Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Why the Eagles Should Trade McNabb

A story recently broke on Yahoo! that the Eagles could possibly avoid a QB controversey by trading Mr. Donnovan F. McNabb to the Bears. Well I think they should do it. Here's a few reasons why....

1. He's always hurt.

He played 10 games last year, and 9 the year before that. This guy cannot even make it through a full season. Since Kolb will play half the season anyways, they might was well start the season with him.

2. The Eagles could use Briggs anyways

On the other side of Trotter and Spikes is Chris Gocong. Who?! Briggs can step in right away than the 2006 third round pick out of Cal Poly.

3. He's a media diva

The Eagles need to avoid a Farve situation and not allow their QB to hold the bearings of their team in his fist. By trading McNabb now, the media flack wouldn't be that bad.

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