Monday, March 31, 2008

Jonathan Stewart a second round back? Dont count on it.

I recently saw a feature on ESPN in which they were predicting the NFL Draft on a team-by-team basis. Now normally I have respect for Mel Kiper and his draft rankings (predicting Jon Beason as a top prospect last year among other "gems") but what Mel had to say about Jonathan Stewart was appalling. He claimed that the Texans would not draft Stewart, but that is a moot point because he added that Stewart was not a first round choice!

I don't see how Stewart's surgery drops him out of round one. Especially since he posted a tremendous combine with a 4.48 40 yard dash while needing surgery! So he will be out for 3 months, who cares. Stewart is still the second best back in this draft.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kevin Smith Visits Teams

Find more videos like this on I'm Kevin Smith

Kevin just posted a new video on ImKevinSmith in which he talks about his experience visiting teams. He apparently is working out with Frank Gore and Fred Taylor right now as well. I wonder who those teams Baltimore are?

Friday, March 28, 2008

Who's the man at defensive tackle?

With Glenn Dorsey finally working out, I feel that we can now get a better grasp on who falls where as far as the defensive tackles go in this draft.

In my first round I have:
  1. Glenn Dorsey
  2. Sedrick Ellis
  3. Trevor Laws
  4. Dre Moore

With Glenn and Sedrick being can't miss top 10 picks and Laws and Moore in that 20-31 "let's grab him before the second" area. Moore hasn't been playing football that long and teams will see him as either glass half full or empty. Laws is a great character guy with a nonstop motor but undersized. I feel they both sneak in with Dorsey and Ellis in the first.

In my second round I place the following prospects

  1. Pat Simms
  2. Kentwan Balmer
  3. Red Bryant

Balmer is an interesting prospect who seems to be on a career upswing, but some teams may view him as an overachiever. Simms has all the tools but serious chemistry and character issues. Bryant has the size you look for and is most likely creeping towards the middle of round 2 right now, depending on how much a team likes Balmer or Simms.

Glenn Dorsey

Sedrick Ellis

Trevor Laws

Dre Moore

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Chop Shop's 1st Round Mock

My partners from the Chop Shop Youtube channel have released their NFL mock draft. I warn you, it is vastly different from many other mocks you may have read online.

Not advised for the weak of heart.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

49ers lose pick for tampering

For a bad team that needs all the help it can get this is bad news. The Niners will loose a fifth rounder for tampering with Lance Briggs (who swore the would never play with the Bears again then promptly resigned). Combine this with trading the 7th overall pick away to New England and loosing out on an impact player and the Niners are not looking good right now.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Brandon Ore has been kicked off Virgina Tech

Click here for the story per ESPN

#28 Brandon Ore

Comp draft, comp draft, comp draft!

Random Analysis

I'm going to throw out some random analysis on my behalf... which comes from watching mainly C USA games and ACC games... but I also watched every SEC game I could get which was a lot of Arkansas for some strange reason... anyways.. here is my analysis from how they play, not the combine.

I have come around on Matt Ryan. I do not think he is benefiting from a weak QB class at all. He took a team with lackluster talent and made them look real good every Saturday. He moves well in the pocket and finds the open man, doesnt force it.

Chris Johnson is my homer pick. Ive watched is maturity from a freshman surprise all the way to NFL Draft Prospect so I have to support him. Is an effortless runner, with elite speed, and has soft hands. Waits for his blockers instead of trying to outrun everyone which resulted in the most all purpose yards in the nation.

I absolutely love Mike Hart as a prospect. He doesn't fumble and is tough. Built small and compact and gets those tough yards. He benefited a lot from Long but no one will deny he was a quality back in college. May never be the man in the NFL but will be a great #2 man.

Darren McFadden is an elite runner who comes once every five drafts or so. Big and strong with a great stride and the speed to house it when he gets to the second level. Unreal stiff arm as well and breaks the arm tackles with ease. Put his team on his back against LSU and cemented himself as the first runner taken.

I think Limas Sweed is the next Plaxico. He has great speed for his size and has good leaping ability. A terror in the redzone with 20 career TDs and would have broke the school record if he didnt get hurt. Came to the combine healthy and I have him ranked as my #1 WR.

