Friday, May 4, 2007

Top 10 Shockers of the NFL Draft

The results are in, and here are the top 10 shockers of the NFL Draft in my opinion.

10. The Lions take ANOTHER reciever. I know CJ is good, but their defense has major holes and Jon Kitna is not the youngest QB out there.
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9. Broncos trade up for Marcus Thomas. Fresh off the Maurice Clarett days, the Broncos go for talent over character once again. Will it work?

8. Trent Edwards falls to Buffalo. A steal by the Bills. I thought he was the third rated QB, but the NFL thought otherwise. JP Lossman better look out.
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7. Packers and Panthers pass on Greg Olsen. Two teams with near complete offenses that need that punch to get them back into the playoffs... and they pass on Olsen?! I dont get it.

6. Michael Bush falls into day two. I guess no one likes this guy named Bush. That isnt uncommon in America...

5. 49ers trade back into round one for Staley. A guy who I predicted will be a bust, and the 49ers mortage their future to get him? At least he's in 'cisco, maybe he and Rob Gallery can hang out sometime.

4. Cards take Alan Branch in round two. I was just surprised they made a good pick.
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3. Jamaal Anderson "slides" to pick 8. There was no way this guy was falling in the draft like everyone was talking about. Atlanta got a good one.

2. Cleveland trades back in for Brady Quinn. Horrible value! I like Brady, but he isnt worth TWO first round picks. The Browns could have given up less if they would have waited for him to fall into round two.
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1. Dolphins take Teddy Ginn NINTH OVERALL! Bahahahaaha. Mr. 'Do it all' proved me wrong and snuck into the top 10. Who does he have compromising photos of?

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