Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Will Ocho Force The Bengals To Take a WR?

Ocho, ocho. Good ol' cinco. The Bengals flamboyant WR has certainly caused a stir recently, going to ESPN and making comments against his coach and franchise. Chad may not be wrong when he says the Bengals are cheap and uncommitted to winning but he is certainly not going about trying to get traded the right way.

Cincinatti claims that under any circumstances they will not trade Ocho, but should they? I'd say yes. It's been proven time and time again that a great WR will not deliver a championship by himself. And when that WR wants to leave on the next Greyhound, things are worse. The Bengals could quietly end the Chad Johnson Chris Henry AJ Nicholson etc. era, build a team of great character around Carson Palmer and allow him to become the leader he needs to be to get them to the promise land.

A great WR cannot bring you championships alone. But a great QB, with a team of great character and talent at the skill positions will. With that said, the Bengals should trade CJ, grab a couple of WRs in the top of the 3rd & 4th rounds (they found CJ in the 2nd and TJ in the 7th) and draft defense exclusively on the first day.

If I were trying to fix the Bengals that's what I would do. Let CJ walk, he doesn't want to be there anyways and dividing your locker room is not worth it for any WR. Ask the Minnesota Vikings who seem to be doing pretty well now after letting Randy Moss go about 5 summers ago.

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