Monday, May 5, 2008

Cedric Benson May Be an Idiot

cedric benson

Idiot or not, Cedric Benson is in hot water right now. Not only does he catch a boating DUI days after the NFL Draft (seriously, who gets those?) he is now fighting the charges. Allegedly Benson was drunk and resisted arrest while operating a boat but he says the police falsely accused him and used excessive force.

I think that Benson has even worse problems on the field where he has proven himself to be a draft bust in the last few years since being drafted #4 overall in 2005. The Bears just grabbed Matt Forte' in the second round and it looks like they aren't playing around when it comes to rebuilding that offense around Kyle Orton and crew. Can Benson get his act together on and off the field? We will find out.

cedric benson

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