Friday, October 9, 2009

Tim Tebow's NFL Chances

Tim Tebow- Florida Pictures, Images and Photos
Tebow will get a shot at QB, and he will get drafted higher than a lot of you think. Why I think?

1. He will get to play in the senior bowl. This is KEY. NFL coaches will get him for that week, and they will ask him to play a pro offense. If he performs well, he will snag a 1st rounder tender as a QB IMO.

2. He just wins. You cant explain it. He is surrounded by great talent, but it seems like time and time again, when the rest of his team decides to take a crap on the field he comes ready and is the REASON they win. You can't deny this.

3. And finally, the fans. Whatever team he goes to will have to play him at QB for the fans, period. Tim Tebow backup TE/FB won't sell tickets. Tim Tebow QB of the future sells out season tickets. Hence this is why I am predicting he will be a Dallas Cowboy if the Jags don't end up selecting before them.

Let me end this by saying...Im no Tebow fan, by far. He is such an ugly style of QB but you cannot deny these facts. If he does well enough with the NFL coaches, some team desperate to sell tickets (I.E. Jacksonville in danger of losing the team, or Dallas with a billion seats AND standing room to sell) will justify taking him.

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