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Live Draft Blog: Who Dat? Dat's Pat Robinson

The champs get their guy in Pat Robinson. I knew they'd get a CB, I even mocked this in my mock draftavatar draft. Why is every team in the NFL getting young defensive talent and Josh McDaniels wants to waste picks on TIM TEBOW? Why? Why?

See you tomorrow for day 2.

Patrick Robinson Pictures, Images and Photos

Live Draft Blog: Jerry Hughes to Indy

What's up with them and undersized players? He's 230. Taylor mays is bigger than him. I guess if you have a system you plug in your guys. And not TIM FREAKING TEBOW. My goodness. Im still shell-shocked and beyond pissed.

Jerry Hughes Pictures, Images and Photos

Live Draft Blog: Jahvid Best a Lion!

Im going to finish the live blog up strong. Lions trade with divisional foe Minnesota to grab a RB of the future. Pretty good pick. I had a feeling Best would go the first 5 picks tomorrow so either way the value is correct...UNLIKE TAKING TEBOW #25 OVERALL.

Jahvid Pictures, Images and Photos

Live Draft Blog: Odrick to Miami, Jets grab Wilson

Two SOLID defensive picks. Everyone around Denver is grabbing great defensive talent and we grab... wait for it... TIM TEBOW AT 25!!!!! AND TRADE 3 PICKS TO GET HIM. ARE YOU KIDDING ME????

Congrats to Odrick and Wilson, you don't have to play for an idiot like Josh McDaniels.

I still like McD, but the Tebow pick was BEYOND STUPID.

kyle wilson Pictures, Images and Photos

Live Draft Blog: Dan Williams goes to Arizona, McCourty to NE

These teams needed to address their defense in a major way and here it is. Dan Williams to a depleted Arizona D (to say the least) and McCoutry to New England. Interesting picks to say the least.

Devin McCourty Pictures, Images and Photos


tim tebow Pictures, Images and Photos

I cannot believe this. Tim freaking Tebow. I'm a fan of him as a Christain player but come on now, he isn't a great QB. This is freaking ridiculous. Im very upset at this. You cannot draft this guy at 25.


Live Draft Blog: Dallas Moves Up for #24

They learned their lessons a decade ago when they passed on RANDY MOSS due to some character issues. Take the local kid, who has a ton of talent and make the splash.

Dez is electric, and will add something special to Dallas' lineup. Can they cut Roy now or do they have to wait until tonight?

Dez Bryant Pictures, Images and Photos

Live Draft Blog: Bulaga goes to Green Bay

bulaga Pictures, Images and Photos

They like to draft country boys from the midwest. AND he filled a need? you already knew that pick was about to happen.

The cheaters... erm, Patriots are now on the clock. Jared Odrick or Dez here.

Live Draft Blog: Denver Grabs Bey Bey

I predicted that's who we were trading down for. Taking him at 11 would have been ludicrous, but I do love this pick. He comes from a similar bubble screen offense. Ay Bey Bey!

DeMaryius Thomas Pictures, Images and Photos

Brandon Marshall? #WEOFFTHAT

Live Draft Blog: Gresham to Bengals

Well. I saw hardknocks and how slow Chase Coffman's development has been thus far. It makes sense to go ahead an not rely on Reggie Kelly, bring in Gresham and hopefully the knee holds up over time.

Jermaine Gresham Pictures, Images and Photos


Live Draft Blog: Kareem Jackson goes before Wilson

Wow! I wasn't expecting that. Jackson was a great corner and in my opinion was another one of those coaches secret type players. Extremely productive and will come in ready to make plays.

Kareem Jackson and Mark Barron Pictures, Images and Photos

I actually spoke to one of his cousins on Twitter. Congrats to you and your family Kareem.

Live Draft Blog: Sean Weaterspoon a Falcon, everyone mocked this.

No Im not kidding.

EVERYONE at MDHQ mocked this pick, no surprise here. Take a pass rusher because the cupboard is bare there in ATL. Houston will take Kyle Wilson.

Sean Weatherspoon Pictures, Images and Photos

Live Draft Blog: Wow. McDaniels. You let Pouncey get snatched.

VERY VERY VERY disappointed right now. Day 2 shall be a bit better though. I expect Denver to grab Dez.

