Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Ten Commandments of Drafting

10 - Thou shalt not draft a guard in the top 15 picks; neither shalt thou draft a center in the top 25 picks; neither shalt thou draft a fullback in the first round.

9 - Thou shalt not draft a receiver from the state of Florida nor a running back from Penn State not named Larry Johnson in the first two rounds. Yea learn from past mistakes: wo be to Blair Thomas, Ki-Jana Carter, and Curtis Enis.

8 - Thou shalt not draft a player who is primarily a special teams player, such as a kicker, punter, or kick returner in the first round. Wo be unto Sabastian Janikowski and wo will be unto Tedd Ginn and Desean Jackson.

7 - Thou shalt not draft a quarterback from a "run and shoot" offense in the first two rounds. Yea, not Andre Ware and not Colt Brennan.

6 - Thou shalt not trade with thy division rival for draft position. Wo be unto the Eagles in the 2007 draft for trading to the Cowboys.

5 - Thou shalt not divest all thy draft picks for a single draft pick. Wo be unto Mike Ditka for acquiring Ricky Williams. Neither shalt thou divest all they draft picks for veteran players in the offseason. Wo be unto Mike Lynn the author of the Herschel Walker trade. Yea, and wo will be unto Phil Savage for trading the Cleveland draft this year.

4 - Thou shalt not use a first round draft choice in the supplemental draft. Verily, there is a reason these players are in the supplemental draft. Yea, the following players were first round supplemental draft picks (Bernie Kosar doth not count, because of a pre-draft arrangement which angered the football gods): Dave Wilson, Brian Bosworth, Steve Walsh, Tim Rosenbach, the beloved Bobby Humphrey, Rob Moore, and Dave Brown. Wo be unto all of those players.
3 - Thou shalt not draft a receiver in the first round. Wo, wo, wo be unto Matt Millen.

2 - Thou shalt never trade in the top five of the first round for verily the cost is exceedingly high. Learn from the fallen prophet Bobby Bethard who traded the number 3 overall in 1998, a second round pick that year, and the the first round pick in 1999 to select Ryan Leaf. Yea, the financial cost is also exceedingly high.

1 - Thou shalt not pass on a franchise quarterback when thou doest not have a franchise quarterback on thy team.

Someone posted this on Broncomania, I don't know the original source.

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