Friday, April 25, 2008

Final Broncos Mock Draft

Denver Broncos 2008 schedule

I'm glad I waited until the 11th hour to write this, as the Broncos also favored to work in this fashion by trading for DT Dewayne Robertson the next to last day before the draft. The Broncos have a few key needs in this draft such as OT, DT, and RB depending on who you ask and this draft will do it's best to address those concerns.

On to the mockery.......

Round 1 Selection Chris Williams OT Vandy

While I waver daily with this selection, I finally see that it has come down to a handful of options between tackles, receivers, and running backs. The Broncos have a few backs that are serviceable along with an influx of veteran receivers which makes this pick scream "tackle!" at me. I hastily select Williams although he doesn't have a mean streak, but neither does Ryan Harris. Maybe we are going back towards the great Bronco lines of the mid 90's where guys stayed silent and were simply the best at what they do: zone blocking.

Round 2 Selection Dre Moore DT Maryland

In my eyes the trade for Robertson changed nothing here. Moore hasn't played a lot of football and his best days are ahead of him. Thomas' character concerns and Robertson's alleged knee problems makes this a no brainer. The Broncos need to grab a DT on day 1 and Moore is the best value with the most upside at this point.

Round 4 Selections Owen Schmitt FB WVU, Frank Okam DT Texas

As you can see I'm continuing the meat and potatoes trend in this draft with the addition of Owen Schmitt and Frank Okam. A part of me really wants Eddie Royal in Broncos blue but the better value is with the smash-mouth FB the Broncos have never had and another DT to turn what was once a weakness into a strength, similar to the mass drafting of CB and DE we saw in years past.

Round 5 Selections Mike Hart RB Michigan, Darius Reynaud KR WVU

I believe in Mike Hart. Sure his numbers are horrible. Sure he ran behind Jake Long. Sure he is only 5'9. But he has an undeniable spirit to win and he fills right in with my meat and potatoes Broncos. Hart is a guy that wouldn't let Michigan die after suffering a historic loss to 1AA Appalachian State and stayed on the Heisman watch all year because of it. His year culminated with a bowl game which saw him loose multiple fumbles (his only fumbles in like 2 years or something like that) only to comeback mentally tough to finish and get the win.

Reynaud is a guy I've seen terrorize my ECU Pirates one too many times in his college career. He is a game changer and that guy that you seem to never notice until he is in the endzone either from a reverse, a catch, or a kick return. He is bulit like a RB and has the moves of one after the catch. He would develop nicely with Brandon Marshall who plays very similar after the catch and would give coverage teams fits all year long.

Round 6 Selection Pedro Sosa OT Rutgers

I love the linemen from Rutgers and with good reason. They helped Ray Rice put Rutgers on the map with their BCS run last year and this season helped Rice eclipse the 2000 yard mark. Coming from a pro style offense always helps tackles and he will add depth behind Pears and Harris.

Round 7 Selections Mike Dragosavich P ND St, Jamie Silva S BC

Mike Drago is a regional favorite who I know little of. I do know he can kick though and I currently do not know who is the Broncos starting punter. That needs to be changed. Jamie Silva is a prospect we have already spoken too and could end up being a contributor if he makes the squad over Rogers and Cargile.

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