I saw a bunch of WVU and I will join the Schmitt fans. He is a bull in a china house. In other news, Slaton looks like kick returner at the next level. I dont think he is big enough nor quick enough to make guys miss.
Kenny Phillips is a first round talent. Sure he played not to get hurt, but he has the size, bulk, speed, and experience you look for in a future safety. A hard hitter and sure tackler. I dont believe any of the misinformation about him. I will admit he needs work against the deep ball.

Thats all I have for now.. Ill think of more guys I watched later.

Friday, March 21, 2008

UCF's Kevin Smith Prepares to Knockout the Competition

Here is a video of Kevin Smith training for the NFL Draft by boxing. Interesting to say the least. ESPN talked to him on First Take a few days ago as well. Maybe people are starting to come around on 24k.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Terelle Pryor Chooses OSU

High School Senior and top prospect in this years recruiting class (NFL draft class of 2010 at best) will attend Ohio State next year. If you've never seen this kid play check this out.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Scott Wright Agrees With Me Again

Maybe great minds do think alike.

In the latest NFL Draft Countdown mock, Wright now has Jeff Otah going #5 overall to the KC Chiefs. I had him going there in my March 10th mock if you may remember...

Mario Manningham- Falling?

Mario Manningham tremendously helped his draft stock at Michigan's pro day, running sub a 4.5 40 yard dash which is a huge improvement on the 4.6's he ran at the combine. In this video Todd McShay talks about where Manningham may fall. I still think that Manningham's numbers are too much to pass on and have him the #2 receiver behind Limas Sweed.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Al Davis is Spending Like it's Going Out of Style

I want to preface this post by stating clearly and soundly that am a Bronco fan.

But I love Al Davis.

In the era of free agency and cap casualties there is one man who makes it rain more than Pac Man Jones in a strip club, Raiders owner Al Davis.

In this NFL where we measure players by Madden speed ratings and fantasy football points Al Davis gets it right. Sign players by any means necessary. Don't worry about how they gel with your core unit or their injury history just get them on the dotted line.

By signing Javon Walker, Drew Carter, Gibril Wilson, Kwame Harris, William Joseph and allegedly trading for De'Angelo Hall Al Davis gets it. Sign as many players rated 80 and above on Madden to your team. Thats has to improve the win column. No need to worry about Javon or De'Angelo's bad attitudes or the fact that Javon and William Joseph combined to play in 3 games last year. The Raiders will one of the best teams on paper and thats all that counts until they have to lace them up in August.

I hope Raider fans are happy right now, because we saw this kind of spending last year with Daunte Culpepper among others and what did it bring the Raiders?

Oh yeah, another top 10 selection. More for the fans to get excited about. Raider fans this is your time of the year, enjoy it while it lasts!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

5 Reasons Why Miami Will Take Matt Ryan #1

5. Drew Bledsoe.
When faced with this same decision of whether or not to take a QB in the 1993 NFL Draft, Bill Parcells went with Drew Bledsoe #1 overall to the Patriots. Just 3 years later, Bledsoe took them to the Superbowl.

4. Bill Parcells
Everywhere Parcells went in the league guess who showed up? Good ol' Drew Bledsoe, his trusty #1 overall Quarterback. Drew was a guy that Bill drafted and trusted and Matt Ryan has those same intangible leadership qualities.

3. John Beck

The previous administration drafted Beck in the second round and the current administration owes him nothing. The pick is wasted, the decision was made. Ryan grades out much higher than Beck did and is a better prospect overall.

2. A 1-15 record in 2007
There is nowhere this team can go but up and it is the perfect low pressure situation to ease your Quarterback of the future in. Not to mention Jason Taylor wants to leave and Zach Thomas is gone. The fans need a new guy to rally around and Ryan is that guy.

1. The dollar dolla bills
Don't get me wrong. They don't want to pay #1 overall money to anyone and will scramble to give this pick to anyone but in the end its too costly to trade picks away and take the #1 player so Miami will be stuck. The money that the #1 player will get will be more than Mario William's $60 million dollar deal and a similar contract to Jamarcus Russell. Most likely you're looking at $30 million of that guaranteed as well. Why not invest the pick in a guy that will touch the ball every play and be the face of the franchise for the next 12 years? Sure Chris Long, Jake Long, and Vernon Gholston are all appealing but a pass rusher can be found later, and quality offensive tackles such as Sam Baker can be had in round two.

