Monday, August 2, 2010

Masoli to the Rebels

How fitting.

Jeremiah Masolu is a Rollin' Rebel.

This time last year me and a buddy were in an argument that looks silly now. Who's better: Masoli or Tebow?

Considering that one is selling more jerseys than Peyton Manning in the NFL and the other is stealing laptops (allegedly) I think its safe to say we know who wins at least on the character side of the debate.

Masoli can help a team, that is certain. He plays like a FB in a QB's body and is as tough as anyone. His swagger comes off on his teammates and I don't doubt that he can have success in the SEC. The question is has he learned his lesson? What types of guys are he going to hang out with in Mississippi?

Jeremiah's got a second chance. I hope he doesn't waste it.

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