Tuesday, December 15, 2009

With Locker Gone, How to The QBs Stack Up?

With Locker back in college (only he knows why) the top Quarterbacks in the 2010 draft can breathe easier. Jake probably made them all 4-5 mil each as they slide up on team's boards with one less QB available. But which QBs will benefit the most?

  • Jimmy Clausen - possible top 5 pick.
  • Sam Bradford- the BIG winner. If he can test well he can get to the top 10. You never know *cough*JoshMcDaniels*cough*
  • Tony Pike- Slides into the first, possibly.
  • Colt McCoy- Also may slide up into the first.
  • Tim Tebow- go ahead and pick out a nice condo in Jacksonville, nothing has changed for you Timmy.

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