Thursday, March 13, 2008 Gets it Wrong.. Again!

First I want you to go to Rival and check out the latest mock real quick.

A few problems jump out at me....

  • Arizona selecting Kentwan Balmer at 16 with Jonathan Stewart still on the board.
  • Antoine Cason going 18 to Houston... again with Stewart still on the board.
  • Tampa Bay selecting Jonathan Stewart at 20. Stewart will miss 4-6 months with a turf toe and a quiet rumor from Tampa Bay is saying Cadillac might be done for good. I don't see them waiting (and spending money) on two first round backs who aren't ready for the season.
  • Calais Campbell 24 to Tennessee with Vince's buddy Limas Sweed still on the board.

Kevin Smith Youtube Drama

Some videos have surfaced on Youtube of UCF's Kevin Smith telling stories on Youtube:

In this video he talks about almost getting shot:

And in this one he talks about his combine experience:

Kevin Smith on the NFL Draft:

A Sleeper to Look For: Erik Ainge

erik ainge 2

One of my favorite sleeper picks in the 2008 NFL Draft is Quarterback Erik Ainge from Tennessee and I will tell you why.

He's a natural leader who can make all the throws you need to at the next level. As a freshman, the bright lights did not phase him and he broke Peyton Manning's freshman record for TD's thrown. Not only that, but he also had to fend off Brent Schaffer and Casey Clausen from taking snaps from him.

He has battled numerous injuries but very quietly put together a strong Senior season passing for 3522 yards, 31 touchdowns, and only 10 ints in the SEC. His mobility is a concern yet in 2007 he was only sacked 3 times...

At 6'5 and 225 lbs Erik Ainge has the prototypical frame for the NFL. It would behoove a team with a shaky Quarterback situation (San Francisco, Green Bay, Baltimore) to take this guy in the 3rd round.

Monday, March 10, 2008

March 10th Mock

Mocking it on up in the next to last month before Christmas Day.

1. Miami Dolphins- Matt Ryan QB BC
The #1 draft commandment is that if you don't have a franchise QB, you must take one. Parcells has shown he isn't afraid to do so when he took Drew Bledsoe. Matt Ryan is the best QB in this class and his untangibles are exactly what that franchise needs. Matty Ice #1 to the tuna.

2. St. Louis Rams- Jake Long OT Michigan
In desperate need of an offensive tackle, one of the best in college football falls in their laps. Orlando Pace is done and Long and Barron will man the lines for years to come.

3.* Atlanta Falcons- Glenn Dorsey DT LSU
Originally I had this pick as McFadden but with the signing of Michael Turner no more of Home Depot's money will go in that position. Rod Coleman was cut during the season last year and things haven't been the same since.

4.** Oakland Raiders- Sedrick Ellis DT USC
Warren Sapp is gone. But Al Davis is also known to pull picks out of left field so never rule out McFadden.

5.** Kansas City Chiefs- Jeff Otah OT Pittsburgh
Willie Sheilds has to be replaced and Otah is in the same mauler mold as him.

6. New York Jets- Chris Long DE/OLB UVA
Sadly the fans will still complain because this year they want Gholston.

7. New England Patriots (from San Francisco 49ers)- Vernon Gholston OLB OSU
They need to get younger at LB badly and as far as I know Rosevelt Colvin is still on the free matket. The evil genius gets to add the physical freak Gholston to his LB Corps.

8. Baltimore Ravens- Ryan Clady OT Boise State
Jonathan Ogden is old and his heart isn't even in it anymore. Clady is a talented quick footed lineman.

9. Cincinnati Bengals- Keith Rivers LB USC
There could be an incredible reach for Balmer here and I wouldn't even be surprised. Granted, they need a defensive difference maker in the worst way and Rivers doesn't have a police record like the runner from Arkansas they will look at here.

10. New Orleans Saints- Leodis McKlevin CB Troy
The #1 rated CB on the board gets to replace Jason David. Don't rule out Rogers-Cromartie here either as they are 1 and 1a as far as corners go.

