Monday, May 26, 2008

Todd McShay's Projection on Broncos Draft Picks

Spencer Larsen

I found this on Broncomania and found it interesting. Its where McShay projected the Broncos picks versus where they were taken at. Check it out.

1st Round Pick ----Ryan Clady -------14th Pick to Chicago

2nd Round Pick-----Eddie Royal ------- 3rd Round Pick

4th Round Pick-----Cory Lichenstigier---5th Round Pick

4th Round Pick-----Jack Williams--------3rd Round Pick

5th Round Pick-----Ryan Torain----------7th Round Pick

5th Round Pick-----Carlton Powell--------5th Round Pick

6th Round Pick-----Spencer Larson-------4th Round Pick

7th Round Pick-----Josh Barrett----------3rd Round Pick

7th Round Pick-----Peyton Hillis----------6th Round Pick

So these guys were projected earlier.

Jack Williams
Spencer Larson
Josh Barrett
Peyton Hillis

and these were projected later

Eddie Royal
Cory Lichenstigier
Ryan Torain

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