Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Response to Tim Tebow Supporters Pt. 3

After getting a shoutout on Westwood's blog by Michael Roberts for my articles on my coverage on the Tebow debate, the comments started to pour in. And just like with every Tebow article, the comments contain more hyperbole and hype than that of any athlete than I've ever seen.

And this ladies and gentlemen, is why I didn't want my favorite team the Broncos to touch this guy with a ten foot pole. Do we really need these crazed people who thump their rhetoric and broken logic (amongst other things) wearing Broncos colors?

Just look at this fantabolous logic from "JP" (Jake is that you? lol):

All be it he is not alone with his character, I can guarantee that his devotion to his faith and to charity is unmatched by ANYONE in the NFL... just check how many community service hours he logged while being a full time student and while being one of, if not the best college football player of all time!!!! truth... swallow it!!!

Really? Tebow is the best Christain in the NFL? So I'm supposed to ignore the fact that Warrick Dunn built homes for single mothers EVERY YEAR he was in the league? I'm supposed to ignore the fact that Vince Young is mentoring and stepping in as a father figure for Steve McNair's children with NO expectation or obligation to do so? According to JP a few trips to a remote jail in the Philippines cancels all that out and gives the crown of "MAN OF THE CENTURY" to Timmy.

But it gets better, JP comes back with another long-winded festive comment.

really....he is the only player ever to finish in the top four of the heisman voting 3 times.. and he does hold a sugar bowl record for both passing yards and total yards... and he did go 3-0 in bcs games and he has 2 national titles.. not 1.. yes he did not start.. but he did account for 2 touchdowns in that national championship game against ohio st. and you wont find a single knowledgeable fan of college football that believes the florida gators would have won a national title that year without tim tebow... he delivered time and time again that season and they won a multitude of games by single digits that were a direct result of third down conversions and touchdowns by tebow.. check your stats and see if any of those guys you mentioned had more td's than tebow for career... they didnt.. how bout passing efficiency better than tebow... they didnt... how bout td to int ratio. they didnt. how bout yards/completion..they didnt... get off your hatorade horse and own up to the facts.. we were blessed to have witnessed one of the most dominant players in history!!!! if you dont believe that then i would love to embarass you in a live debate!!!!

Once again I can throw Vince Young right back in your face. Vince Young's Texas teams depended on him as much as if not more than Tebow. And yes, Vince won his ring as a starter, not a goaline fullback..... err... I mean "freshman backup Quarterback."

I don't drink but I think I'm going to toast a cold one the day Tebow is cut or traded and we weed some of these types of "fans" away from the Broncos family.

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