11. Buffalo Bills- Limas Sweed WR Texas
A good combine showing gets Sweed back up the board. As I said in my breakdown of him, 20 tds is something you cannot pass on. He is the next Plaxico Burress.

12. Denver Broncos- Darren McFadden RB Arkansas
McFadden's slide stops when the mastermind snatches him up like the last Nintendo Wii at Toys R Us. He has a few character concerns but Denver is sure that he is an upgrade over Henry and go BPA after seeing their guy Clady come off the board so early.

13. Carolina Panthers- Kenny Phillips S The U
Safety M. Manuel is now a Bronco and this pick becomes more and more evident.

14. Chicago Bears- Malcom Kelly WR Oklahoma
Moose and Bernard 'BIG MONEY' Berrian are now wearing different jerseys, therefore this pick is much needed.

15. Detroit Lions- Chris Williams OT
Foster proved to be a waste of space in Denver and Detroit.

16. Arizona Cardinals- Jonathan Stewart RB Oregon
Edge... lost his... Edge.

17. Minnesota Vikings- Derrick Harvey DE Fla
One of their DE's sucks, the other has cancer (get well soon). Time for a upgrade!

18. Houston Texans- Rashard Mendenhall RB Illinois
Ron Dayne nor Darius Walker is the answer for Kubiak in Houston. Mendenhall hopes to be that man.

19. Philadelphia Eagles- Mario Manningham WR Michigan
I know his combine wasn't the greatest but his game film shows much better. I believe if he does not go here, he will be having a locker next to Terrell Owens next year.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Mike Jenkins CB USF
Kelly left in FA and there will be more QBs for Gruden to draft later on.

21. Washington Redskins- Philip Merling DE Clemson
The need at DE is huge and Merling is a huge DE. Match made in heaven.

22. Dallas Cowboys (from Cleveland Browns)- Desean Jackson WR Cal
TO and Glenn are getting older and Jackson is in the same mold as Glenn and Crayton. He also bolsters the return game.

23. Pittsburgh Steelers- Brandon Alberts OG UVA
Faneca is a Jet so there is a need at guard.

24. Tennessee Titans- Early Doucet WR LSU
Vince needs weapons!

25. Seattle Seahawks- Felix Jones RB Arkansas
Won't be around in round 2 so they have to enact a reach. Don't rule out Chris Johnson sneaking in the first round here.

26. Jacksonville Jaguars- Calais Campbell DE Miami
After trading Stroud they will look to add more quality youth to the d-line.

27. San Diego Chargers- Reggie Smith SS
Can play corner or safety just like Weddle but his services are needed to take over for McCree who is now in Denver.

28. Dallas Cowboys- Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie CB Tennessee St.
Coming from a small school may hurt him, but he won't fall out of round one. His first round spot was cemented in the Senior Bowl game and I doubt he lasts until Dallas' first pick so they are extremely lucky to add him in this scenario.

29. San Francisco 49ers (from Indianapolis Colts)- James Hardy WR Indiana
They can't afford more first round money at QB so expect Alex Smith's competition in the form of a Erik Ainge or Jon David Booty in round 3. Trading their original first hurt them but they can still add a WR at this spot.

30. Green Bay Packers- Aqib Talib CB Kansas
Woodson is not getting any younger. Neither is Al Harris.

31. New England Patriots - Forfeited as penalty for cheating

32. New York Giants- Dan Connor LB PSU
Kawika Mitchell got snatched up in free agency so a replacement is in order. The Mathias Kwinauka experiment isn't going as planned either, so they take the best LB available in Connor.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Limas Sweed Breakdown

Is Limas Sweed the #1 receiver in the draft? I'm certainly leaning towards ranking him that way and many other draftniks have thrown their hat in proclaiming Sweed the best.

His Resume

Sweed started 39 straight games at Texas before injuring his right wrist early last year. He has amassed 20 Td's (second in Texas history) and 1,915 yards on 124 catches as a collegiate performer.

The Lowdown

At 6'4 and about 215 pounds, Sweed is the biggest of the big 3 wide receivers in the draft. He's a little bigger than Malcolm Kelly and a giant compared to De'Sean Jackson. Sweed lacks elite speed but has more than enough speed with a 4.52 40 yard dash time. Sweed has also proven himself to have quite the knack for the endzone with 20 touchdowns.


