Monday, April 28, 2008

5 Reasons Why Matt Ryan Will Be a Bust

#1- Lack of Talent at RB

Michael Turner, Jerious Norwood... I don't believe in either. Combine those unproven backs with a rookie QB is means for disaster.

#2- Wack Wide Receivers

Roddy White came on at the end of last year but if history is anything, Atlanta is where receivers go to die. Jorn Horn isn't anything anymore either.

#3- No Alge Crumpler

Why get rid of Michael Vick's security blanket? You know your receivers are not that good and that you're bringing in a rookie, Alge was NEEDED.

#4- Michael Vick

Michael Vick will be out of jail next year and the comparisons will start. If Ryan does not look good the fans will wonder why not let Mike try again?

#5- Terrible Defense

That defense is not going to help them win games. If you can't get off the field, the game is over before Ryan even has a chance to get in sync.

And I didn't even mention their offensive line because I'm a Sam Baker fan.



Jorja Dawg said...

Oh jeez. You sooo blew it on this one!!!

Tefar said...

it couldn't have ended up more differently than what you said... Turner and Norwood have both done a good job, and Matt Ryan has one of the best rookie seasons for a qb in nfl history. The receivers are all doing great, including 3rd round draft pick, harry douglas, and the offensive line has been quite allright (even without sam baker for most of the season). The defense has done a really good job too, even with quite a few rookies as starters :D better luck next time... and go for the unexpected, it seems like that's whats happening the whole time in the NFL

Brandon said...


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