Tuesday, March 27, 2007

March 27th Mock!

1. Oakland- Calvin Johnson WR GT
Do you really think it matters who the QB is in Oakland? Without a offensive line, they will suffer. I expect Moss to be a Packer on Draft day, and even if the Rodgers trade does not happen David Carr is now an option over Jamarcus Russell.

2. Detroit- Jamarcus Russell QB LSU
I am not believing for one second that they will take an offensive tackle at #2.

3. Cleveland- Brady Quinn QB ND
Cleveland has their RB, and they have problems at QB. I can see Quinn being the pick here.

4. Tampa- Amboi Okoye DT Louisville
They like Okoye more than Branch and their guy CJ is off the board.

5. Arizona- Joe Thomas OT Wisconsin
They cut virtually their entire OL. Time to rebuild.

6. Washington- Gaines Adams DE Clemson
Gaines is a big DE that can play inside or outside.

7. Minnesota- Jamaal Anderson DE Arkansas
This team needs an answer at DE. Erasmus James was a huge disappointment last year.

8. Atlanta- Laron Landry FS LSU
They traded infront of Houston to assure them this selection. AP is on the board, however they have Noorwood and Dunn on deck. Safety has always been this teams weakness and they will cement it with Laron Landry.

9. Houston- Adrian Peterson RB Oklahoma
They trade with Atlanta then cut Domanick Wiliams the next day. Conscidence? I think not.

10. Miami- Alan Branch DT Michigan
Nick Saban is a liar. Just wanted to say that, solid pick here.

11. San Francisco- Adam Carriker DE Nebraska
They shell out a billion dollars to Nate Clemets to sure up the corner spot. Now they give Manny Lawson and co. a new running buddy in Carriker.

12. Buffalo- Marshawn Lynch RB Cal
They traded Willis and haven't made an effort to replace him yet. Their guy Lynch could be gone on draft day if they keep tipping their hand like this.

13. St. Louis- Reggie Nelson SS Florida
Adam Archuleta he is exactly who we thought he was.

14. Carolina- Patrick Willis Mississippi
How long will we rely on Captain Morgan? Thought so.

15. Pittsburgh- Jarvis Moss DE Florida
The Steelers are rumored to be switching their D next year. Either way, they need a tweener like Jarvis.

16. Green Bay- Greg Olsen TE The U
With Ahman gone, Brett back and a great young WR in Jennings this team can afford to take a TE here.

17. Jacksonville-Leon Hall CB
They are still searching for a #1 WR but corner is a glaring need.

18. Cincinatti- Darrelle Revis CB Pittsburgh
Their corners are old. And Darrelle wont get arrested anytime soon.

19. Tennessee- Robert Meachem WR Tennessee
Titans fans rejoice. They take the local who is 3 inches taller than Teddy Ginn.

20. New York Giants- Levi Brown OT Penn State
Could be a top 10 selection on draft day.

21. Denver- Michael Griffin FS Texas
Denver has the league's worst special teams unit and Griffin is a ST nightmare. Griffin also becomes their best cover S immediately.

22. Dallas- Brandon Merriweather S The U
Merriweather stomps the competition and sneaks in round one.

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23. Kansas City- Dwayne Jarrett WR USC
Jarrett has speed issues like Charles Rodgers and Mike Williams but he will succeed in Kansas City's offense with LJ anchoring it.

24. New England- Paul Posluszny LB Penn State
Time for the dy-nasty to reload.

25. New York Jets- Aaron Ross CB Texas
New York hopes they get this year's sleeper rookie CB.

26. Philadelphia- Jon Beason LB The U
But they just got TKO!!!!! I know, I know. They still need to replace Trotter as he is getting up there in age.

27. New Orleans- Chris Houston CB Arkansas
They need to sure up the D to offset that high powered O.

28. New England- Eric Weddle SS Utah
A SS/CB tweener that can play either position. The dy-nasty always is thin at either position so Weedle is a huge help.

29. Baltimore- Lawrence Timmons LB Florida State
Helps the D as they make a serious run this year.

30. San Diego- Dwayne Bowe WR LSU
Bowe gets to don the ugliest uni's in league history. Sorry D.

31. Chicago- Sidney Rice WR South Carolina
If Chicago stays down here I expect them to go with a WR to help Rex, or a safety or linebacker.
Im tempted to give them Buster Davis but ah... Rice it is.

32. Indianapolis- Buster Davis LB FSU
Cato June's replacement.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Al Wilson a Giant?

