Monday, April 28, 2008

Best Draft Classes of 2008

Dennis Dixon

Kansas City Chiefs- Glenn Dorsey, Branden Albert, Brandon Flowers

Three impact players that could start as early as the first couple of games next year. Building your lines is the way to a championship and the Chiefs get it. Flowers is also tremendous value in the second round.

Washington Redskins- Malcolm Kelly, Devin Thomas, Fred Davis

They trade completely out of the first and get BOTH receivers with first round grades that fell in the second. Davis was a luxury pick but Jason Campbell will not mind. Tall receivers will make their offense work the way its supposed to.

Pittsburgh Steelers- Rashard Mendenhall, Limas Sweed, Tony Hills, Dennis Dixon

Mendenhall is a one year wonder but carried a legit first round grade so picking him as a luxury will help Willie Parker a lot and add a lot to the goal line packages. Limas is the tall receiver Ben cried for, and Tony Hills will help fill Faneca's void. Dennis Dixon may be the heir apparent one day.

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