Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Mike Leach Conspiracy

I was writing this post in my head as I heard the news he was going to court.

Little did I know, Texas Tech was going to lay the smackdown on Mr. Leach and slide him a pink slip in the courtroom.

Anyways, my opinion is that this Mike Leach thing has been going on long enough. I for one am not sorry to see Mr. Leach get fired. As a matter of fact, I expected him to be released sometime in the spring. It's been far too much a distraction to keep this guy as a coach for that university.

Now, let me say that I have no sources other than the grapevine so this is purely speculation. However, I have heard rumblings on various sites and news outs for the past two years that Mike Leach's program has always pushed the envelope on NCAA rules. Probably not more than any other coach, but the thing that makes Leach stick out is that he is a peculiar person to begin with which makes you wonder exactly what crazy methodology he follows with his players. We have already heard about a concussed player being forced to sit in some sort of closet. I can only imagine that there will be more former players to come forward in the future.

Do not get me wrong. Mike Leach is a hell of a coach. He wins, he scores points, he gets his players a lot of national recognition. But at what cost?

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