The Denver Broncos and New York Giants are working on a trade that will send MLB Al Wilson to the Giants, reports NFL.com


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Schaub a Texan

The Houston Texans and Atlanta Falcons have completed a trade that will send the former backup to Michael Vick to the Texans in exchange for a flip flop in first round picks and a second round selection.

Are the Houston Texans giving up on David Carr?

Rumor is that the Raiders are a huge player in this trade. How? Get this... at #8 the Falcons can pray and hope that Adrian Peterson falls to them but rumor has it that they are looking at acquiring David Carr from the Texans, most likely for a 5th round selection, then trading their #1 selection to the Falcons who are willing to trade the farm for NFL Draft Notebook coverboy, Calvin Johnson. If things shake out like this, the Raiders could leave the draft easily with a QB and pickup a valuable player (Carriker/Landry/Okoye) at #8.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

JB's Mock Draft

1. Oakland Raiders- JaMarcus Russell, LSU, QB

It looks as if Randy Moss or Jerry Porter will stay in Oakland. Someone has to get them the ball. Russell has done a great job of shaking off doubts of having poor work habits and putting in one of the best QB Pro Days in years. He’ll enter the NFL as the strongest arm from the get-go.

2. Detroit Lions- Calvin Johnson, GaTech, WR

A what? A what?! Another wide receiver in the first round?!?! Yes! The difference this time is that Calvin Johnson is the clear-cut best talent of this draft. Furrey will excel as a #3. Johnson and Roy Williams will have opposing defensive coordinators scared.

3. Cleveland Browns- Adrian Peterson, OU, RB

Sure… they signed Jamal Lewis, but only for one year. Lewis is a workhorse, but his production has lacked. With his difficulty to be in a single-back set, Peterson is the perfect RB to pair with Lewis. Basically, don’t be fooled by the signing of Lewis… it’s a smokescreen.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Gaines Adams, CLEM, DE

The Bucs defense is aging and it’s too high to address any other defensive position. They grab the draft’s best D-lineman, with the most upside. With the addition of Kevin Carter, he’ll be able to focus on contributing on passing downs, until he bulks up and becomes an every-down player.

5. Arizona Cardinals- Joe Thomas, WIS, OT

Definitely the best offensive lineman in the draft. Joe Thomas is amongst the elite tackle prospects in the past few years and will make Matt Leinart happy.

6. Washington Redskins- Adam Carriker, NEB, DE/DT

I look for the Skins to trade down here, but predicting with whom and for what is far too difficult. One thing is clear… they need to stop the run AND put pressure on the QB. Carriker provides that by being technically sound, strong and athletic. He can step in from day one (or day 3 or 4… Greg Williams is notorious for not starting rookies) and contribute.

7. Minnesota Vikings- Brady Quinn, ND, QB

Tavaris Jackson surprised many, but an elite franchise QB? Eh… The Vikings feel more comfortable with Quinn, whom is well prepared for the NFL. Now the problem is finding him reliable receivers…

8. Houston Texans- Laron Landry, LSU, FS

They’ve been building their defense for the past few years. Mario Williams, Demeco Ryans and Dunta Robinson are all solid at their position, but they need an elite leader and they get that in the form of Laron Landry, who just may be the best overall defensive prospect this year.

9. Miami Dolphins- Amobi Okoye, LOU, DT

The nineteen year old phenomenon falls to the Dolphins and they’re ecstatic. Kevin Carter may be missed, but not for long. Okoye can play any position on the D-Line and is a nice fit for a 3-4 DE.

10. Atlanta Falcons- Jamaal Anderson, ARK, DE

Patrick Kerney left for Seattle. He’s aging and coming off an injured season, so the Falcons grab Jamaal Anderson. He and a healthy John Abraham will bring terror off the edges. Tackles beware.

11. San Francisco 49’ERs- Alan Branch, MICH, DT

In order to switch to the 3-4, they need a big wide body to eat up space in the middle. Perhaps, Branch being too big and wide is the reason he falls out of the top ten, but if he can contain his weight, he’ll be a top 5 NT in the league in a few short years.

12. Buffalo Bills- Leon Hall, MICH, CB

They lose the 80 Million Dollar man, Nate Clements to the overpaying 49’ER’s, and replace him with a similar, hard-hitting, sure-tackling, ball-hawking cornerback, Leon Hall. Hall, Donte Whitner, Ko Simpson, and a returning Ashton Youbouty will form a very young, very talented secondary.

