Thursday, March 6, 2008

Limas Sweed Breakdown

Is Limas Sweed the #1 receiver in the draft? I'm certainly leaning towards ranking him that way and many other draftniks have thrown their hat in proclaiming Sweed the best.

His Resume

Sweed started 39 straight games at Texas before injuring his right wrist early last year. He has amassed 20 Td's (second in Texas history) and 1,915 yards on 124 catches as a collegiate performer.

The Lowdown

At 6'4 and about 215 pounds, Sweed is the biggest of the big 3 wide receivers in the draft. He's a little bigger than Malcolm Kelly and a giant compared to De'Sean Jackson. Sweed lacks elite speed but has more than enough speed with a 4.52 40 yard dash time. Sweed has also proven himself to have quite the knack for the endzone with 20 touchdowns.


I predict Sweed to be close to Roy Williams and Plaxico Burress in terms of skill and production as a pro. It may take him close to 5 years before he becomes an elite like Plaxico but I'd expect him to put up around 6 tds easily as a rookie. Sweed will come off the board in the top 15 picks, most likely to Buffalo at 11 and Denver at 12.

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