Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Spectacular Draft Busts- Tuesday: Mike Williams

Today's bust is a guy that only strengthens my "No First Round Tackles" policy even more. The jovial, spectacular bust out of Texas. Don't worry, I didnt forget about the reciever either, but the jury is still out on him. The tackle just plain sucks.

His Qualifications

Mike was supposed to be another one of those "draft him and start him for 15 years" type of no look tackles when he came out of Texas in 2002. The Buffalo Bills unfortunately got suckered in and selected him 4th overall!!! Mike has been a walking IR case so far in his career and is now on his second team in the NFL.

Alternate Options

The 2002 Draft Class was a pretty good one for bust picks, and also produced mega busts Joey Harrington and David Carr in those top 4 picks along with Mike Williams. As far as options at tackle go, the Bills would have been better off selecting Levi Jones, who was selected at 10 by the Bengals.

There were more great bust candidates in this draft such as Ashley Lelie, William Green, and Ryan Sims. Looking back, the 2002 Draft may have been the worst in history.

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