Thursday, May 10, 2007

Why is McNabb a huge crybaby?

I'm tired of seeing how the Philadelphia Eagles are strangled by the neck as an organization by one Mr. Donnovan F. McNabb. What did this guy do that warranted his organization walking on eggshells around him every move they make? I dont get it. But let's recap:

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1. Jeff Garcia takes the Eagles into the playoffs

Donnovan and his momma ran to television outlets to spread their fake support for Garcia when they saw that the team was doing so well without Mr. Chunky Soup. Garcia was quickly traded to Tampa Bay after the season when it was evident he was a better fit for the Eagles than McNabb.

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2. Terrell Owens kicked off the team

The Eagles are lead to the superbowl by Terrell Owens huge season only to be let down by 5's horrible conditioning at the end. Why was Freddie Mitchell calling plays in the last drive? Oh because McNugget with Large Fries was unconditioned. Owens called him out on this, and was quickly kicked of the team.

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3. Eagles draft Kevin Kolb in the second

Now we al have to sit through PickNabb complain about the organization developing his replacement. You've finished almost every year in recent memory on IR, you ran the best WR you were ever going to see out of town (sorry Hank Baskett), and you bring this diva-like mentality with you everytime something goes against you. Not to mention you always make it a family issue (ask TO).

I cant wait until the Eagles say McRiddance to McFlabb.

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