I predict Sweed to be close to Roy Williams and Plaxico Burress in terms of skill and production as a pro. It may take him close to 5 years before he becomes an elite like Plaxico but I'd expect him to put up around 6 tds easily as a rookie. Sweed will come off the board in the top 15 picks, most likely to Buffalo at 11 and Denver at 12.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Chris Johnson ESPN Interview

Here's the fastest man at the combine and fellow Pirate, ECU's Chris Johnson representing on ESPN.

Moss Signs... Farve Says Bye

After going public yet again about his desire to play with Randy Moss, Brett Farve has retired a day after Moss gets a new deal with the Patriots. This leaves Aaron Rodgers as the first Quarterback in about 16 years to go into the offseason as QB1 on the Packers depth chart.

So how will this effect the Packers draft? Will they go offensively now after seeing Farve retire? Or will they go defensively and help Woodson and co.?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Ten Commandments of Drafting

10 - Thou shalt not draft a guard in the top 15 picks; neither shalt thou draft a center in the top 25 picks; neither shalt thou draft a fullback in the first round.

9 - Thou shalt not draft a receiver from the state of Florida nor a running back from Penn State not named Larry Johnson in the first two rounds. Yea learn from past mistakes: wo be to Blair Thomas, Ki-Jana Carter, and Curtis Enis.

8 - Thou shalt not draft a player who is primarily a special teams player, such as a kicker, punter, or kick returner in the first round. Wo be unto Sabastian Janikowski and wo will be unto Tedd Ginn and Desean Jackson.

7 - Thou shalt not draft a quarterback from a "run and shoot" offense in the first two rounds. Yea, not Andre Ware and not Colt Brennan.

6 - Thou shalt not trade with thy division rival for draft position. Wo be unto the Eagles in the 2007 draft for trading to the Cowboys.

5 - Thou shalt not divest all thy draft picks for a single draft pick. Wo be unto Mike Ditka for acquiring Ricky Williams. Neither shalt thou divest all they draft picks for veteran players in the offseason. Wo be unto Mike Lynn the author of the Herschel Walker trade. Yea, and wo will be unto Phil Savage for trading the Cleveland draft this year.

4 - Thou shalt not use a first round draft choice in the supplemental draft. Verily, there is a reason these players are in the supplemental draft. Yea, the following players were first round supplemental draft picks (Bernie Kosar doth not count, because of a pre-draft arrangement which angered the football gods): Dave Wilson, Brian Bosworth, Steve Walsh, Tim Rosenbach, the beloved Bobby Humphrey, Rob Moore, and Dave Brown. Wo be unto all of those players.
3 - Thou shalt not draft a receiver in the first round. Wo, wo, wo be unto Matt Millen.

2 - Thou shalt never trade in the top five of the first round for verily the cost is exceedingly high. Learn from the fallen prophet Bobby Bethard who traded the number 3 overall in 1998, a second round pick that year, and the the first round pick in 1999 to select Ryan Leaf. Yea, the financial cost is also exceedingly high.

1 - Thou shalt not pass on a franchise quarterback when thou doest not have a franchise quarterback on thy team.

Someone posted this on Broncomania, I don't know the original source.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Dear Roger Kraft: Sign Randy Moss

With every passing day the threat of the NFL's best pass catcher leaving the New England Patriots looms closer to reality. They have the money to get it done, but they are painfully cheap when regarding their free agents. Memo to Roger: Sign Randy Moss.

There is only one decent free agent receiver left in Bryant Johnson (you suck Javon) and he will command close to what Benard Berrian got. Instead of taking him or gambling on grabbing a Mario Manningham or James Hardy in round two, why not just sign the freak.

Get him his cash homey!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Damn Brady

Damn homie, at Notre Dame you were the man homie. What happened to you?

Oh yeah, his name is Derek Anderson.

The Browns have given DA his big money and it looks like Brady is Aaron Rodgers part two. Sad because I actually think Brady has what it takes to be a good Quarterback in the NFL.

But that's what happens in a league where there are only 32 jobs available at your position.