Saturday, April 25, 2009

Live Draft Blog: Pat White a Phin

pat white Pictures, Images and Photos

The innovators of the wildcat take the most dangerous wildcat player in this draft. I can really see this pick working out well for them. The AFC East is playing CHESS right now. I love seeing this strategy.

However with Vontae and Pat White, Parcells is losing some of his draft luster. On paper they look like terrible value where they were taken.

Live Draft Blog: Patriots set to screw the Broncos again (They do, Ron Brace selected)

First Cassell now they trade to 40 infront of us for... Connor Barwin or Pat White. Great.

The picks are in. Cheaters took Ron Brace. They are bent on screwing McDaniels over.

Ron Brace Pictures, Images and Photos

Live Draft Blog: Bengals steal Maualuga

I just knew he'd get picked while Erin Andrews was safely interviewing Quan Cosby. The Bengals thought of taking him 6th overall, so you can see where this selection has value to them.

Why did McDaniels not grab him? If doesn't friggin matter now. Smith better be Champ Bailey pt. 2.

rey USC Pictures, Images and Photos

Live Draft Blog: McDaniels trades a FIRST for a SECOND

Alphonso smith signature Pictures, Images and Photos

And takes Alphonso Smith. I'm not thrilled about TRADING UP but hey, we need help now. Just hope that that pick does not bite us. I had him in the first, the value is good.

Georgia Fan Chimes In on Moreno Selection

Knowshon Moreno Pictures, Images and Photos

I understand some of you are upset about not drafting defense. Some of you may just be upset you drafted a RB. But I also see people on here questioning Moreno as a back. As a lifelong Georgia fan and someone who saw every snap Moreno took in his 2 seasons, I can tell you he is not going to disappoint.

Sure, he doesn't have blazing speed. He's not going to break many 70 yard runs. But is ability to make people miss is bested by NO ONE! I can promise you that. His instincts are incredible and he can change directions on a dime. Barry Sanders will wonder how he does some of the things he does.

He's also tough as nails. I only saw him get knocked off his feet twice in his college career (once by Eric Berry and once by Brandon Spikes, arguably the two best defenders in the SEC), but both were blindside shots. Not a single defender met Moreno head on and got the better end of the deal.

And finally you will love his energy and passion for the game. He's the first player off the ground every time. He's as dominant on the first snap of the game as he is the last snap of the game. He's got good hands, too.

There might be some concern about games where his numbers weren't very impressive, but if you look at those games you'll notice he wasn't given a chance to succeed. Playing behind a young, inexperienced, and banged up line with a defense who gave up some quick points and forced the offense to pass. If he gets the carries and the OL gives him some holes to work with he has Rookie of the Year written all over him.

Sorry if the last thing you want right now is another Moreno thread, but I just wanted to say this. Moreno is the most exciting back I have ever seen (not old enough have really appreciated Herschel's dominance) and I'm definitely going to miss having him on my team every Saturday.


Live Draft Blog: Run on Safeties?

The Pats just nabbed Pat Chung. My favorite safety in this class is still on the board, along with MAHHOLOOGHA. Make it happen McDaniels.

patrick chung Pictures, Images and Photos

Rams take Laurinatis. I secretly wanted him to slip some more :(

Still some good players left!

Live Draft Blog: Ziggy Hood to Steelers, Delmas gone!

Steelers take Ziggy hood with the final pick in the first round. He will fit right in that 3-4 as a future starter at DE.

2nd round coming up but I'm taking a break.

What other blog is going to give you live commentary all 32 picks?

Evander Hood Pictures, Images and Photos

Crap! The Lions just took Louis Delmas with the 33rd pick! McDaniels.. GO GET MAHOOLOUGA

Live Draft Blog: Beanie Wells a Cardinal

Beanie Wells is a decent fit for them. You can't always pop it 70 yards to Fitzgerald, sometimes you have to play some real football. Hightower is more of a #2 back, so Wells should be the immediate starter now. (Sorry Edge.) Personally I think he play's hot and cold but there is little risk this low in the first.

I may have predicted this pick as well... I think I did.

Beanie Wells Pictures, Images and Photos

Live Draft Blog: Kenny Britt to Titans

I really like this selection for them. I didn't think he'd be available. Another weapon for Vince (win your dag on job back).

Britt, Nate Washington and Gage. Still not a great WR corps but they went 11-0 last year without Britt so it will help.

