Monday, May 12, 2008

Jackson State wants Ryan Perriloux

The smoke totin', backdoor casino sneaking, nightclub brawling former LSU Quarterback might get another chance. The coach of NCAA National Subdivision Jackson State says that he will try to persuade Ryan Perriloux to join his team. Perriloux has a long history of disrespecting team rules and getting into trouble but you cannot deny his potential as an option QB.

If Perriloux transfers to Jackson State he can play immediately as it is a National Subdivision team. Other players in his position such as Maurice Clarett were also suggested to go this route when kicked off prominent Division I teams.

If Perriloux wants a shot at the NFL he probably doesn't have to do this but it certainly would help his case to show he can turn it around. He has talent but huge character concerns would most likely keep him out of the upper rounds of an NFL Draft.


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