Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Keep Your Eye on Dwayne Harris

A player to keep your eye on is Dwayne Harris, ECU's WR/QB/Mr. Do It All. Remember two years ago I told everyone about Chris Johnson first. Dwayne Harris is no CJ, but he does have first round talent that will surely go under the radar because he plays in the C-USA. With the invention of the wildcat, this quarterback-turned-receiver has shown his many talents taking direct snaps at ECU and has scored on 4 runs this season already.

I'm going to say this now: Dwayne Harris will be a high second rounder at worst.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Scouting Report: Colt McCoy

colt mccoy Pictures, Images and Photos
Alright I'll throw my two cents in.

Full disclosure: I'm on the Sam Bradford bandwagon.

To me, Colt McCoy is not as much a system QB as he is a product of being in an offense that's been tailored fit to fit his best abilities (running, throwing shorter passes) and due to this he has produced monster stats. Let's not kid ourselves. Rushing wise he isn't Michael Vick, but his stats could lead you believe such is true (leading rusher on Texas over the last few seasons). He throws a tight spiral, has an adequate arm but not a strong NFL arm IMO. I think he could succeed with the right coach in the NFL, but any Quarterback that doesn't run a prostyle offense comes with that huge red flag. I don't think he could start right away in certain offenses, he'd get smacked too often and doesn't have the frame for that.

I know Bradford is comparable but in my opinion Bradford has a superior arm and is more accurate with it. He too doesn't do much under center, but I think with his arm and ability to read defenses he can succeed in the NFL right away like Mark Sanchez and Matt Ryan have. Bradford too is a thin guy but I believe he would have the smarts to throw the ball away, where Colt would attempt to run as he does in college, and we know the NFL is not a "spread them out and run" deal like college is for quarterbacks.

As of today, I wouldn't take Colt McCoy until the late 20's. Bradford top 10, Snead top 10, Tebow top 15 (reluctantly, I'm coming around on him maybe I'll go into detail in this post).

Sure, Bradford lost the national championship. Let's not forget he broke his hand in the previous game, weeks earlier... that's not an excuse but we will never know if it was all the way healed. And also as I've said before, there is like a freaking forcefield around Tim Tebow. That kid just can't lose football games.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Tim Tebow's NFL Chances

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Tebow will get a shot at QB, and he will get drafted higher than a lot of you think. Why I think?

1. He will get to play in the senior bowl. This is KEY. NFL coaches will get him for that week, and they will ask him to play a pro offense. If he performs well, he will snag a 1st rounder tender as a QB IMO.

2. He just wins. You cant explain it. He is surrounded by great talent, but it seems like time and time again, when the rest of his team decides to take a crap on the field he comes ready and is the REASON they win. You can't deny this.

3. And finally, the fans. Whatever team he goes to will have to play him at QB for the fans, period. Tim Tebow backup TE/FB won't sell tickets. Tim Tebow QB of the future sells out season tickets. Hence this is why I am predicting he will be a Dallas Cowboy if the Jags don't end up selecting before them.

Let me end this by saying...Im no Tebow fan, by far. He is such an ugly style of QB but you cannot deny these facts. If he does well enough with the NFL coaches, some team desperate to sell tickets (I.E. Jacksonville in danger of losing the team, or Dallas with a billion seats AND standing room to sell) will justify taking him.

Jimmy Clausen, Jake Locker pt. 2

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Let's talk about these QBs. Jake Locker (who I blogged about http://nfl-draft-notebook.blogspot.c...vs-locker.html) has all the tools but I don't see him becoming a "game changing" player. He is a shaky passer to me. I'd love to see him in a Senior Bowl setting but we won't be able to see that if he comes out now.

Clausen has improved leaps and bounds this year. But is it him or Tate/Rudolph? Both of those players are mid-low first rounders and they are the 1 and 2 options in that offense.. so you never know. We found out that Brady wasn't that great, Clausen might be #2.. or he could break the mold. He has terrible footwork, but makes all the throws. If I had to bet, Id say this time next year he will be starting games for Seattle or St. Louis.

Bradford is my favorite out the bunch. But he's VERY injury prone.

Colt McCoy will be a Carolina Panther, and a late second rounder.

Tim Tebow is going in the first to Jacksonville, and will play wildcat until Garrard gets injured.

That's just the way I see it.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Braylon Edwards Traded for Chansey Stuckey

Braylon Edwards Pictures, Images and Photos

See Braylon. This is what happens when you decided to get agressive with your career (I kid, I kid). But who would have thought that he would get rewarded for going upside Lebron James' friend's head. Braylon should have been going Kimbo Slice on haters last season.

Knock a civilian out and get traded from the bottom of the NFL to the top of the AFC East. Good stuff. I just hope you catch on in NY. (I kid, I kid)

Head to head: Clausen vs. Locker

I haven't blogged in a while, but I am back. I have a few thoughts after the Washington Notre Dame game last weekend. Clausen and Locker are being regarded as the top 2 QBs right now by most draftninks. My thoughts:

Jimmy Clausen Pictures, Images and Photos
Jimmy Clausen is going to be the first Quarterback taken, and possibly the first player taken in the 2010 NFL draft. He has the tools, pedigree, and now the film to prove it. He can make the NFL throws to the corners and has great intangibles. He is a gritty winner and isn't afraid to show fire when his team needs it.

NFL Comparison: Phillip Rivers

Jake Locker Pictures, Images and Photos
Jake Locker is a funny one. A lot of people call this guy the person that will change Quarterbacking forever because he runs a 4.5 and can throw it on a rope. Mike Vick could too, and we saw the limitations of it. I personally feel Locker is a huge project right now. He had a chance to win the Notre Dame game and just a few passes were off the mark at the worst times. Whatever team he goes to has to give him at least a year to sit and watch. Yes, a real year. Not this fake 6 game business before they give up and throw the kid to the Lions.

NFL Comparison: Daunte Culpepper Circa 2000-2004