Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Seattle Gets It

When I judge a team based on it's draft history I like to look at which impact players they have been able to add in the first four rounds. One team that gets how you should draft is the Seattle Seahawks. They are meat and potatoes almost exclusively on the first day. Check out their draft history in the last 4 drafts:

26. Chris Spencer - Pro Bowl caliber 26 year old center. Need I say more?
45. Lofa Tatupu - Possibly the best player at his position in the NFL.
98. Leroy Hill- More than solid player and could probably start on every linebacker corp in the NFL.

31. Kelly Jennings - young athletic CB who is only getting better.
63. Darryl Tapp - exciting young player and brings ton of energy to the line.
128. Rob Sims - another starter on the line, quality guard that many teams would love to have.

Went defense again on the first day with Josh Wilson, Brandon Mebane, and Baraka Atkins. Two more young defensive linemen in the rotation.

28. Lawrence Jackson - DE who's talent was scooped up quickly.
121. Red Bryant - another defensive lineman, a huge gap stopper in the middle.

They say defense wins championships. Well, the Seattle Seahawks get it and I would not be surprised to see them with the Lombardi trophy sometime this decade due to their extremelly deep defensive line.


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