Kenny Britt Pictures, Images and Photos

Live Draft Blog: Giants replace Plax with Hakeem Nicks

LMAO at the big fat guy in the face paint. He looked like the black version of Comic Book Guy from Simpsons.

Anyways, a good pick but I'd rather take Kenny Britt. He's taller and faster.

Can't go wrong grabbing a wideout with the weak receivers New York has though.

Brandon Tate: Hakeem Nicks Pictures, Images and Photos

Live Draft Blog: Eric Wood to Buffalo.

Trent Edwards gets a new best friend. Because you know Terrell Owens won't be. Solid pick.

Eric Wood, C, Jr. Louisville Pictures, Images and Photos

Live Draft Blog: Donald Brown to Indy?

Donald Brown Pictures, Images and Photos
Does Mike Hart not exist?

Beanie Wells still on the board by the way, not that anyone cares. Why not grab Fioli Mola for the defense? I'm sorry Indy I got to hit you with one of these:

Live Draft Blog: Packers trade back for Clay Matthews

I don't like this pick for them at all. I expected they grab a elite rusher like a Maybin, but Raji fell in their laps. All that hair on one defense between he and AJ Hawk.

clay matthews Pictures, Images and Photos

Live Draft Blog: Vontae Davis a Fin

Horrible pick. He's a headline waiting to happen. In a bad way. You could just see the look on his face like "Can I make the Cadillac dealership tonight?!"

Why is Vernon hogging the camera? You had your time, let little bro shine!

Did they just splash him with Champagne?!! Aww man, this reminds me of the Pacman Jones selection all over again!!!!

Vontae Davis Pictures, Images and Photos

Live Draft Blog: PA RAY JERRY to the Falcons

LMAO at the commish ruining this guy's name. I thought they were trading for Glenn Dorsey? Oh well. Jerry is the pick.

Peria Pictures, Images and Photos

Coming up on the end of the first.. Im going to take a break then. I cant go the whole first day strong lol.

Live Draft Blog: Ravens take Oher

Good pick for the Ravens. Keep Flacco upright.

He's supposed to have a movie coming out about being homeless and his struggle to the NFL. I can't wait to see it.

Oher Pictures, Images and Photos

Live Draft Blog: Percy Harvin to the Vikings

Boomer called it. "I think this will be a very interesting pick." Interesting to say the least. They have some players on that offense already and Harvin can be dynamite with them.

Percy Harvin Vikings Jersey Pictures, Images and Photos

Live Draft Blog: Browns finally pick. Alex Mack.

Solid pick. They have needed a center since trying to get Eric Bentley healthy a few years ago. I like this selection a lot. Brady Quinn's new best friend.

Alex Mack Pictures, Images and Photos

I had to do it:

Alex Mack Pictures, Images and Photos

Live Draft Blog: The Chop Shop Reacts to Heyward-Bey

In case you don't know, these cats are out of Oakland and keep it real. Mad real.

Live Draft Blog: Pettigrew a Lion

At least he can block. I'll give them that. I'd rather take Michael Oher but anyone in front of Stafford is helping.

brandon pettigrew Pictures, Images and Photos

Live Draft Blog: Bronco fans react to Ayers

This pick tells me that Denver is going to run the 4-3 more than the 3-4 this season. Ayers can play both so it really doesn't matter. He's extremely strong at the point of attack and has a great burst off the ball. He's going to be a great player

Robert Ayers Pictures, Images and Photos

Live Draft Blog: Browns trade again! Eagles take Maclin.

Cleveland_Browns Pictures, Images and Photos

I know some draft nerds out there are praising the Browns for handling this draft like Madden 2009 and trading down and down. You did fill some needs with the Jets trade.


Trading too far screws your chances of getting a first round talent unless you have your eye on a guy around that early 2nd round range.
Jeremy Maclin Pictures, Images and Photos
Don't the Eagles have Jeremy Maclin on their squad already? Oh. That's Desean Jackson.

Live Draft Blog: Denver put your hands in the AYERS

I suspect that the Broncos have had him rated as their #1 DE all along. Some people are mad that Denver took a RB at 12, but if you think Knowshon is special you have to take him. Ayers only played one really productive season in college so his ceiling is high. (How high? Sky high!)

Robert Ayers Pictures, Images and Photos

SEC players for the win.