13. St. Louis Rams- Ted Ginn Jr., OSU, WR/CB

They’d love to address DE, here, but really… who’s worthy at this point? They lose Kevin Curtis and Bruce and Holt are not getting younger. Drew Bennett adds youth and the skills you look for in a possession receiver, but they still lack a true burner and playmaker. Holt is still an elite WR, but it’s time to bring more electricity back into this offense. Ginn provides exactly that and he’s capable of being a dangerous kick returner. He’s been quoted as being interested in contributing as a CB at the next level.

14. Carolina Panthers- Patrick Willis, OLE MISS, ILB

They can’t go into next season with a revamped secondary, top d-lines and still relying on Dan Morgan to be healthy a full season to sure up their LB core. Patrick Willis is head-above-heels when it comes to MLB talent, so they select the best one. Look for last year’s 3rd rounder, James Anderson to compete for a starting job at WLB, along with SLB Thomas Davis and the Panthers may be ready for a strong playoff push.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers- Levi Brown, PSU, OT

Once thought to be a top ten pick, the Steelers strike it rich with the big fellow, due to the overwhelming defensive talent this year. Protecting Big Ben is key to the Steelers success. It starts here.

16. Green Bay Packers- Marshawn Lynch, CAL, RB

Will they get Randy Moss? Yes? No? Maybe so? Either way… they have to think about replacing Ahman Green and “Money” Lynch just may be an upgrade at this point in their careers.

17. Jacksonville Jaguars- Reggie Nelson, FLA, SS

Deon Grant left in free agency so they quickly replace him with the young, hard-hitting, ball-honing, Florida native, Reggie Nelson. His upside is unlimited. His potential is amazing, and I expect him to fulfill it, unlike some of their past draft picks…

18. Cincinnati Bengals- Darrelle Revis, PITT, CB

No more knuckleheads!!! They get an impeccable talent at CB, minus any baggage. Look for Revis to be to the Bengals what Dunta Robinson has been for the Texans… a scrappy, brave-hearted CB who aggressively defends ANY opponent. Revis may contribute on special teams as a returner, as well.

19. Tennessee Titans- Dwayne Bowe, LSU, WR

Poor Jeff Fisher. During his entire tenure, he’s been looking for a go-to receiver. With the loss of Drew Bennett, they’ll really need to find someone to help Vince Young show that he’s elite. Dwayne Bowe’s stock has been on the rise. He’s tall, tough, strong and fast. He’ll surely dominate in the red zone.

20. New York Giants- Chris Houston, ARK, CB

He’s steadily rising up draft boards with his blazing speed and impressive measurables. The Giants have a weak secondary and they hope Houston will improve it.

21. Denver Broncos- Brandon Meriweather, MIA(Fla), S

They could use a consistent pass rusher but the depth at DE is deep in this draft and a pass rusher can always be found later, so the Broncos solidify their secondary as the best with this selection. Meriweather is an impeccable talent. He can play just about any position in the defensive secondary, including cornerback, which he proved at the Senior Bowl. With the tutelage of Lynch and Bailey, he’ll easily be a future Pro Bowler.

22. Dallas Cowboys- Justin Blalock, TEX, G

Surely, they added Leonard Davis, but they still need to get better at G. Blalock’s explosiveness and quick feet will help the run game immensely. Julius Jones is not bad… the O-Line just needs some youth, so they get it.

23. Kansas City Chiefs- Dwayne Jarrett, USC, WR

Eddie Kennison is their only mentionable name at WR, and he’s 34. They could reach for an offensive tackle, or even defensive tackle, at this point, but they can’t ignore receiver for long. It’s not often that you get a player of Jarrett’s caliber to fall this far. They can’t pass on him.

24. New England Patriots- Jarvis Moss, FLA, DE/LB

He’s talented and versatile. While they added Adalius Thomas in the offseason, they only add more speed, tenacity and talent to their defense with this pick. Taking a chance on potential vs. production is a luxury the Pats always seem to have.

25. New York Jets- Aaron Ross, TEX, CB

Aside from Kerry Rhodes and Justin Miller, their defensive secondary is nothing to be crazy about. They take a very mature player, who may not have much more upside, but is already prepared to contribute immediately. Look for them to get a space-eating NT to free up Jonathan Vilma, later on.

