Friday, June 4, 2010

UFL Draft Notables Include Tons of Former Denver Broncos

This past week the UFL held its annual draft. Teams Omaha, Hartford, Sacramento, Florida, and Las Vegas drafted former NFL and collegiate players. Omaha held the first pick, as they are the expansion franchise in this leagues second season.

I'm going to spare you a ton of time and Goggling that you really don't want to do anyways (someone's got to do it) here are the notables that were drafted into the UFL this week. You may recognize a few of these player. Or you may recognize none. I guess that's why its the UFL.

Omaha selected the most NFL notables. In round 2 former Cardinals defensive end Chike Okeafor was drafted with the first pick by Ohmaha. Then former Eagles OT Shawn Andrews went in round 3 also to Omaha. In round 5 Omaha selected another guy I recognize, Kenny Peterson the former Broncos DE (and former high school teammate of coach Josh McDaniels!) Ronald Curry the WR/QB out of UNC went to Omaha just one round later. They selected another former Bronco, Nate Webster, in the ninth round. To round the draft out Omaha selected former Bronco safety Nick Ferguson with the very last selection in the draft.

The only other notable player drafted was defensive back Tony Parrish, formerly of the 49ers. He went in the ninth round to team Las Vegas.

It's interesting that no notable former NFL quarterbacks or runningbacks went in this draft. Maybe those guys feel as though they can get back into the league rather than settle for the UFL. I'm personally glad to see many former Denver Broncos accept this opportunity to keep playing and I cannot wait to see team Omaha in action!

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