Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dever Broncos Mock Draft

I know everyone is doing it, but I will chime in with my Bronco picks for the draft.

Round 1.

Pick #21- Anthony Spencer, DE Purdue.

After much debate between safety and end, I have to go with selecting the player who would start on this team ASAP. Jamaal Anderson likely wont be there at 21 therefore I forego selecting Moss and stick with Anthony Spencer who doesnt have Moss' strength and weight issues. Not the flashiest pick, but he fills a need and youve got to select the guy who will start for you.

Round 2.

Pick #56- Sidney Rice, WR South Carolina.

I wrestled with LB, Safety, WR, and OT here. I feel as if our line can patch it up for at least a season as there is no tackle here with enough value to take. I'd look for a trade up if Meriweather is still on the board at the top of round 2 due to character concerns. But at this spot, drafting for need would pass up way too much value and Rice is the pick. Marshall has character concerns, Rod is older, and the rest of our roster at WR wont be in the league after next preseason. Rice is 6'4, with great speed and hands and simply TOO GOOD to not take here.

Round 3.

Pick #70- Brandon Siler, ILB Florida.

Bates seems to want to shake up the LB corps, with good reason. We have fast LBs who tackle horribly. Siler is a textbook tackler who is an instant starter over the oft-injured Nate Webster in my opinion. Siler's ability to take on blockers is what gets him the nod over Buster Davis and HB Blades here. Last thing we need is more small LBs.

Pick #86- Paul Soliai, DT Utah

Once again, the Broncos hand is forced due to poor front office decisions regarding the defensive line. I would pick a safety here if Dan Wilkinson was a Bronco right now, but he isnt so the poor man's Nagata is the pick here.

Round 6.

Pick #176- Tyrone Moss, RB The U

As much as I hate to say it, the Broncos need to replace Damien Nash's role with a bigger RB who can contribute when in a pinch. Moss is that guy who has good size and has enough speed to hit the hole for a good gain on most carries.

Round 7.

Pick #233- James Pinkney, QB East Carolina

With one of the last picks in the draft, Denver picks a developmental QB with all the physical tools needed to groom into a decent backup for the future.

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