26. Philadelphia Eagles- Lawrence Timmons, FSU, LB

The Eagles need more talent on both sides of the ball and at this point, Timmons may be the best pure talent, albeit raw. Dhani Jones made no impact last season. Trotter is not getting any younger, and Omar Gaither (5th rounder, 2006) filled in nicely. Timmons is a wise choice to upgrade at either outside linebacker position.

27. New Orleans Saints- Daymeion Hughes, CAL, CB

This is their biggest glaring need, aside from a talented LB, but they take a ball-hawk. This pick could very well be Marcus McCauley, but Hughes will create more turnovers and proved that his speed is not a big liability, during his Pro Day.

28. New England Patriots- Michael Griffin, TEX, S

They need to look for someone to groom as Rodney Harrison’s replacement and Griffin is the perfect choice. Griffin has extremely long coverage range, but tends to make a lot of mistakes. He’ll correct that with a year of special teams and studying behind one of the best safeties of the past ten years.

29. Baltimore Ravens- Arron Sears, TENN, OL

They landed a steal in McGahee, and now they need more youth on that O-line because McGahee is a cut-back runner. Running lanes must come often and quickly for the McGahee-Ravens marriage to work.

30. San Diego Chargers- Robert Meachem, TENN, WR

At this point, he’s a steal. They need to replace Keenan McCardell and Vincent Jackson needs to step up, even more, this season. It may take him a year or two to completely take over, but I see a lot of Anquan Boldin in Robert Meachem. Everyone is looking for the Chargers to have a relapse, since Norv Turner will be the head coach, and Marty is out… so why not develop a player with this potential at a glaring position of need?

31. Chicago Bears- Ben Grubbs, AUB, OG

Chicago needs some help protecting their franchise QB, and Grubbs is an athletic, strong and athletic big man that should do wonders for their running game.

32. Indianapolis Colts- DeMarcus ‘Tank’ Tyler

The Super Bowl champs add to their run defense with this wide-body. Tyler shares the same privilege as former teammates, Mario Williams, and Manny Lawson, becoming a first round pick. He shall help the Colts run defense, which was horrid during the regular season.

Friday, March 16, 2007

3/16 Mock Draft

Is Chris Houston Shooting Up The Boards?

  1. Oakland- Calvin Johnson WR GT
  2. Detroit- Joe Thomas OT Wisconsin
  3. Cleveland- JaMarcus Russell QB LSU
  4. Tampa- Alan Branch DT Michigan
  5. Arizona- Gaines Adams DE Clemson
  6. Washington- Amboi Okoye DT Louisville
  7. Minnesota- Brady Quinn QB Notre Dame
  8. Houston- Adrian Peterson RB Oklahoma
  9. Miami- Chris Houston CB Arkansas
  10. Atlanta- Jamaal Anderson DE Arkansas
  11. San Francisco- Adam Carriker DE Nebraska
  12. Buffalo- Marshawn Lynch RB Cal
  13. St. Louis- Reggie Nelson SS Florida
  14. Carolina- Patrick Willis Mississippi
  15. Pittsburgh- Jarvis Moss DE Florida
  16. Green Bay- Ted Ginn WR OSU
  17. Jacksonville- Robert Mechem WR Tennessee
  18. Cincinatti- Leon Hall CB Michigan
  19. Tennessee- Darrelle Revis CB Pittsburgh
  20. New York Giants- Levi Brown OT Penn State
  21. Denver- Michael Griffin FS Texas
  22. Dallas- Aaron Ross CB Texas
  23. Kansas City- Dwayne Jarrett WR USC
  24. New England- Paul Posluszny LB Penn State
  25. New York Jets- Marcus McCauley CB Fresno
  26. Philadelphia- Sidney Rice WR South Carolina
  27. New Orleans- Daymeion Hughes CB Cal
  28. New England- Eric Weddle SS Utah
  29. Baltimore- Lawrence Timmons LB Florida State
  30. San Diego- Brandon Merriweather SS Miami
  31. Chicago- Greg Olsen TE Miami
  32. Inianapolis- Quinn Pitcock DT OSU
A few notes:
-Chris Houston is looking like he has a higher upside than Leon Hall right now. I believe that will get him picked before him. Leon Hall is a guy that does everything right and nothing spectacular, and that harms him because scouts favorite word is potential.

-Atlanta has said goodbye to Pat Kerney, so saying hello to the next Jamaal Anderson in A-town isn't a stretch.