Live Draft Blog: Buccaneers trade for Josh Freeman

Leapfrogging Denver to take Josh Freeman? He isn't that great. He is a great physical talent, but can he dedicate himself to the game and be a good starter?

Cleveland picked up a 6th rounder to drop again.

Josh Freeman Pictures, Images and Photos

Live Draft Blog: Cleveland to take Jeremy Maclin

They need a WR badly and his value is good for this 17 spot. Book it.

Jeremy Maclin Pictures, Images and Photos

Live Draft Blog: Larry English at 16!!!!

Wow! I did not have him going this high. Something must be wrong with Merriman's recovery...

English, Larry Pictures, Images and Photos

Live Draft Blog: Cushing a Texan

Again, a pick I predicted in my final draft blog. Lucky for him Texas is close to Mexico, so he can get his vitamins on time.

Got Juice? Pictures, Images and Photos

Live Draft Blog: Malcom Jenkins a Saint

Malcom Jenkins Pictures, Images and Photos
I predicted this pick. But I didn't predict that he'd have the most family members in his house of any player. Even though I give Knowshon the award for best predraft activity (playing cards lol).

Live Draft Blog: Orakpo a Skin

Brian Orakpo Pictures, Images and Photos
Good pick for them. He is who Jason Taylor was supposed to be!

Live Draft Blog: Knowshown playing cards lol!

This dude kept it real for the draft. I like this guy as a Bronco. Let's get it!

Knowshon Moreno Pictures, Images and Photos

Live Draft Blog: How fast can you write "ORAKPO" on a card?

Come on McDaniels. Do it!!!!

Orakpo Pictures, Images and Photos

Live Draft Blog: Aaron Maybin goes to Buffalo

Aaron Maybin Pictures, Images and Photos

He has noticeably gained some weight. You got to take a pass rusher or a OT if you're Buffalo. Oher waits until later, Maybin is going to help out Leodis and crew a lot. I like this pick... for Denver.


Live Draft Blog: San Francisco Barbershops Rejoice, Crabtree to Niners

Michael Crabtree Pictures, Images and Photos
History is bound to repeat itself. Could this be Jerry Rice 2.0? Nah, Im not going to go there. But he will be a great player and you know he will keep the fade TIGHT.

You know he's happy he isn't a Radier.

Live Draft Blog: Broncos fail. Raji a Packer.

bj raji Pictures, Images and Photos
This sucks. We should have traded up to get him. I'm not going to speculate on what I think we should do now.

Live Draft Blog: Eugene Monroe over Crabtree?

Eugene Monroe Pictures, Images and Photos
The Jags have turned a new leaf. They aren't taking big time WRs in the first anymore. Monroe is safe and goes perfect with MJD.

Live Draft Blog: Al Davis take Heyward-Bey #7!!!!!

Darius Heyward Bey Hit Auto Pictures, Images and Photos

LMAO!!! Someone stop Al Davis! If I can get my 40 time down to 4.4 Im applying for the 2010 draft!

This guy isn't even a good receiver! Al Davis is building a track team!

Andre Smith to the Bengals

Andre Smith Pictures, Images and Photos
He has like 30 family members in his house, lol! Big family, you know they can cook. I predicted this as well in my final mock. Good job of his management to get him in the top 10.

Details of the Sanchez Trade

mark sanchez Pictures, Images and Photos
NYJ got:
  • #5 overall (Sanchez)

Cleveland got:
  • #17 overall
  • 2nd rounder
  • DE Coleman
  • QB Ratliff
  • DB Elam
The Browns just HOSED them! You traded a good young DB in Elam, along with 3 other players for 16 collegiate starts?!!! He's not Jay Cutler! Wow! The ghost of Mangini will forever haunt the Jets.

Live Draft Blog: Mark Sanchez off the board!

mark sanchez Pictures, Images and Photos
LMAO! The NY JETS are going to take 16 collegiate starts #5 overall!!! He reminds me of Joe Namath. Strong personality, shady Quarterback. I'm so glad he's off the board. Didn't I predict this somewhat? I predicted the spot (because I dont projected trades) and in an another post, the Jets or Skins would take him.

Why is he wearing a Choppa Suit?

Live Draft Blog: Aaron Curry is a good dude

Curry, Aaron Pictures, Images and Photos
He's been tearing up all morning. Im so happy for him. Good luck in Seattle. A shame you didn't sign with ECU out of High School :(

Football wise I think he's a bit overrated, but I would NOT bet against him.

