Saturday, March 15, 2008

5 Reasons Why Miami Will Take Matt Ryan #1

5. Drew Bledsoe.
When faced with this same decision of whether or not to take a QB in the 1993 NFL Draft, Bill Parcells went with Drew Bledsoe #1 overall to the Patriots. Just 3 years later, Bledsoe took them to the Superbowl.

4. Bill Parcells
Everywhere Parcells went in the league guess who showed up? Good ol' Drew Bledsoe, his trusty #1 overall Quarterback. Drew was a guy that Bill drafted and trusted and Matt Ryan has those same intangible leadership qualities.

3. John Beck

The previous administration drafted Beck in the second round and the current administration owes him nothing. The pick is wasted, the decision was made. Ryan grades out much higher than Beck did and is a better prospect overall.

2. A 1-15 record in 2007
There is nowhere this team can go but up and it is the perfect low pressure situation to ease your Quarterback of the future in. Not to mention Jason Taylor wants to leave and Zach Thomas is gone. The fans need a new guy to rally around and Ryan is that guy.

1. The dollar dolla bills
Don't get me wrong. They don't want to pay #1 overall money to anyone and will scramble to give this pick to anyone but in the end its too costly to trade picks away and take the #1 player so Miami will be stuck. The money that the #1 player will get will be more than Mario William's $60 million dollar deal and a similar contract to Jamarcus Russell. Most likely you're looking at $30 million of that guaranteed as well. Why not invest the pick in a guy that will touch the ball every play and be the face of the franchise for the next 12 years? Sure Chris Long, Jake Long, and Vernon Gholston are all appealing but a pass rusher can be found later, and quality offensive tackles such as Sam Baker can be had in round two.

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