Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jared Dudley: Lebron Will Be a Knick

In the latest episode of TMZ Live, Suns guard Jared Dudley called in to give his insider opinion on where Lebron will be headed. Mind you, Jared isn't in the James' camp inner circle but he is in the NBA so his opinion holds a little weight.

"What I heard is today is that Lebron already heard from the Knicks and is making his announcement to go to New York tomorrow."

While that statement in interesting, whats more interesting is this little nugget Jared dropped.

"His press conference is in Connecticut, its not even in Cleveland!"

That could be the detail that seals it. Or it could be the James camp once again trying not to tip their hand. But then Jared goes on:

"What I know is that Lebron is disappointed about not winning in Cleveland."

"Lebron loves New York more than any city and that is a fact."

Common perception is that Lebron is going to have a tough time winning in Cleveland with Bosh and Stoudemire now in the Eastern Conference. Most analysts believe that Lebron could choose to align with either the Knicks or the Heat due to the recent moves made by those teams. However, Jared Dudley drops another little gem that makes New York seem like the front runner.

"Next year Eddy Curry is off the books for $14 mill, and they will sign another good player."

When you combine New York City's grand stage with the fact that Lebron decided to start a Twitter account, new website, and launch a hour-long special in his name, it all begins to add up. The King just may be going to play under the lights of the media capital of the world.

Let's hear it for New York...

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