-Eric Weddle. I know, this is a stretch but he is the type of guy that can play everywhere and has the natural leadership that you know New England loves. I consider this the only reach pick in this mock.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Michael Griffin Highlights

And A Wallpaper For you

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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Brady Quinn has a Great Workout

Quarterback Brady Quinn has made waves with his private workout at Notre Dame. He made every throw and wowed scouts. Quinn solidified himself as the top quarterback in my book, however Jamarcus Russell's pure size will likely get him drafted before Quinn.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Fastest 40 Times


Adrian Peterson, Oklahoma – 4.35/4.40
Chris Henry, Arizona – 4.35/4.41
Antonio Pittman, Ohio State – 4.44/4.41
Lorenzo Booker, Florida State – 4.45/4.55
Marshawn Lynch, California – 4.50/4.46
DeShawn Wynn, Florida – 4.47/4.45
Kenny Irons, Auburn – 4.47/4.48
Brian Leonard, Rutgers – 4.48/4.50
Ramonce Taylor, Texas/Texas College – 4.50/4.48
Alonzo Coleman, Hampton – 4.52
Darius Walker, Notre Dame – 4.52/4.55
Kolby Smith, Louisville – 4.56/4.54
Bernard Jackson, Nebraska – 4.55/4.57
Ahmad Bradshaw, Marshall – 4.60/4.66
Eldra Buckley, Tennessee-Chattanooga – 4.61/4.70
Dwayne Wright, Fresno State – 4.62/4.68
Tyrone Moss, Miami (Fla.) – 4.78/4.68
Jason Snelling, Virginia – 4.70/4.74
Nate Ilaoa, Hawaii – 4.75/4.82
Gary Russell, Minnesota – 4.78/4.75
Le’Ron McClain, Alabama – 4.82/4.88


Greg Olsen, Miami (Fla.) – 4.45/4.49
Michael Allan, Whitworth (Wash.) – 4.65/4.71
Gijon Robinson, Missouri Western – 4.71/4.75
Ben Patrick, Delaware/Duke – 4.74
Derek Schouman, Boise State – 4.74
Kevin Boss, Western Oregon – 4.74/4.78
Scott Chandler, Iowa – 4.75/4.78
Dante Rosario, Oregon – 4.76


Brian Robison, Texas – 4.66/4.62
Gaines Adams, Clemson – 4.64/4.68
Jacob Ford, Central Arkansas – 4.65
Antwan Applewhite, San Diego State – 4.68/4.70
Jarvis Moss, Florida – 4.68/4.72
Anthony Spencer, Purdue – 4.72/4.68
Tim Crowder, Texas – 4.77/4.68
Baraka Atkins, Miami (Fla.) – 4.71/4.69
C.J. Ah You, Oklahoma – 4.70/4.72
Dan Bazuin, Central Michigan – 4.75
Victor Degrate, Oklahoma State – 4.75
Justin Hickman, UCLA – 4.75
Charles Johnson, Georgia – 4.78/4.82
Quentin Moses, Georgia – 4.84/4.78
Turk McBride, Tennessee – 4.81
Victor Abiamiri, Notre Dame – 4.82/4.85
Adam Carriker, Nebraska – 4.82/4.89
Abraham Wright, Colorado – 4.85/4.89
Jay Moore, Nebraska – 4.87/4.92
Xzavie Jackson, Missouri – 4.89/4.97
Amobi Okoye, Louisville – 4.92
Quinn Pitcock, Ohio State – 4.92/4.88
Alan Branch, Michigan – 5.02/5.10
David Patterson, Ohio State – 5.02/5.12
Antonio Johnson, Mississippi State – 5.08/5.20
Justin Harrell, Tennessee – 5.09/5.03
Brandon Mebane, California – 5.10/5.12
Tank Tyler, North Carolina State – 5.28
LaMarr Woodley, Michigan – Will run at pro day


