Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jason Campbell Get the Hell Out of Dodge

Dear Jason,

The Redskins don't care about you. Daniel Snyder doesn't love you. You offensive line doesn't care. Clinton Portis could give a f... anymore.

Do yourself a favor Jason and save your career by leaving Washington. They have jerked you around from coach, to coach, to coach and blamed you each season for not mastering a brand new playbook every spring (also known as the Alex Smith effect). Daniel Snyder refuses to sign any big names on the offensive side of the ball to help you. You simply cannot win in Washington. They won't let you.

You're the perfect goat. Your a nice guy, you didn't as even raise your voice after good ol' Dan flirted with every available Quarterback from Jay Cutler to Mark Sanchez. So take what little dignity you have left and get the hell out of dodge! Where should you go? I heard Buffalo is looking for a QB. They got this guy named TO to throw to, and these guys Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch to hand the ball too. It could be a good fit. Carolina might be interested. You'd get to whoop the Redskins every preseason in the yearly Carolina-Washington preseason game. You'd get to throw to Steve Smith and hand the ball to these two guys that call themselves Double Trouble. It could be a great fit. Seattle could be interested as well.

Whatever you decide Jason wisen up and get as far away from DC as possible!

Ya Boy,


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John said...

Do you want more interesting?
Joe DeCamillis has been around a few kickers that have played a long time in the NFL Draft (Jason Elam, Morten Andersen) and he believes Nick Folk will be one of them, too.
The Cowboys cut Folk Monday after missing 10 field goal attempts this year and signed Shaun Suisham.
"He works his craft the way you're supposed to work it, so it was a difficult decision obviously," DeCamillis said. "You don't want to see anybody struggle and he was struggling. I think he even knew it. I've got the utmost respect for him, wouldn't surprise me if he started kicking well again the league. He just kind of went into a little funk and unfortunately we couldn't get him out of it. It's disappointing on my part because you hppe to do something to revive it and get him going in the right direction and it just didn't happen."
Merry Christmas!And have a good time!