Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lebron James: Burning Down the Building on His Way Out

Houston.... I mean Cleveland, you have a problem.

As free agency looms and the three ring circus begins to setup around Lebron James the Cavaliers' superstar forward is becoming the teams number one problem. Yes it is almost blasphemy to a Cavaliers fan to even think that Lebron could be a problem. However to this outsider it seems that two things remains clear.

The Cavaliers have almost no leverage in keeping Lebron.

If Lebron is leaving, he is going to burn the building down on his way out.

I'm not going to elaborate on the leverage principle. We all know the theories that surround why Lebron could leave. They haven't found the coach fit for a king. Character issues surround key role player Delonte West. Perennial playoff underachievers Mo Williams and Antwaan Jamison are the best the Cavaliers have around Lebron right now, and then there is that question of what to do with Shaq.

What is more interesting to me is how passive Lebron has been to the organization. There have been rumors that he expressed discontent with GM "The Great" Danny Ferry and head coach Mike Brown. Both were relieved of their duties so all should be well right?


Lebron is making no indication that he even cares what is going on with the organization. Thanks to his passiveness, the Cavaliers just missed out on a chance to sign Tom Izzo as their new head coach.

I can only image the frustration Cavaliers fans must have right now. How can you be happy with the silence from the Lebron camp? How can you be happy with the constant images of Yankee hats and Lebrons fascination with "being like Mike?"

I'm not saying that Lebron won't decide to stay. I'm not even saying that it would be a good thing if he left. I am just pointing out that by not making any indication that he cares about the current state of the franchise he rebuilt, Lebron is possibly doing more harm than good right now.

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