Pouncey had some Souja Boy looking bling bling on lol. Ben is going to get some protection, and will seemingly keep his job for now.

maukrice pouncey Pictures, Images and Photos

Live Draft Blog: 49ers grab Iupati. Clausen is NOT going today

Frank Gore is cranking his happy dance right now. You can't run it effectively without some big boys up front. They have had a very effective draft thus far. Let's see what MCDANIELS does with it.
mike iupati Pictures, Images and Photos
Steelers are up.. Clausen? Naaaah.

Live Draft Blog: Derrick Morgan goes to Tenessee

What a good replacement for Vanden Bosch. He is going to fill right in and give them a push up front. I fully expect them to re-aquire Haynesworth tomorrow too.

Derrick Morgan Pictures, Images and Photos

Live Draft Blog:JPP is a NYG

Osi... do I have to tell you what this means?
Jason Pierre Paul Pictures, Images and Photos
Im surprised JPP wasn't FedEx'd a #72 jersey lol. The Giants always stockpile linemen. Great drafters in my opinion, and thats why they have a ring to prove it.

Live Draft Blog: ....ooooor Brandon Graham

Eagles grab Graham. Rumor is that Denver is going to grab two players in the first. Pouncey and.... ??? Im out of ideas. Probably Benn or Bey Bey (Demariyus)

Brandon Graham Pictures, Images and Photos

Live Draft Blog: Broncos move again, Eagles covet Earl Thomas


What a trade. Josh McDaniels is playing CHESS right now!!!

The Eagles covet Earl Thomas and are making sure they get him. Good trade for both teams in my opinion.

Earl Thomas Pictures, Images and Photos

Live Draft Blog: Ryan Matthews higly coveted by San Diego

Ive mocked this before in a few of my drafts (at Matthews is a solid back and kind of bothers me as a Bronco fan. Its a two back league man.

Ryan Matthews Pictures, Images and Photos


My nerves are already shot LOL!!!! Its a Pouncey night for Denver IMO. Keep stretching that Cutler pick for more picks. I love it!!!!!!!

Live Draft Blog: Chargers jump Broncos

They are going to take Dan Williams.
Chargers! Pictures, Images and Photos
This is chess buddy. And the Chargers just made their move. I know they will take the best DT on the board, Dan Williams. Thats the only reason to jump Denver in my humble opinion.

Live Draft Blog: Pick 11, the Niners take Anthony Davis

The tackles are about to be run on. If you want one you better trade up!

Anthony Davis Pictures, Images and Photos

McDaniels grabbed a 4th to fall back 2 spots. That 4th could end up being Eric Decker or Spikes. So excited for day 2.

Tyson Alualu goes 10?!!!! What the hell?

He was not the tenth best player in this draft. He was kind of an open secret amongst 3-4 teams.
Tyson Alualu Pictures, Images and Photos
Depending on what Denver does there may or may not be excessive cursing in the next post. So be prepared if you're following this, lol!

Denver traded down!!! LET'S GO!!!!!! So we traded down to 13. AND WE GOT A 4TH. McDaniels is the man so far.

Live Draft Blog: Spiller a Bill!

What a draft!!!!

The Bills made the pick fast and drafted the fastest player with it!

The DO need someone to score touchdowns and Spiller can do just that. I am feeling the pick.

CJ Spiller Pictures, Images and Photos

Here we go Jacksonville...TEBOW TIME.

Live Draft Blog: The Raiders Pick is In... ROLONDO!!!!!

Tom Jackson said it best. Stop investing in tangible things.

You draft a QB, RB, WR and still need a QB,RB,WR. Get some guys that can play ball.

Here we go.
Rolondo Pictures, Images and Photos
ROLONDO!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rolondo had the whole block with him lol!!!!

Live Draft Blog: Joe Haden goes 7, wow.

The expectations will be way too high for this guy. He's already going to be a bust IMO, but at the 7 pricetag they are going to run him out of town faster than they ran Brady Quinn and his hair gel to Denver.
Joe Haden Pictures, Images and Photos
Also, Tebow isnt on the phone with anyone. He's running game.

Live Draft Blog: Seattle Lucks Out With Okung

Seattle are big winners to get the #1 rated OT at the 6 spot. If Walter Jones hangs around for another year he can groom him to take over.

Russell okung Pictures, Images and Photos

Live Draft Blog: Nooooo Eric Berry is in the AFC West!

This is wackness!!!!!

Kyle Orton's weak arm and now Berry roaming around. SMH. The Chiefs just got that much harder to beat, and we already never beat them in KC. :'(

Eric Berry Pictures, Images and Photos

Live Draft Blog: Berry or Okung?

