Saturday, June 2, 2007

My Dog Mike Vick!

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Why "My Dog" Mike Vick must come up big this season:

1. The Dog Fighting Allegations

Its been a turbulent offseason for Mr. Vick and Roger Codell has made it clear that he is not playing this season. After suspending PacMan Jones for being involved with a few incidents he was never formally charged for, Vick could be looking at worst if he is charged for felony dog fighting. He might only play 8 or so games this season, so he needs to come up big in those games.

2. Coach Petrino in the A Town

Mike gets one year to audition for a long term role with his new coach. If after a year this marriage does not work, dont be surprised if Vick is released or traded, and Brian Brohm ends up reuniting with Coach Petrino after the 2008 NFL Draft.

3. Playoffs?! Who's talking about PLAYOFFS?!

The Falcons have too much talent (outside of those horrible recievers) to be missing the playoffs like the did last year. Vick was drafted #1 and is supposed to have the type of talent that can transcend his team to the big game, like he almost did a few years ago. Warrick Dunn and Alge Crumpler are not getting any younger, and this team could be broken up if it doesn't work this year.

And this photo just came up on Google when I was searching for pics, I just had to include it...

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Jabari said...

What a lucky dog...