Saturday, October 10, 2009

Scouting Report: Colt McCoy

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Alright I'll throw my two cents in.

Full disclosure: I'm on the Sam Bradford bandwagon.

To me, Colt McCoy is not as much a system QB as he is a product of being in an offense that's been tailored fit to fit his best abilities (running, throwing shorter passes) and due to this he has produced monster stats. Let's not kid ourselves. Rushing wise he isn't Michael Vick, but his stats could lead you believe such is true (leading rusher on Texas over the last few seasons). He throws a tight spiral, has an adequate arm but not a strong NFL arm IMO. I think he could succeed with the right coach in the NFL, but any Quarterback that doesn't run a prostyle offense comes with that huge red flag. I don't think he could start right away in certain offenses, he'd get smacked too often and doesn't have the frame for that.

I know Bradford is comparable but in my opinion Bradford has a superior arm and is more accurate with it. He too doesn't do much under center, but I think with his arm and ability to read defenses he can succeed in the NFL right away like Mark Sanchez and Matt Ryan have. Bradford too is a thin guy but I believe he would have the smarts to throw the ball away, where Colt would attempt to run as he does in college, and we know the NFL is not a "spread them out and run" deal like college is for quarterbacks.

As of today, I wouldn't take Colt McCoy until the late 20's. Bradford top 10, Snead top 10, Tebow top 15 (reluctantly, I'm coming around on him maybe I'll go into detail in this post).

Sure, Bradford lost the national championship. Let's not forget he broke his hand in the previous game, weeks earlier... that's not an excuse but we will never know if it was all the way healed. And also as I've said before, there is like a freaking forcefield around Tim Tebow. That kid just can't lose football games.

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