The Chiefs have a major decision to make here. Go with the safety of the future or protect your investment. Or do you admit your mistake and take Clausen hmmmm....

...Okung SHOULD be the pick but you never know.

eric berry sig Pictures, Images and Photos


My final mock draft was correct!!!!! (See Mockdrafavatar on the right)
Trent Williams Pictures, Images and Photos
I KNEW Shanahan would love Trent's athleticism and see a Ryan Clady in him. *Pats self on back*


Redskins fans be afraid. Very afraid.
Mike Shanahan Pictures, Images and Photos
Literally any player could be the pick. It SHOULD be Okung, but dont rule out Clausen or some wildcard like Dez Bryant.

Live Draft Blog: Gerald McCoy starts career off right

LOL. Dude came in hugging the commish. "Please dont suspend me. No, really."

"...psst. FREE BEN!"

Live Draft Blog: Expect the Bucs to field trade offers but take McCoy

I expect them to do the smart thing and take Gerald McCoy but never rule out someone trading up for Eric Berry.

Gerald McCoy Pictures, Images and Photos

Live Draft Blog: SUH

I predicted Goddell would butcher his name. I was wrong. But wow for the Lions to grab a great tackle and great QB in successive drafts.

Ndamukong Suh Pictures, Images and Photos

Live Draft Blog: Seriously guys its getting old

Sam Bradford (throw) Pictures, Images and Photos
The Rams take Bradford. But they also take the full ten minutes? Come on now. You know you're going to take him.

And fans, the booing is getting old. Just be happy for these young men unless your team makes a terrible choice like Tim Tebow.

Live Draft Blog: T minus 15 minutes!

sam Pictures, Images and Photos

So we are back in effect one full year later!

First of all I want EVERYONE to signup at RIGHT NOW if you haven't. Tons of good football discussion over there, and Im one of the owners :)

Anyways... lets get into the last minute stories:

Sam Bradford: Would he rather be a Brown or a Ram?

Either way he's getting a raw deal. If I was Sam Id rather be a Ram because Stephen Jackson will make life easier on him and all they'll need are some receivers on offense to start being competitive again.

Josh McDaniels you better freaking not... down for Tim FREAKING Tebow. The wonderful FB at QB. Listen, Tebow is a fantastic athlete and is a wonderful person. But he is not a NFL QB. He has a terrible throwing motion. He is used to running over defenders which wont happen against Lights Out Merriman and others. It would be the worst pick in Broncos history.

Just take Dez or Odrick!!!!!!!

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No need to watch the draft. Thanks to advanced technology from the future I am able to show you what is going to happen in the future, now.

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Bradford, Sam

QB from Oklahoma

The Rams want to go with Suh, but with the team for sale and the fanbase dwindling its time to usher in some excitement with a franchise QB for better or worse.



Suh, Ndamukong

DT from Nebraska

Lions fans were told they weren't be disappointed. Suh, Stafford, CJ, Pettigrew, Delmas... could they actually win some games in 2010? Say it isn't so!



Mccoy, Gerald

DT from Oklahoma

I really think they should think about Berry here. He knows the Tampa 2 better than Raheem Morris (the worst coach in the NFL BTW.. I said it!). But they take the big country boy who oddly reminds me of Warren Sapp.



Williams, Trent

OT from Oklahoma

Mike Shanahan is known to go against the gain. I think Williams' athleticism rules out and he falls in love with an athletic tackle that reminds him of Clady.



Okung, Russell

OT from Oklahoma State

They'll think about Berry, and think about Dez, but ultimately Matt Cassell needs help. You don't spend all that money to draft no offensive line help.



Berry, Eric

S from Tennessee

QUICK... name a Seattle Seahawk safety. Exactly. This team is deprived of star power on defense and they need a safety. Its a match made in heaven. The only way they screw this up is if Carroll wants to get Mays later and they grab the OT here.



Morgan, Derrick

DE from Georgia Tech

They traded Wimbley and just like the Seahawks they need star power on defense. Morgan might now be the flashiest pick but he will come in and make an impact in a divison with Carson Palmer and Joe Flacco.



Iupati, Mike

OG from Idaho

I literally want to put any random player here. No one knows what Al is going to do. He covets HEIGHT WEIGHT and SPEED, and Iupati has the first two along with a mean streak.



Williams, Dan

DT from Tennessee

Buffalo is very interested in Tim Tebow and don't rule him out here. Remember a few years ago they boldly took Donte Whitner at 8. Transitioning to the 3-4, Williams is needed.



