators star defensive end. In college Jarvis looked like he was the next Javon Kearse, coming off the edge blocking kicks and disrupting plays in the backfield. However as a Bronco none of those talents have seen the light of day.

We don't know why or what has been the problem with Jarvis thus far. Last year he contemplated retirement at the grizzled age of 25. The only play I remember him getting on the field for the Broncos he flew 5 feet off sides, tripped, and fell down behind the line of scrimmage. Things just haven't clicked for him to say the least.

Things could be looking up. All reports from training camp is that there is another guy running around in the #94 jersey this year. Jarvis Moss has reportedly worked on maintaining strength and bulk during this off season and was seven pounds heavier coming into camp. He is also reportedly playing with more awareness and comfort as he grows into the outside linebacker position.

This could be the break (pun intended) that Jarvis needs. If it is ever going to happen for him this year will be the year. With Dumervil out for the immediate future the Broncos finally need for their 2007 first round selection to play like one.

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