Live Draft Blog: Tyson Jackson 3rd?! WOW!

Tyson Jackson Pictures, Images and Photos
The Chiefs get a big fat "C-" for this pick! He could have been had outside the top 10 most likely. That kind of money for a 3-4 DE? Word?!

Live Draft Blog: Lions, Rams Make Great Selections

Matthew Stafford - Lions Pictures, Images and Photos
The Lions get an A for Stafford. Wow. Why did NYC have to boo him like that? Jealous much? Let Matt do his thing and shut the heck up!

Jason Smith Pictures, Images and Photos
The Rams didn't buckle under the pressure of Mel Kiper to take Sanchez. Good. 16 college starts is not worth that kind of money. LOL at Jason Smith and Eugene Monroe looking like CEOs. Another "A" draft pick.

Friday, April 24, 2009

2009 Final Mock

Here it is... the Final Mock.

As yourself one question.

Do You Smell What the Mock is Cookin?
Do You smell what the Rock is cooking? Pictures, Images and Photos

Pick: 1 -- Detroit Lions: Matthew Stafford, QB, Georgia
stafford Pictures, Images and Photos
Pick: 2 -- St. Louis Rams: Jason Smith, OT, Baylor
Jason Smith Pictures, Images and Photos
Pick: 3 -- Kansas City Chiefs: Aaron Curry, OLB, Wake Forest
Aaron Curry Pictures, Images and Photos
Pick: 4 -- Seattle Seahawks: Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech
Crabtree Pictures, Images and Photos
Pick: 5 -- Cleveland Browns: Mark Sanchez, QB, University of Southern California
MARK SANCHEZ 6 Pictures, Images and Photos
Pick: 6 -- Cincinnati Bengals: Andre Smith, OT, Alabama
Andre Smith Pictures, Images and Photos
Pick: 7 -- Oakland Raiders: Brian Orakpo, DE, Texas
Brian Orakpo Pictures, Images and Photos
Pick: 8 -- Jacksonville Jaguars: Jeremy Maclin, WR, Missouri
Jeremy Maclin Pictures, Images and Photos
Pick: 9 -- Green Bay Packers: Aaron Maybin, DE, Penn State
Aaron Maybin Pictures, Images and Photos
Pick: 10 -- San Francisco 49ers: Tyson Jackson, DE, Louisiana State University
Tyson Jackson Pictures, Images and Photos
Pick: 11 -- Buffalo Bills: Eugene Monroe, OT, Virginia
Pick: 12 -- Denver Broncos: BJ Raji, DT, Boston College
Pick: 13 -- Washington Redskins: Michael Oher, OT, Ole Mississippi
Pick: 14 -- New Orleans Saints: Malcolm Jenkins, DB, THE Ohio State
Pick: 15 -- Houston Texans: Brian Cushing, LB, University of Southern California
Pick: 16 -- San Diego Chargers: Rey Maualuga, LB, University of Southern California
Pick: 17 -- New York Jets: Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR, University of Maryland
Pick: 18 -- Denver Broncos (from CHI): Knowshon Moreno, RB, University of Georgia
Pick: 19 -- Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Peria Jerry, DT, Ole Mississippi
Pick: 20 -- Detroit Lions (from DAL): William Beatty, OT, Connecticut
Pick: 21 -- Philadelphia Eagles: Hakeem Nicks WR, UNC
Pick: 22 -- Minnesota Vikings: Eben Britton, OT, Arizona
Pick: 23 -- New England Patriots: James Laurinaitis, LB, THE Ohio State
Pick: 24 -- Atlanta Falcons: Alphonso Smith, CB, Wake Forest
Pick: 25 -- Miami Dolphins : Darius Butler, CB UConn
Pick: 26 -- Baltimore Ravens: Everette Brown, DE/OLB, Florida State
Pick: 27 -- Indianapolis Colts: Robert Ayers, DE, Tennessee
Pick: 28 -- Buffalo Bills (from PHI from CAR): Brandon Pettigrew, TE, Oklahoma State
Pick: 29 -- New York Giants: Kenny Britt, WR Rutgers
Pick: 30 -- Tennessee Titans: Brian Robiskie, WR THE Ohio State
Pick: 31 -- Arizona Cardinals: Chris ‘Beanie’ Wells, RB, THE Ohio State
Pick: 32 -- Pittsburgh Steelers: Max Unger, OL, Oregon