Tim Shaw, Penn State – 4.48/4.41
Quincy Black, New Mexico – 4.42/4.48
Antwan Barnes, FIU – 4.48/4.45
Patrick Willis, Ole Miss – 4.48/4.51
Justin Durant, Hampton – 4.48/4.55
Chad Nkang, Elon – 4.51/4.55
David Harris, Michigan – 4.53/4.52
Lawrence Timmons, Florida State – 4.52/4.59
Juwan Simpson, Alabama – 4.53/4.58
Zac DeOssie, Brown – 4.56/4.59
Sam Olajubutu, Arkansas – 4.61/4.65
Buster Davis, Florida State – 4.62/4.67
Jon Beason, Miami (Fla.) – 4.63/4.65
*Paul Posluszny, Penn State – 4.65/4.63
Stewart Bradley, Nebraska – 4.63/4.70
Brandon Siler, Florida – 4.64/4.61
Michael Okwo, Stanford – 4.64/4.72
Dallas Sartz, USC – 4.66/4.68
Rufus Alexander, Oklahoma – 4.70
Quinton Culberson, Mississippi State – 4.72/4.77
KaMichael Hall, Georgia Tech – 4.74/4.77
Kelvin Smith, Syracuse – 4.78/4.81
Brandon Phillips, Oregon – 4.79/4.82
Earl Everett, Florida – 4.81
Prescott Burgess, Michigan – 4.85/4.82
Jonathan Abbate, Wake Forest – 4.88
*Ran between 4.61/4.68 on his first run with his linebacker group at the combine.


Chris Houston, CB, Arkansas – 4.32/4.35
Marcus McCauley, CB, Fresno State – 4.38/4.33
Eric Wright, CB, UNLV – 4.38/4.33
LaRon Landry, S, LSU – 4.39/4.35
Josh Wilson, CB, Maryland – 4.35/4.40
Jonathan Wade, CB, Tennessee – 4.37/4.41
Kenny Scott, CB, Georgia Tech – 4.41/4.39
Leon Hall, CB, Michigan – 4.39/4.44
Travarous Bain, CB, Hampton – 4.41/4.43
Bo Smith, CB, Weber State/Kentucky – 4.41/4.45
Michael Griffin, S, Texas – 4.46/4.42
Tarell Brown, CB, Texas – 4.44/4.47
Anthony Arline, CB, Baylor – 4.44/4.48
Sabby Piscitelli, S, Oregon State – 4.44/4.49
Aaron Ross, CB, Texas – 4.49/4.45
John Wendling, DB, Wyoming – 4.47/4.49
Brandon Meriweather, S, Miami (Fla.) – 4.50/4.48
Aaron Rouse, S, Virginia Tech – 4.49/4.50
Eric Weddle, DB, Utah – 4.49/4.50
David Irons, CB, Auburn – 4.49/4.51
Fred Bennett, CB, South Carolina 4.49/4.53
Chinedum Ndukwe, S, Notre Dame – 4.51/4.50
Marvin White, S, TCU – 4.50/4.52
Reggie Nelson, DB, Florida – 4.53/4.50
C.J. Gaddis, DB, Clemson – 4.55/4.50
Brandon Sharp, DB, Louisville – 4.52
Tanard Jackson, DB, Syracuse – 4.52/4.55
Michael Coe, CB, Alabama State – 4.52/4.56
Josh Gattis, S, Wake Forest – 4.52/4.56
C.J. Wilson, CB, Baylor – 4.57/4.53
Gerald Alexander, DB, Boise State – 4.54/4.55
Duane Coleman, CB, Clemson – 4.55/4.57
Daren Stone, S, Maine – 4.57/4.55
Trumaine McBride, CB, Mississippi – 4.55/4.60
Brandon McDonald, DB, Memphis – 4.57/4.60
Craig Dahl, S, North Dakota State – 4.58/4.60
Ryan Smith, CB, Florida/Utah – 4.61/4.58
Michael Johnson, S, Arizona – 4.59/4.60
Kevin Payne, S, Louisiana-Monroe – 4.61/4.59
Reggie Lewis, CB, Florida – 4.59/4.62
Marcus Paschal, S, Iowa – 4.59/4.68
Eric Frampton, S, Washington State – 4.62/4.67
Dashon Goldson, DB, Washington – 4.65/4.63
Daymeion Hughes, DB, California – 4.65/4.70
Tyron Brackenridge, DB, Washington State – 4.66/4.72
Leonard Peters, S, Hawaii – 4.67/4.70
Chaz Williams, CB, Louisiana-Monroe – 4.67/4.74
J.D. Nelson, S, Oregon – 4.78/4.82
Zach Catanese, S/LB, Arizona State – Will run at pro day
Jesse Daniels, S, LSU – Will run at pro day
A.J. Davis, CB, North Carolina State – Will run at pro day
Corey Graham, CB, New Hampshire – Will run at pro day
Brandon Harrison, S, Stanford – Will run at pro day
DeAndre Jackson, CB, Iowa State – Will run at pro day
Darrelle Revis, CB, Pittsburgh – Will run at pro day