Tebow, Tim

QB from Florida

Either they pick him here and now, or risk losing him to Cleveland, Buffalo, San Francisco or someone else later. This pick generates tremendous excitement and I guarantee season tickets will be sold out the first hour they are available.



Bryant, Dez

WR from Oklahoma State

McDaniels has to make good on trading away Marshall and can do just that by securing the best receiver to come out of college since Calvin Johnson. Maurkice Pouncey can still be had later via trade up.



Weatherspoon, Sean

OLB from Missouri

Joey Porter and Jason Taylor leaving in the same offseason forces the wildcats to find a new pass rusher.



Haden, Joe

CB from Florida

The Niners need a young corner to groom after Clements moves to safety. Even if he doesn't Haden would still be insurance.



Bulaga, Bryan

OT from Iowa

Walter Jones is unofficially retired, so someone has to fill the HOFers shoes. Bulaga or Anthony Davis would provide some protection to Whitehurst for years to come. RB CJ Spiller is too similar to Justin Forsett to take this high.



Mcclain, Rolando

ILB from Alabama



Pierre-Paul, Jason

DE from South Florida

Vanden Bosch is gone so someone needs to fill his pass rushing duties.



Spiller, C.J.

RB from Clemson

Frank Gore and crew won't mind adding Spiller to the rotation. This is a 2-3 back league and Spiller is that lightning in a bottle that adds something special to their offense.



Clausen, Jimmy

QB from Notre Dame

I really don't see the Steelers standing behind Ben much longer. They seem to be irritated and ready to move on. Grabbing Clausen here could be a great stroke of luck and if he's on the board they absolutely must consider it.



Kindle, Sergio

OLB from Texas

Pass rusher to hopefully give them a presence theyve lacked for a while on the outside.



Thomas, Earl

S from Texas

The Texans famously don't draft runners in the first round, but how long are they going to be abused by Chris Johnson, Joseph Addai, Donald Brown, and Maurice Jones Drew to reconsider that? It looks like this year they will ignore RB again and select the best DB left on the board.



Dunlap, Carlos

DE from Florida

This just seems like a Bengals pick. All the talent in the world with a questionable motor to run it. Marvin Lewis has gotten his bang for the buck with gambling on Rey Maualuga and Cedrick Benson in the past. Grabbing a super talented 300 lb. that just needs to be motivated has a Marvin Lewis move written all over it.



Odrick, Jared

DT from Penn State

The Patriots allegedly covet Odrick and with good reason. They drafted Richard Seymour and since they traded him things haven't been the same since.



Saffold, Rodger

OT from Indiana

Saffold is rising into the first with good reason. Lots of teams need a young tackle and the Pack are one of them. I believe he is more talented than Charles Brown and will sneak ahead of him.



Mays, Taylor

S from USC

Big time hitter at safety. They need someone that WRs fear since Dawkins is in Denver.



Benn, Arrelious

WR from Illinois

Demariyus Thomas is too much of a risk for a team that has Super Bowl aspirations.



Hughes, Jerry

DE from TCU

The homer pick Grownkowski is always a possibility. I think they go DE/LB to fill in for Dansby's playmaking ability. Porter is signed, but is winding down. Now if only he'd wind down his antics.



Allen, Nathaniel

S from South Florida

The Cowboys should be excited to add Allen. He has great ball skills and will be everything Hamlin wasn't to them.



Mathews, Ryan

RB from Fresno State

Bigger guy to go with Sproles.



Cody, Terrence

DT from Alabama

The Jets love making splashes. Big splashes. No splash is bigger than Mount Cody who will rotate in with Jenkins and eventually take his spot.



Mccoy, Colt

QB from Texas

Publicly they are saying they are comfortable with Tavaris Jackson. Sure they are, that's why Brad Childress looks like he is going to piss himself any time someone mentions the thought of Favre retiring.



Pouncey, Maurkice

C from Florida

Charles Brown could also be the guy here, either way it needs to be a lineman and not another WR. If Peyton is going to play for another 5-6 years you cannot let him get hit as many times as he did in the Super Bowl. Pouncey can play guard to start and move to center as Saturday gets older.



Wilson, Kyle

CB from Boise State

As usual, the champs get to make what seems like a luxury pick. Its looking more and more like Darren Sharper will go to the highest bidder this season, and Malcom Jenkins may see the field as his replacement.