Friday, March 28, 2008

Who's the man at defensive tackle?

With Glenn Dorsey finally working out, I feel that we can now get a better grasp on who falls where as far as the defensive tackles go in this draft.

In my first round I have:
  1. Glenn Dorsey
  2. Sedrick Ellis
  3. Trevor Laws
  4. Dre Moore

With Glenn and Sedrick being can't miss top 10 picks and Laws and Moore in that 20-31 "let's grab him before the second" area. Moore hasn't been playing football that long and teams will see him as either glass half full or empty. Laws is a great character guy with a nonstop motor but undersized. I feel they both sneak in with Dorsey and Ellis in the first.

In my second round I place the following prospects

  1. Pat Simms
  2. Kentwan Balmer
  3. Red Bryant

Balmer is an interesting prospect who seems to be on a career upswing, but some teams may view him as an overachiever. Simms has all the tools but serious chemistry and character issues. Bryant has the size you look for and is most likely creeping towards the middle of round 2 right now, depending on how much a team likes Balmer or Simms.

Glenn Dorsey

Sedrick Ellis

Trevor Laws

Dre Moore

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