Monday, May 28, 2007

1st NBA MOCK... Won't be the last.

1. Portland- Greg Oden C Ohio State

They get the best player in the draft… Centers this good are a rarity.
2. Seattle- Kevin Durant G/F Texas
I can promise two things in this NBA offseason... Rashard Lewis will be gone. Rashard Lewis will not be missed.
3. Atlanta- Mike Conley Jr. PG Ohio State
Chris Paul… Deron Williams… Yeah, the Hawks passed on them, forcing them to reach for Mr. Conley Jr.
4. Memphis- Brandan Wright PF UNC

Stop whining Pau. You get an ultra-talented PF to help carry the load.
5. Boston- Al Horford PF/C Florida
Yes. More power-forward depth!!!
6. Milwaukee- Yi Jianlian PF China
He’s tall and can shoot. Sounds like Charlie V, but expect a swap with Boston.
7. Minnesota- Joakim Noah PF Florida
Time to prepare for life after Kevin Garnett… or at least someone who can help KG on the defensive end.
8. Charlotte- Corey Brewer G/F Florida
Time to prepare for life after Gerald Wallace…
9. Chicago- Julian Wright F Kansas
He’s athletic with a nice mid-range game. Outside of 15 ft??? BEN! GET THE REBOUND!!! Seriously…No post player is worthy of this spot…
10. Sacramento- Jeff Green F Georgetown
A steal at this point… Artest is unpredictable. Green is predictable. He’s predictably consistent; never mind the Ohio State game. FLUKE!!! FLUKE, I SAY!!!
11. Atlanta- Spencer Hawes C Washington
Oh, how bad I want to give them a swingman or undersized PF… but they get wiser and get their PG and C of the future, through one draft…
12. Philadelphia- Al Thornton PF Florida State
His aggressiveness and drive is what this teams needs.
13. New Orleans- Nick Young G USC
Aside from Paul and Peja ‘I might be healthy this year’ Stojakovic, the Hornets have little backcourt depth. Young is the player they hoped JR Smith would be.
14. LA Clippers- Rudy Fernandez G Spain
No storybook ending… the hometown kid, Young, is picked at 13, and the Clippers get themselves a crafty SG who’s athletic, can shoot the 3, and has never sported a Mohawk… to my knowledge.
15. Detroit- Acie Law IV PG Texas A&M
Billups may stay or Billups may go… Lindsey Hunter WILL NOT get any younger.
16. Washington - Marc Gasol C Spain
They ALWAYS go for need and Brendan Haywood has cried all his tears away… they get a center who actually has… *GASP* POST SKILLS??!?!?!
17. New Jersey- Jason Smith F/C Colorado
Boone dunks. Smith shoots. Hmm… if only they would have retained Kenyon Martin…
18. Golden State- Thaddeus Young G/F Georgia Tech
Ultra-talent. Ultra-steal. He’ll flourish in their up-tempo- ‘Hey, 4 wings and a point guard ain’t so bad!!!’ style of offense…
19. LA Lakers- Arron Afflalo SG UCLA
Call it a reach, but Afflalo is tough, mentally and physically. He can defend, and shoot!!! Kobe will surprised to see a Laker, without the number 24, make a shot.
20. Miami- Javaris Crittenton PG Georgia Tech
Gary Payton and Jason Williams got their rings… maybe that’s why their play has been less than inspired.
21. Philadelphia- Rodney Stuckey G Eastern Washington
Instant offense, with solid defense. Can play the 1 or 2, so he’ll get on the floor at some point.
22. Charlotte- Derrick Byars SG Vanderbilt
He can do it all… But more importantly, he’ll knock down the shots they thought Adam Morrison would have.
23. Chicago- Josh McRoberts PF Duke
They get their post player… and that much closer to a ring.
24. Phoenix- Tiago Splitter F/C Brazil
Probably a steal at so late… finally, Amare… Duncan will abuse someone else, after Splitter plays in EURO for one more season.
25. Utah- Morris Almond SG Rice
Don’t be surprised to see him making big shots on their way to the Western Conference finals (They still have no chance against the Spurs)
26. Houston - Daequan Cook SG Ohio State
Who do you select here that helps T-Mac advance in the playoffs? Eh… Cook is worth a shot. He and Luther Head will have to provide points off the bench.
27. Detroit- Sean Williams C Boston College
What’s the best way to control a troublesome, yet talented black male athlete? Put him around proven winners and a respected white coach. Ask Rasheed Wallace and Randy Moss. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey… I’m just SAYIN!!!
28. San Antonio- Marco Belinelli SG Italy
They don’t have needs. The rich just get richer.
29. Phoenix- Marcus Williams SG Arizona State
Here’s a guy who doesn’t do anything exceptionally well, but he fills the stat sheet. He’ll get a chance to shine in Phoenix. Now, they can stop feeling the loss of Joe Johnson.
30. Philadelphia- Aaron Gray C Pittsburgh
Roy Hibbert threw everyone a curveball, but the Sixers get a C who’s bigger than most NBA centers… and he has nice range on his shot.

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