Saturday, April 4, 2009

Giants Cut Plax. Terrible Move.

The Giants have officaly divorced their starting wide receiver Plaxico Burress. While Plax is in a very tough legal position, I do not feel that the Giants thought this one through.

Here are the facts. For one, if Plax cuts a deal this week and does 30-60 days in jail, he will still get out in time for the end of camp and the entire pre season. A great receiver like Plax doesn't need to do much but get his legs under him during mini camp anyways.

Two, who in the blue hell is Eli going to throw to? I know Steve Smith caught a lot of balls last year but they were all 7 yard comeback routes. Hixon has the speed but no hands, and Sinorice and Manningham can't crack the lineup. Their wide receiver lineup sucks. And that's me trying to be polite.

The Giants don't need to resign Plaxico Burress, they must. Where are you going to find a 6'5 game changing receiver? They don't grow on trees. My advice to them is to tell Plax to do the time, resign him to a incentive-laden deal and draft Kenny Britt to eventually be that #2 receiver aside Burress. Of course all bets are off if they can swing a deal for Braylon Edwards but I simply don't see that happening. For the sake of Eli Manning you got to get Plax in the fold next year.

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