Saturday, April 4, 2009

Why the Broncos Made Out Like Bandits

It's no secret by now that I love the Jay Cutler trade as a Bronco fan. Getting a malcontent off your roster is always a good thing, but when you get PAID in the process it becomes a great thing.

For one, Jay Cutler is a good quarterback. I'll give him that. But a great quarterback? Not so fast my friend. His 3,000 passing yards were inflated by Mike Shanahan's fake spread offense, and throwing to Brandon Marshall & Eddie Royal makes life easier. Combine that with Jay's inability to take blame after critical mistakes and you start piecing together a recipe for disaster.

On the Broncos side, they will be much better off without Jay Cutler. He and Bus Cook will not be missed in Dove Valley. Also look at the fact that he was traded for not one, not two, but three players! Including a starting quarterback in return. Kyle Orton does not pass the eye test but he does the one thing Jay Cutler could never do. Win football games. The two first round players the Broncos will be able to draft will make the team much better in the long run as well. And if just one of the three players Cutler was traded for becomes a Pro Bowler this trade becomes down right criminal.

The Bears get a great arm. I won't deny that. Jay Cutler's game as a QB has little to no flaws other than his Plummer-like decision making. The only thing that will hold him back is his weak mental fortitude. The Bears are already Christening him as the franchise's savior, yet they have a very old defense and no legit players on offense other than Matt Forte to pair with Cutler. Cutler has never posted a winning record in his career. How will all the losing and all the pressure effect him? If it's anything like his era as a Bronco look for drama to ensue once Cutler starts becoming accountable for the teams lack of success, deservingly or not.

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