Saturday, April 25, 2009

Georgia Fan Chimes In on Moreno Selection

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I understand some of you are upset about not drafting defense. Some of you may just be upset you drafted a RB. But I also see people on here questioning Moreno as a back. As a lifelong Georgia fan and someone who saw every snap Moreno took in his 2 seasons, I can tell you he is not going to disappoint.

Sure, he doesn't have blazing speed. He's not going to break many 70 yard runs. But is ability to make people miss is bested by NO ONE! I can promise you that. His instincts are incredible and he can change directions on a dime. Barry Sanders will wonder how he does some of the things he does.

He's also tough as nails. I only saw him get knocked off his feet twice in his college career (once by Eric Berry and once by Brandon Spikes, arguably the two best defenders in the SEC), but both were blindside shots. Not a single defender met Moreno head on and got the better end of the deal.

And finally you will love his energy and passion for the game. He's the first player off the ground every time. He's as dominant on the first snap of the game as he is the last snap of the game. He's got good hands, too.

There might be some concern about games where his numbers weren't very impressive, but if you look at those games you'll notice he wasn't given a chance to succeed. Playing behind a young, inexperienced, and banged up line with a defense who gave up some quick points and forced the offense to pass. If he gets the carries and the OL gives him some holes to work with he has Rookie of the Year written all over him.

Sorry if the last thing you want right now is another Moreno thread, but I just wanted to say this. Moreno is the most exciting back I have ever seen (not old enough have really appreciated Herschel's dominance) and I'm definitely going to miss having him on my team every Saturday.


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